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  • (Closed) Ugh….symptom spotting and hating myself for it

    Martin, M. However, for many patients, waiting is the most painstaking element of this procedure, as it can take about two weeks for signs of pregnancy to occur. Today, our team will explain how you can recognize early pregnancy symptoms after IVF, and how to properly care for yourself during this trying time. After a few days, the embryo is inserted directly into the uterus. In most cases, it takes approximately two weeks for early pregnancy symptoms to occur.

    Exploring Early Pregnancy Symptoms Once the embryo transfer has occurred, the wait begins. Keep in mind that symptoms can be different for everyone. However, there are a few things to look for that could indicate early pregnancy. Some of the most common signs will be discussed in the sections below.

    Missed Period Did you know that not every pregnant woman will miss her period? In fact, those who undergo IVF often have spotting or bleeding approximately two weeks after the transfer. Headaches Any time there is a surge of hormones, headaches are normal.

    In this case, it could mean early pregnancy, or it could mean your period is about to start. Nausea One of the most common, telltale signs of early pregnancy is nausea. This may be fleeting in nature, or it could linger. When severe, vomiting may accompany the nausea.

    Breast Changes Some women experience a feeling of fullness to the point of tenderness or slight discomfort. In most cases, the areola will darken and the nipples will become more sensitive. Fatigue Do you find that you are constantly tired or exhausted?

    This could indicate that your body is preparing for new life. Thirst and Frequent Urination If conception has occurred, your metabolic rate will increase. When this happens, your kidneys filter out more waste.

    The result is extreme thirst and frequent urination. Excess Saliva There are several reasons why saliva may become excessive. Two of the most common reasons are nausea and hormonal surges. Abdominal Cramping In some cases, cramping could indicate that the embryo is attaching to the uterus. This may or may not be accompanied by spotting or bleeding.

    Mood Changes or Irritability One of the most common signs of pregnancy is extreme sensitivity. You might laugh at things you would not normally find hilarious, and you could cry for absolutely no reason.

    If you are experiencing these extreme mood swings, it could indicate that the IVF was successful. A little planning can help you abate your stress, fears, and worry during the process. Here are a few tips and tricks we recommend: Be choosy about who you tell about your IVF. Express your emotions with your partner. Stay optimistic through meditation, deep breathing, or positive affirmations. Practice self-care through activities that relax you or bring you joy.

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    Pregnancy Symptoms | Frozen Embryo Transfer | What to Expect

    Here is an unedited look at my own two-week-wait hell. But for women who have undergone fertility treatments, the two-week wait is its own special type of hell since the results of not only your pregnancy, but also your fertility health, your finances and your general well-being dramatically hang in the balance.

    After my first embryo transfer , I tried to find sanity by chronicling any pregnancy symptoms in my journal. But rather than a log of early pregnancy signs and symptoms, the result is something more akin to a diary of a woman slowly becoming unhinged.

    Below are some unedited excerpts that I will share here in case it helps others to feel a little less crazy, during this otherwise crazy time. Two Days Post Transfer 2dp5dt : Searching for signs of early pregnancy symptoms during the two-week wait is undoubtedly the hardest part of the entire IVF process.

    I have also found it to be a very lonely time. In the absence of my busy team of doctors and nurses, I suddenly feel vulnerable and exposed during a time when I need the support and medical assurance the most. Should I be eating this instead of that? Does exercise negatively impact implantation?

    Are my progesterone levels high enough? Was that a period cramp, or a pregnancy pang? Today is my second day of bedrest and I have never wished a week away more in my entire life. Seven more days to go! Three Days Post Transfer 3dp5dt : I returned to work today and instantly regretted it. My morning commute, which involves both a boat and a bus, was agony as I felt like every bump encountered was the inevitable demise of my little embryo. I actually made the bus driver pull over seven blocks early so that I could walk the rest of the way to work.

    But then I realized I was walking and carrying my heavy computer bag, and so I felt even worse the nurse said to refrain from lifting anything heavy. Four Days Post Transfer 4dp5dt : Welcome to the fourth day of hell. My two new best friends are indecision and guilt. After several minutes of perseverating, I decided to have a cup of black tea this morning, then spent the rest of the afternoon feeling horrible that I did.

    I was in such a foul mood this morning until I finally decided to make my first cup of coffee since transfer come to mamma! As I sat alone in the bathroom, I felt so enraged in that moment that I felt like hurling the cup filled with my FMU straight across the room. According to this implantation timeline , blastocysts implant between 0 — 5 days after transfer, with the fifth day being the latest.

    Once implantation is complete, the cells that will eventually become the placenta start to emit human chorionic gonadotropin hormone hCG into the blood stream. The lack of hCG in my system at this time leads me to believe that our embryo did not successfully implant, and arrested sometime after transfer.

    Advanced Fertility helped me answer my next questions: So what causes implantation failure? When IVF fails there was implantation failure, but we do not know whether the failure to implant was due to a problem with the embryos or a problem with the uterus.

    So I guess I should conclude that even though our embryo made it to blastocyst stage, and even though it made it through biopsy, and even though it made it through freezing, and even though it made it through thaw…it STILL arrested when in utero, which is its prime environment.

    Not to be so reductive, but WTF. So what causes embryonic arrest? This is even more maddening considering the fact that we did spend the extra time and money to conduct this type of screening on all of our embryos.

