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  • Championship engine builder, car owner Robert Yates honored by the sport he loved
  • Robert Yates: Son, husband, athlete, father, pilot, teacher, murder suspect
  • Where is Robert Lee Yates’ Wife Now?
  • Robert Yates tribute car gifted to son, Roush Yates Engines
  • Yates’ wife visits him and asks why
  • Serial Killer Fast Facts
  • Championship engine builder, car owner Robert Yates honored by the sport he loved

    Already months into his valiant fight against liver cancer, Yates walked into the Grand Hall and was immediately surrounded by longtime friends and greeted fondly by supporters and race fans, all who had gathered for the historical announcement.

    So when his name was announced as part of the group of honorees, the room erupted in joy and tears. He gave up his life for this sport.

    That was his choice but that was what it takes to be great at something and he did that. The man who had built so many strong engines, may have been weaker of body but the same spirit and contagious positive energy he brought to the race track permeated through the crowd that day — it was easy to see the special extra something that makes Yates a stock car legend.

    Sadly, Yates died five months later on Oct. And lasting. Following his time under the hood, Yates moved into a team ownership role and fielded the iconic No. Ernie Irvan, Hall of Famer Ricky Rudd and Elliott Sadler also won premier series races driving for Yates, who collected 57 Cup trophies as an owner including three Daytona wins earned by Davey Allison and Jarrett and His inclusion in the Hall of Fame seems a proper and fitting way to wrap up and recognize decades of hard work and high expectation.

    What a career Robert Yates made. One of the great influences in his life was how Junior Johnson was a leader and a hero. That was a great experience for him. Those who worked closely with Yates recognized and fully appreciated his mechanical talent and that led to more opportunity for the Charlotte native.

    He never got into the sport to be a car owner, he just really focused on doing his best job every day whatever the task was. That was how he operated. But Allison died in a helicopter accident two weeks after winning at Richmond, Va. Dad was such a humble person. Being a car owner was not his dream. Doing a great job at whatever he did was what he did. He was one of those rare, rare people who could rest well, knowing he made a positive difference and that not a soul had a disparaging word or thought.

    Robert Yates: Son, husband, athlete, father, pilot, teacher, murder suspect

    Yates Jr. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, the Yates family went into hiding. The couple has four daughters and one son. But the plea bargain included another bombshell for his wife: Her husband revealed that for two years the body of one of his victims had been buried in their yard just outside their bedroom window. She said her husband was moody. The victims in Spokane and Skagit County had been involved in drugs or prostitution. Among the slayings is the death of year-old Teresa Hesselgrave, whose body was found in a wooded area near Whidbey General Hospital in Yates once worked at the hospital, and might have known Hesselgrave.

    Also under investigation are the deaths of Darrin Wade Gehrke, 23, in and the disappearance of Linda Fisher Moran, 27, in December Yates, 48, still faces two aggravated first-degree murder charges and a possible death penalty in the deaths of two women in Pierce County.

    Yates is an Army veteran and National Guard helicopter pilot who served tours in Germany and at several U. Law enforcement officers in many of those places are studying unsolved crimes to see if Yates might be involved. The loss of their main breadwinner has been a financial hardship for the family, she said.

    Robert and Linda Yates jointly filed a personal bankruptcy petition in late October. The couple filed under Chapter 7 of the U.

    Bankruptcy Code, which allows individuals to keep certain belongings while selling off other property to repay creditors. One of the creditors listed is Christine L. Smith, a woman who survived a attack and in July filed a lawsuit against Yates. Yates pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder in that attack. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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    Where is Robert Lee Yates’ Wife Now?

    Arrest, conviction and sentence: Arrested on May 26, Corona was arrested after a neighbor reported suspicious activity in a peach orchard. Police found 25 bodies buried in shallow graves in orchards surrounding the Feather River and traced the bodies to Corona. Four victims were never identified. After being convicted inCorona was sentenced to 25 life terms in prison but an appeal led to a new trial cp video whatsapp group Corona was again convicted at the second trial and sentenced to 25 concurrent terms of years to life.

    He is currently incarcerated at California State Prison, Corcoran. Jeffrey Dahmer Number of confirmed victims Dahmer confessed to 17 murders but prosecutors lacked evidence to convict him in the additional killing Years and locations: ss, primarily in the Milwaukee area Characteristics: A former chocolate factory worker, Dahmer picked up young men at bus stations, bars, shopping centers and other locations.

