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    Find out KETU Dasha. Oh My God! However if you start doing some research in Astrology, you will find that there is another planet that indicates equal trouble and that is the Mahadasha of Ketu — the 7 years period that will make most people realize that the world is something of an illusion. Reach out to God during Ketu Dasha and that is the only solution! If there is one dasha by which even a disbeliever of Astrology will turn towards this wonderful ancient science of human life, then it is surely KETU Dasha.

    Many of you may wonder why I have chosen this title. There are 2 things you need to do if this article is supposed do some good to you. And that is most probably because KETU occupied a good house and was beneficially influenced by good yoga causing grahas Planets in their horoscopes. If Ketu is a yogakaraka the negative effects will be much reduced, so much one will not notice that he or she is going through a Ketu dasha.

    This is based mostly on my experience with my clients who underwent a Ketu Dasha and came me during the same dasha. Lucky are those who have KETU well placed. Is it based on luck? For every good result that we experience there was an action related to it in the past or past life. So what we normally call luck is just the output of a good action done in the past. Since the good was done in the past life, we do not see how it came and therefore for such unknown causes we call it luck. If the result is negative we term it is a bad luck.

    If KETU is placed in the 2nd house or the 8th house or 12th house in your horoscope you should read this article and try to grasp as much information as possible. You can brace yourself well, you can protect yourself to the best of your abilities if you know all about KETU. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is no excuse. Not with KETU. Such people should turn to GOD and do lot of good things to the suffering human beings around them if they are interested in altering the course of their destiny.

    Destiny is alterable at any point in time. Only issue is that it is not easy. If you have well a placed Ketu a yogakaraka then you have done a lot of good things in your previous lives.

    It happens only if you are born in any of the following stars: Bharani, Poorvaphalguni or Poorvashada. So if you are born in these stars then there is no point reading about Ketu dasha unless you want to know how it is for others.

    Mostly such people do not feel the blow of Ketu except when Ketu is badly placed for example in the 8th house or 12th house. This is because they are under the care of their parents. So if the parents are alive and if in the horoscope of such a person, the house of mother and the house of father is strong and beneficial then parental care prevents any further problems.

    In most cases if RAHU and KETU are badly placed and cause some dosha like sarpa dosha etc, then either the father or the mother may have serious setback. It is also said that the the 1st 4 years of a child is influenced by the mother and the next 4 years by the father. After 8 years the child is fully on its own karma.

    So if a person is born in Ketu dasha then there is usually not so much trouble to the person. If you were born in the star of Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati, you will go through Ketu dasha in your teens or early 20s. Such people have to be careful because this is the time when karma starts to manifest itself.

    You have to study in a college, much depends on what happens in college. You may not study well. You may FALL in love.

    Really fall down. Usually you fall in love with a forbidden girl or boy. Usually out of caste, you may have an unusual type of marriage. This applies only for those in a conservative society. Such a person may get into drugs, alcohol or smoking. Effort must be taken to either avoid such habits or limit the intake to a bear minimum. Lucky are those who do not even experiment with such forbidden items, because once the experiment happens the habit is sure to follow.

    If you were born in Pushyami, Anuradha or Uttarabhadra star then Ketu dasha will be the 3rd dasha of your life, so you are likely to get it around your 30s. So you should be very careful because it is the centre point of your active life. If you were born in Punarvasu, Vishaka or Poorvabhadrapada your Ketu dasha will be the 4th dasha and you will get it close to your 50s.

    Watch out! After living a successful life in the previous Budha Mercury dasha you may nose dive into failures. Otherwsie KETU dasha will be ready to snatch it away from you by force. So KETU might give you health problems.

    If Ketu is the ruler of the 2nd or the 7th house or if Ketu is placed in 2nd, 7th or 8th or 12th house then you should be extremely careful. Appropriate remedies are a must.

    Join a Rotary Club etc and start volunteering for medical camps. The more you take care of health problems among the poor the happier you will be. In Budha dasha he had control over a large number of people and held the highest office in a company that was making news. I am unable to give more information on personal or official details to protect the identity of the client. His word was the law. He had friends around him all the time, each trying to grab his attention.

