How to unlock bmw trunk with dead battery

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  • The battery of BMW is dead, how can you open the car?!
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  • How to Open a BMW Trunk Manually
  • How to open BMW X1 with a dead battery ?

    Find Out This means that, like in all other cases, you should start by popping the hood or the trunk, depending on where the battery is sited. How you go about opening the hood or trunk has been discussed in great depth previously. Make sure that before any battery removal is attempted, the engine is turned off first. After opening the hood, disconnect the positive or red terminal first before the negative or black terminal.

    You can then proceed to lift out the battery out of the hood or trunk as the case may be. However, make sure that you wear hand gloves before this venture, as a panacea against possible harm from contact with corrosive battery electrolyte.

    There may also be a release hatch cleverly concealed outside and around the hood cover, using which you can prise it open after releasing the hatch in the car. What mechanism for the hood opening your car comes with vary from model to model, but regardless, your user manual will guide you on what to do and so, be sure to read it well. In conclusion, the different ways of opening the hood have more to do with the model you are dealing with than any other thing else and nothing more.

    Opening the hoods of all models of BMW cars depends first, on the position of the hood release hatch and secondly, on whether you need to tug at it more than once to evoke a response. Whatever the case maybe in your model, finding the release hatch and tugging at it as required, is sure to open it up.

    Where this does not work, you may have issues somewhere in the mechanism, which may need expert attention, but otherwise, this procedure should suffice to get your hood opened. BMW has the reputation of building very reliable vehicles known for their enviable performance worldwide and most of their cars have trunk-mounted batteries as against the conventional engine bay mounted batteries, which is occasioned by the limited engine bay space available in these cars. Other than the location of the batteries, not much else is different from the batteries in most other cars.

    Read Also: 4 Best Battery Charger For Porsche In To replace a BMW battery in the trunk, you may have to execute the following steps in their chronological order: Step 1 Start by finding out what sort of battery your car needs by checking the user manual or your local car dealer.

    This is basically because different BMW models use different batteries. You should visit Amazon for standard and highly efficient BMW batteries, which are special because BMW cars come with big engines and that necessitates the need for high capacity batteries to match, such as Optima Batteries 35 Red Top Starting Battery. Step 2 Remove the trunk liner or carpeting after opening it, though in some models, like the BMW X5, you may need to remove the spare tire and cross brace as well.

    Step 3 The battery in most BMW models is found on the passenger side, wherever that may be, find it, and with the aid of screwdrivers or pliers, remove the battery access cover. Step 4 Raise the protective covering away from the black or negative battery cable and using pliers, loosen the nut which secures the cable to the battery terminal.

    Thereafter, carefully lift the cable from the negative or black terminal before moving onto the positive or red terminal of the battery. Step 5 With a socket wrench, remove the bolts securing the battery to its compartment, to which the batteries are mounted with a bolt-on top, in some BMW models. In other models, the batteries are mounted to their compartments with bolts at the bottom, and to reach which you may need an extension.

    Step 6 Using the battery handle, lift the old battery from its compartment. This handle may be folded down onto one side when fully installed and wear hand gloves for the protection of your hands throughout these maneuvers.

    Step 7 Mount the new battery and then replace the mounting bolts. Connect the positive terminals of the battery first before the negative and thereafter, tighten their bolts securely. Finally, replace both the battery cover and liner.

    You are now free to start your car, in order to ascertain whether everything is as it should be. In other words, a car without a battery is at best a piece of decoration or even junk, which is, sorry to say, not worth having. This informed the decision to treat battery issues with every seriousness and also to regale you on whatever you need to know that will provide you with relief from any such complaints that may develop now, or at any other time in the future.

    If you have never had to contend with a dead car due to a faulty battery , while on a journey, at an abominable time and in the middle of nowhere, you may not understand the depression associated with such a gory and frightening experience.

    Little wonder that no time or effort is spared in laying bare everything you need, in order to attend to problems related to battery functions, maintenance, use, and purchase. They say, and I agree, that, desperate times call for desperate measures. Surely, you are on the same page with me that, dead batteries, at odd times and in the middle of the sea, represent a horror desperation indeed! What with the possibility that anything goes, while you are so stranded.

    Take heed and study these things with every diligence.

    The battery of BMW is dead, how can you open the car?!

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    How To Open BMW Hood With Dead Battery?

    How to open hood of BMW i3 with dead battery

    Or you may have a dead battery and the trunk is not opening regardless of if you have the key or not. We will outline some solutions below. If your battery is fine and you are simply looking for the manual way to open the trunk or hatch from the outside of your BMW; it is typically located just above the license plate on both cars and SUVs.

    It is not visible at eye level but if you turn your hand upward into the small piece of bodywork that hangs over the rear license plate you will feel the switch to release the trunk. If the car is locked you will need to have your key on you. Pulling on it will release the latch and the rear hatch will open.

    How to open BMW X4 with a dead battery ?

    On a sedan or coupe the process is slightly more difficult. From the rear seat simply fold down the passthrough into the trunk. If you are unable to fold down the rear seat of your BMW X4do not think twice to seek advice from our guidebook which will describe how to get this done. How to open the bonnet of a BMW X4 with a dead battery? Second opportunity to open your BMW X4 hood with a dead battery. As you cannot access the passenger compartment of your car, you will have just one solution to open the bonnet of your BMW X4, you will have to, lift the vehicle, possibly remove the front bumper of the car and locate the cables of the bonnet lock.

    Once located, you will have the ability to activate them to unlock the hood of your BMW X4 and have access to your battery. Here are the 3 most classic methods that will save you from having to call a breakdown service and save you money. Open the door of your BMW X4 with the key. First solution, it may seem to be obvious, but to open your BMW X4 which has no more electricity, the key will be your best ally.

    You have most certainly already located and tried to open your BMW X4 through these locks, but remember that some locks work a little differently.

    How to Open a BMW Trunk Manually

    To open the door of your BMW X4 that has no more battery, you will have to turn the key in the lock and at the same time try to pull the door handle. Try to recharge the battery of your BMW X4 This solution is not feasible on all BMW X4, in reality, for you to have the ability to realize this technique you must either, have the ability to access the trunk of your BMW X4 and have a cigarette lighter plug in it or have the ability to put on candles your BMW X4 and access the electrical cables through the motor shoe of it.

    Whichever solution you choose, you will need to strip or unplug the cables and connect a battery charger or pliers to transfer power from another vehicle.

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