    He got them to visit his apartment by offering them money to pose for photos or by promising them alcohol. He drugged them and strangled them. He ate parts of at least one of his victims and kept the remains of others in his apartment. Arrest, conviction and sentence: Arrested on July 22, Dahmer was apprehended after one of his captives escaped and went to the police, still wearing handcuffs Dahmer shackled to one of his wrists. Charged with 15 counts of murder, he pleaded guilty but insane.

    Dahmer pleaded guilty to a 16th murder in Ohio and was sentenced to an additional life term in May He was beaten to death in prison in Lonnie David Franklin Jr. Number of confirmed victims: 10 Years and location: ss, Los Angeles Characteristics: Franklin targeted prostitutes and female drug addicts. Franklin was called the Grim Sleeper because he was believed to have stopped killing for more than a decade before he began a second murder spree during the s.

    Franklin, a married father of two, is a former city sanitation worker and garage attendant. Arrest, conviction and sentence: Arrested on July 7, He was convicted of slaying 10 people and was sentenced to death in He is currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison.

    He was twice married and divorced with two children. Arrest, conviction and sentence: Arrested on December 21, He was sentenced to death by lethal injection on 33 counts of murder. Executed on May 10, Randy Steven Kraft Number of confirmed victims: Convicted of 16 murders in Orange County, California but linked to at least 29 additional slayings nationwide, according to prosecutors.

    Years and locations: ss, California, Oregon, Michigan Characteristics: Kraft, a computer consultant, picked up young hitchhikers on the interstate. He targeted men with military backgrounds. Arrest, conviction and sentence: Arrested on May 14, Kraft was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for weaving, and officers found a dead body in the front passenger seat.

    He was convicted on 16 murder counts and sentenced to death. He is incarcerated awaiting execution at San Quentin State Prison. Samuel Little Number of confirmed victims: 34 confirmed killings with more pending confirmation.

    If convicted, the confessions could make Little the most prolific serial killer in US History. Little often targeted vulnerable women involved in prostitution and addicted to drugs. A one-time competitive boxer, Little would punch and stun his victims before strangling them.

    Without bullet wounds or stab marks, most of these deaths were attributed to accidents or drug overdoses. They raised their four children as Seventh-day Adventists, who believe in the Second Coming, when Christ will separate the saints from the wicked and start his 1,year kingdom. They celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday. They avoid meat, drugs and alcohol. He and his son helped rebuild it. Anna Mae Yates did the hair of neighborhood ladies and worked as a housekeeping supervisor at the local hospital.

    She raised her children to respect their elders, Ernest Youderian says. Bobby Yates never sassed his parents. You'd think you were talking to a professor. Teenagers cruised the downtown strip in their cars; they called it "dragging the gut. His choir teacher drove him home from practice for "Plenty of Money," the school musical. He floated through high school without making many solid connections. Many students and teachers there don't remember him.

    Those who do recall a quiet boy who turned in assignments when they were due, the average Joe, the pitcher. He wasn't thin. He wasn't fat. Wasn't tall, wasn't short. He had a powerful arm and perfect control with a baseball. Had brown hair he combed from right to left. Yates only surprised occasionally: Quit football his sophomore year. Joined choir his senior year, baffling Al Gatti. Read a sonnet aloud in English class. The kids thought it was Shakespeare.

    But no, teacher Trudy Sundberg told the class, Bob wrote the poem. At times, he pushed himself impulsively. When he decided to row a boat, he rowed five miles, Gatti says. Once, he decided to go for a run and ended up in Coupeville, 10 miles down the road. Gatti and Yates hunted deer together. They fished, hiked and built rafts. For money, Yates mowed lawns, worked at gas stations. After high school, Yates bounced from job to job, town to town, never straying too far from Oak Harbor.

    They flirted with being park rangers and game wardens. Once, Yates told Gatti that what ticked him off about his religion was he couldn't eat the pork spare ribs at a local buffet. Yates decided he wanted to be a doctor. Gatti's lottery number came up, and he went to war. Yates was 20 when he married Shirley Nylander. He was in pre-med.