    He played along, enjoyed his time but his EGO levels shot up like mercury rises in a thermometer inside a furnace. Mercury was his mercurial rise.

    In Ketu dasha, the 1st part showed a few symptoms of his future downfall. But nothing much happened. In the middle part it got hotter and in the 3rd part he quit the company.

    In the 3rd part his crown fell. It fell on the exact date when the 3rd part of Ketu dasha started. Now he is almost alone. People around him have started disrespecting him. Case Study No. She did many unpardonable acts that the person could not bear it any longer. She took him to the police station many times in Ketu Dasha. He was beaten up by the police because she acted very well and planned her every step so much that even the police believed her.

    Finally he got the divorce in Ketu Dasha. During the same time he was offered a job overseas by a company that came out of thin air and the offer was too hard to resist. He quit the job and then wen to the middle east company only to find that he was being taken for a ride and the offer turned out to be a mirage in the desert.

    He came back and was jobless. When Sukra Dasha started he went back to the same company but never go the same respect he once got before all this happened. When I told him the truth about this Dasha he broke down. His large mustache that resembled that of the sandalwood smuggler Veerappan did not match him well as he broke down several times. He said he and and his sons were on the verge of bankruptcy and there were several arrest warrants against him.

    I knew that he was contemplating on suicide and so I gave him a lecture on the futility of suicide which I give to every person going through a Ketu Dasha. After many hours I ended the consultation and said that I have to go. I found it difficult to have my lunch. Only a few men have actually broken down in my consultation room. He never came back for another consultation. He was just about 22 years. His parents came along with him. During the consultation the father used to get up and go for a smoke and then came back after chewing paan.

    The mother was somewhat attentive despite making a few calls on her mobile. In between, the young boy got up and said the session was boring and he wanted fresh air. He took the car key and wen out happily. I told the parents that he was going through a bad period and he was supposed to do a mrityunjaya japa homa.

    I said that it was a possibility based on Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. I told that the boy should not speak to his lover, be careful on all Tuesdays and should not wear red color clothes and should pray to Lord Ganesha everyday.

    Later on within 3 months the boy died in an accident. While riding his motorcycle he was speaking to his girlfriend.

    KETU Dasha. Oh My God!

    Rahu creates problems in jobs, confusions in decision making, creates hurdles in promotions and professional growth, leads toward office conflicts etc. Many top notch corporate professional approach astrologer after losing their top position which they have lost recently. They have no idea that how did it happened and how to get back into business. Although there can be thousands of reason which can explain individual case of corporate failure, but most of them are connected with Rahu, yes the north node in astrology gives the result of uncertainty.

    Rahu is lord of uncertainty, without any ground, without any reason, without any circumstances it can prove a jataka fail in his job. We may find him as master of deception, mystery and illusion. First we have to know about Rahu: the north node. Rahu have not any physical body, so astronomically one can deny it identity.

    But in astrology falit sutras says that an observer, who is standing on the earth and look up into the sky, can observe two circular paths. One is made by moon, which is actual path because moon is orbit of earth. And second is made of sun, it is virtual rather than actual. So when these to circular movement cross each other then it will gives us two significant points.

    One in north called north node and other is in south called south node that is Ketu. Supreme lord Vishnu takes this vessel of nectar and give it to Devas, but a demon manage to line up with devas in disguise and succeed to take a drop of it.

    Sun and Moon noticed it told about it to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu acknowledges it immediately and cut that demons through throat into two parts, but the drop of nectar did not allow it to die. So the demon remains alive in two parts.

    Head part is called Rahu and tail part called Ketu. It is said that though Lord Vishnu was already aware of the real identity of Swarbhanu, he let him consume the Nectar as he knew that it all was already a part of the cosmic plan and that he had already been blessed by Lord Brahma with a boon which conferred upon him the power and status of a Planet, as a result of his severe penance.

    Now with this mythological reference we can understand Rahu. It is head only, so it will affect head part of jataka. Because it is demon then it will create confusion about decisions. It is careless about body, it may appear in disguise form. When a jataka is running into Sun Mahadasha or Mars Mahadasha or Saturn Mahadasha then decision could be proved fruitful most of the time.