    So again, WTF. And it was negative. Then I spent the next minutes sitting on the edge of the tub yelling and sobbing. I pulled myself together and ate breakfast with my husband, fully resigned to the new knowledge of not being pregnant. Then I spent the rest of the morning looking up the rate that hCG enters into the bloodstream and then into your urine. When I think of it that way, it seems absurd to expect a positive pregnancy test, even with the sensitivity of FRER.

    It would have had to hatch out of its shell, attach itself to the uterine wall, burrow deep, complete implantation, and start secreting hCG levels that are high enough in the blood stream to be processed by the kidneys and make its way into the urine.

    From all of my research, that seems to lend itself to some credibility. These IVF forums are truly messing with my head. I also have to be real with myself and acknowledge the fact that so far I have had no pregnancy symptoms. Not even a hint of breast tenderness, not even a whiff of nausea! Only three more days to go until my official beta test at my doctors office.

    Which, thank god, because how many days can I spend in my sweats on the couch googling levels of hCG in urine? The downside to this strategy is that I may still foster that little hope that we are pregnant. There truly is no winning during this horrible time. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I had intense, deep uterine cramps accompanied by aching and restless legs. Well, although rare, blood clots ARE a side effect of Progesterone. Naturally this sent me into a tailspin and I spent the night thinking that a blood clot would travel to my brain and kill me in my sleep.

    Obviously, I survived. I stuck to my word and have not done another pregnancy test. But taking them really caused me so much heartache. So that leaves me to my mental state and honestly, what I feared would happen by not taking those tests has happened: I am harboring hope that tomorrow might be good and unexpected news.

    Our embryo was not hatching yet and its shell had not thinned or else it would have been a 4, not a 3 and so we have every reason to believe it was a late implanter.

    To be completely honest, these are the thoughts that have begun to percolate and grow stronger every hour since that dreadful morning on Sunday when I got my 4th negative HPT.

    And it feels logical and it feels sound. And then I smile to myself and think what a crazy loon I was to test so early and to not trust the process. And you know the craziest, laugh out loud, thing about it all? I could put down this computer right now, march into the bathroom and take a FRER and put an end to all of this! But I wont. I guess the silver lining to all of this is that I truly do not remember a more topsy turvy time in my life and I truly do not know what tomorrow holds.

    Recognizing Early Pregnancy Symptoms after IVF

    Can implantation bleeding have clots? Usually bleeding which occurs as a result of the implantation of any embryo is either spotting or light bleeding. It is not normally heavy, and does not have clots in the way that a normal period can.

    If you suspect you may be pregnant and do experience heavy bleeding or clotting, then you should get medical advice as it could signal a problem or even the start of an early miscarriage. What are the other early pregnancy implantation symptoms? Since implantation bleeding only takes place in about a third of pregnancies, you are more likely to be among the majority who do not experience this.

    Nevertheless, your watchfulness for signs and symptoms of successful pregnancy implantation is probably still high on the scale! So what are the other early indications that you may be pregnant? They can include: Morning sickness This can start as early as 4 weeks after conception, although it is more common at about 6 weeks. Happily, for those who go through it, morning sickness is normally temporary and usually eases off by week 16 to 20 of your pregnancy.

    FET#1 | It worked… I’m pregnant!

    Both these sensitivities and morning sickness are a result of the hormonal changes taking place in your body. Going to the loo more frequently It seems strange when your baby is still very tiny, but the need to urinate more frequently in very early pregnancy is one of the more commonly experienced symptoms. It too results from hormonal changes which cause a faster blood flow through your liver and hence its more efficient waste elimination. The uterus also expands rapidly even at this early stage and so presses on the bladder more easily, especially in the night.

    Breast tenderness The well-known symptom of breast tenderness is another of the signs of early pregnancy. It results from an increase in blood flow to the area as well as changes in the breast tissue. Stomach cramping Cramps can occur on their own or accompanying the slight bleed that may be a signal of implantation.

    You would think that all these possible early signs and symptoms of pregnancy would make it easy to be certain. But the fact is that some of the symptoms are also present for some people as a precursor to their normal monthly period.

    This hormone helps the fetus to grow, and metabolism is running high, depleting your energy. When will these symptoms pass? Symptoms such as nausea, sore breasts, and fatigue usually pass after the first trimester. Three months might seem like a long time to have to deal with those symptoms so here are some tips to help you get by: Nausea Eating smaller, more frequent meals can help calm morning sickness.

    You might also want to try skipping spicy or strong-smelling foods or soothing your stomach with ginger. Sore breasts Your breasts are changing as the milk ducts form.

    The best way to find relief is to get fitted for a new bra that will comfortably accommodate these changes. Fatigue If you feel tired, get some rest. Really gassy!

    Mild back ache.

    What is implantation bleeding? Symptoms and signs

    Hard sore boobs 3dp5dt — back ache and very very light cramping in the morning. Backache throughout the day. Little nauseous. Hard sore boobs. Miles cramps in the evening. Sore boobs are no way near as bad as yesterday.

    The Two Week Wait: The Outrageous Things I Thought…When I Thought I Could Be Pregnant

    Tested and got the teeniest 2nd line. I mean, take a photo, use the torch, turn to the light and invert the colours to see a line — that kind of line. Few weird twinges and mild cramps. Boobs still hard but not as bad as they was but still sore.

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