    Robert Yates tribute car gifted to son, Roush Yates Engines

    Former landlords in College Place don't remember him. Science professors don't remember him. Classmates in the pre-med program don't remember him. In his only yearbook picture, he wore his hair short.

    Two months later, she asked Yates for a divorce. He didn't dispute it - in Julya month before his divorce was final, Yates married Linda Brewer. Six months later, Linda gave birth to a daughter. Yates was He worked as a guard at the state penitentiary in Walla Walla - Linda's dad had worked there for 18 years - but Yates lasted only four months. He worked as a janitor at a hospital - his mother was a housekeeping supervisor at the Whidbey Island hospital.

    He even worked as an usher in a movie theater, says Gatti, who started logging after he got back from the war. InRobert Yates and Linda Brewer had a second wedding ceremony - this time in Oak Harbor, with Brewers' parents as the witnesses - most likely because his divorce hadn't been final the first time. About two months later, Anna Mae Yates died after a long bout with cancer. Her son was a pallbearer; Gatti was an honorary pallbearer. Her death didn't seem to affect Yates much, Gatti says.

    He was 25, considered old to be enlisting. Yates shot a pig in Somalia from his helicopter. For that, he was almost court-martialed. Otherwise, Yates flourished in the Army. In 18 years, he earned 12 medals, two ribbons and a badge.

    One of his medals was for humanitarian service, another for good conduct. Two were for meritorious service. Yates was plucked from the enlisted ranks in to go through a warrant-officer basic course at Fort Rucker, Ala. About one in 40 soldiers in the Army is an aviator. He learned to be an instructor pilot for the OH, the Kiowa, at the time the Army's primary observation helicopter.

    Yates’ wife visits him and asks why

    Yates then moved to the base in Goeppingen, Germany, and served there until It's not clear who in his family came with him. Records show that for one year, his oldest daughter was in the sixth grade in Walla Walla. Linda Yates had grown up in the Eastern Washington town. While there, he wrote a letter to the local newspaper, defending the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment and the right to own a weapon. He ended his letter, "Do not seek what seems like the simple solution, because it isn't.

    In Somalia, Yates shot the wild pig while flying a Kiowa. Yates and others in the helicopter landed, gutted the pig and put it in the back of the helicopter.

    Serial Killer Fast Facts

    They wanted a barbecue after more than a month of eating Army food, says Dennis Mills, who later served with Yates. It didn't hurt a damn thing. They were just trying to get some fresh meat. There, he taught helicopter pilots how to teach soldiers to fly OH helicopters. He drilled for seven hours a day with two students.

    He was one of only 10 instructor pilots at that level. People liked him, but they didn't know him well. Few people remember his wife. Miles Merrill, who learned to teach flying from Yates, thought the man he spent time with seven hours a day for eight weeks was a single parent. Saw things through quite well. Patience like you wouldn't believe.

    The Army hasn't yet released a complete time line of Yates' duty, but state records show he returned to Washington state at least once. In early SeptemberYates came to Walla Walla. Women's bodies started showing up along the Spokane River in By the time Yates moved to town, five women were already dead.

    Acquaintances say Yates grew tired of the Army. The helicopter he knew best was also becoming obsolete, replaced by the Kiowa Warrior. One Army colleague says he thought Yates planned to join a friend at a company cleaning paper mills. Another thought he planned to be a pilot in Spokane. Al Gatti thought Yates had found a good deal on a house in Spokane and steady work.

    But Yates didn't have a job. In Spokane, the family rented a modest brown home on the South Hill, in a cul-de-sac subdivision with manicured bushes and tulips and ranch homes that stretch for blocks.

    Yates had three cars, and he fiddled with them and washed them in front of his home. Neighbors joked that if they parked a car out front, maybe he'd wash that one, too. He told a neighbor he thought he'd be a bus driver. The three oldest girls slept in the basement, the neighbor says. She says she never exchanged more than 10 words with Linda Yates, who stayed at home with the children. Late that spring, another prostitute was found shot to death. There were rumblings that a serial killer might be loose in Spokane, but nothing official.

    Six months after moving to Spokane, Yates found a job at Pantrol, a tiny company that makes circuit boards. He joined the National Guard and trained near Tacoma once a month.

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