    Rahu also a planet of instability, when a jataka run into Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu Bhukti or Rahu Antra in his vimshottari dasha one has to be unstable. Now question is how to find weather Rahu has role or not. Well rahu cannot attack without its symptoms. First it gives undiagnosable disease, like gastric trouble, unusual headache, shifting joint pain and like other disease.

    One has to suffer with it, but when approaches to a physician he cannot understand his problem, even diagnosis report will prove jataka wrong. Second problem arouses through sleeping habits. When one find himself helpless to sleep on time and could not manage to get up on time then we can say that Rahu Mahadasha Effects are starting its course Rahu Effect on Sleep. If a jataka running into Rahu Mahadasha for a long time, then we may find longer morning hangover with jataka.

    What should one do, if he loses his corporate job? Answer: You have to take what you have in your hand right now. How long it will take? Answer: As long as your Rahu Mahadasha is running. When will I get next hike? Answer: Forget about it in Rahu Mahadasha, all you have to do is save your current position. Is there any remedy?

    Answer: Yes!! There it is. Means when you do the UPAY it will give you a relaxation from sleeplessness, undiagnosed disease and mental torture of unforeseen problems. All three problems has to be taken care of, so you can manage to pass this Rahu Mahadasha and get back into life. What are the remedies? When you get positive results and achieve better position, you have to pay again for higher level.

    How to pay your fees? Answer: you may directly deposit in his bank account or you may use payment gateway with this link or use other ways also.

    Venus Mahadasha – results and effects of Vimshottari Shukra dasha for 20 years

    Results from various planets are arrived at by looking at their natural or acquired traits in the chart. In their own or friendly house or navamsha, planets give good results. Similar results should be expected from planets that are have shadbala, vargottama or in a square or a trine position from lagna or Janma rashi. Planets involved in various yogas give results as described in the yoga.

    Debilitated planets, planets in enemy signs, naturally cruel planets give bad results during their dasha periods.

    Ketu Mahadasha: All you need to know in 2021

    Generally speaking, all planets do not give good results towards the end of their dasha periods. Effects of various planetary combinations yogaswhether good or bad, rajyogas or dhana yogas or nirdhana yoga etc. Essentially, the laws of : characteristics of planets in the chart, friendship between planets, strength of planets and retrogression are the classical ones, some of which we have discussed earlier in this site and read in the books.

    For ascertaining results related to affairs of a particular house or bhava, the lord of the house, planets situated in the house and those influencing the house by a drishti are considered important. Let us take an example of child birth.

    Fifth house and also the 9th house, by principles of bhavat-bhavam either from Lagna or Moon is important for children and childbirth. In the period of 5th house lord, putrakaraka, and a benefic planet affecting 5th house, one can expect childbirth in a family. In the period of malefic planets, e.

    Saturn Dasha – Generic Effects

    Saturn or a lord of a malefic house affecting fifth house, it will be difficult for a couple to have children, even if all other putrakaraka elements in the chart are really strong. Rahu is said to have a positive bearing on putrayoga, so one can predict childbirth. When antardasha and other sub-periods are looked at, combination and relationships between various period lords also come into picture.

    If the mahadasha lord and sub-period lord are friends either naturally or temporally in a chart, we should see good results. All the planets that may influence a house will give their effect as main dasha period rulers or one of antardasha rulers. Everything was going on very well but suddenly I lost my job. They ask me the reasons and solutions about this matter. Today I want to share some astrological reasons of losing a job.

    As I have always mention many times in my previous posts that whenever a person having the main period of a benefice planet in his or her career time, gets a good job and do it continuously for a long period. But sometimes even if you are having good planets dasha[period] in your current time, you have to face difficulties in your job.

    What are the reasons behind this? In that condition there are two strong reasons for difficulties in your current job. First is anterdasha[ sub period] of malefic planet and transit of a malefic planet on 6th, 10th, 11th or 1st house of your horoscope. For example if you are having dasha of planet sun and you got a job during this period, you will enjoy your job and will get the promotions until any malefic planet or enemy planet of Sun does not come in its sub period[ Anterdasha].

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