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  • Scraping Amazon Product Information using Beautiful Soup

    So while we can do some basic website scraping with it, if you need something more robust, I recommend you use better options such as Python or dedicated scrapping tools.

    For example, if you want to scrape the title of an article, you will use the query that tells the formula what part of the webpage code refers to the title. In most cases, I use this when there is a table on a webpage that I want to fetch. In case there are multiple tables, you can specify which table to scrape. A use-case of this could be when you want to fetch the top 10 article titles using the RSS feed of your favorite blog or news website. Quite impressive to be honest.

    If you already have something in one of the cells a cell that would otherwise have been used by the result of the ImportHTML formula you would see an error. Now, this is great. But what if I do not want the entire table. What if I only want the names of the top-grossing movies. You can do that as well. Since the formula returns an array of values, you can use this as an input within the INDEX function and only fetch the column that you need.

    Below is the formula that would only give you the names of the top-grossing movies from the table. Just the way I have used the formula to scrap the table, you can also use it to fetch a list as well. Note: This formula would refresh when you open the Google Sheets document again later. This way, in case there is any change in the list, it would automatically be updated. Now I want to use the formulas to scrape the headline of this article.

    This could be useful when you have a list of 50 or URLs and you want to quickly fetch the titles. Unfortunately, every website is made in a different way, and therefore the HTML coding is different for all of these. You can have the feeds of these sites in separate columns and use the formula to always have a list of the latest articles from the website.

    This can also be a great technique to keep a track of what your competitors are posting. Using Google Sheets formulas, you can scrape data from Amazon such as the product title, the rating, the total number of reviews, etc. You can try and scrape more data from Amazon or any website you like. Since there is no one size that fits all, you may have to do a little bit of trial and error before you can get the formula that works.

    These formulas work at the time of writing this article. In the future, if Amazon changes the layout of their product pages, you may have to adjust the formulas. Sure it has some awesome formulas that you can use for scraping, but there are a lot of limitations you need to know about. But if you ask Google Sheets to do the scraping for hundreds of data points at once, you may have to wait for a long time minutes or even hours , or worse — see an error message because Google Sheets is not able to do the scraping.

    In my experience, as soon as I try and scrape more than 50 data points in one go, I face issues. Sometimes, I enter the formula and nothing happens — it shows a blank. Google Sheets allows you to scrape 50 or data points, but once you go above that limit, it stops you from doing it for some time maybe a few hours or a day So this is how you can use Google Sheets as a basic web scraper and fetch the data from websites. I hope you found this tutorial useful!

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    How to Scrape and Find the Best Selling Product on Amazon

    If you just want to automate updating the profit calculator of your eCommerce business, thankfully, there is an easier way to collect data from the web without spending that much hours: Google Sheets ImportXML Function. Collecting data is essential for you to find the next hot selling product and keep your product pricing in an absolutely attractive format. I am always on the lookout for a unique angle to use freely available or potentially scrapable data sources. If you just want to automate updating the profit calculator of your eCommerce business, thankfully we have a method.

    By the end of this article, you can learn this function applied to your profit calculator. And then you can check if your pricing is attractive enough in your target market, and current advertising acquisition cost makes sense or not.

    Why Web Scraping for Product Price Is Important First thing first, you might not be the only one who is selling a product on the target market. Such as shipping, customer review, product variation, etc Thus, you can see from the table, your product pricing is lower than the competitor.

    Then the market value percentage is a key metric to see if your product is competitive on the target market or not. Here is 9. Instead, the competitor data can be updated automatically in the profit calculator, for the purpose to adjust marketing strategies in a more agile way. Secondly, Web Scraping for Repricing and Optimising Cost per Sale of Paid Media You are no surprised to see your SKU conversion rate is going down when your competitor is buying the same advertising keyword offering lower pricing than yours.

    In parallel, your paid media bidding strategy also needs adjusting to working with the new pricing, for the purpose to earn profit rather than losing money in this battle game. As you can see from the table, the import XML function is plus a conditional formatting feature.

    For example, here we go to Amazon, search, and find the Ring stick-up camera bundle with one solar panel. For example, Safari only shows XPath 3. So you can scale up to create competitor price trackers just by adding more target web pages into the table. Additional Functions to Visualise the Signal of Market Value and Profit Margin Setting up the competitor price scraping in the profit calculator is just halfway done.

    Here basically we need to use additional two functions. However, your competitor might launch promotions and adjust the pricing much lower than yours. Conditional formatting is set up as showing red color when the pricing is lower than you.

    So we could use the IFS function in the profitable or not column. But you might be tight on the marketing budget and want to have a FREE way to get the same thing.

    How to scrape Amazon

    If you answer yes to this question, then this section is very important for you to read. Amazon is not like any other website you flex your web scraping muscles and skills on — it is backed by a huge and experienced technical team, much more experienced than you are. Unlike other websites that you need to log in to scrape, Amazon scraping does not work that way.

    While you might see this as a plus on your side, the complex anti-bot algorithm put in place by Amazon to prevent web scraping can make up for that. Even without a persistent cookie and session, Amazon has an Artificial Intelligence based anti-spam system that will sniff you out and prevent you from scraping.

    15 BEST Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction (Nov 2021 List)

    It is very good at detecting bots and blocking them. Unlike other sites that will hesitate before blocking you, Amazon does not — in fact, Amazon can be said to be liberal with IP bans, and when your IP is banned, it is mostly permanent. You also need to avoid following a pattern and spoof different browser headers and rotate them. While you are at it, you have to keep a low profile and be mindful of the legality of your action.

    Web scraping can be legal and illegaldepending on what you use the scrapped data for. Be kind and set delays to avoid bombarding their servers with too many requests — even though they can handle them. Then you need to know that you have a lot to deal with. While Amazon can be straightforward when it wants to deny you access to its publicly available data, some web scraping tutorial will tell you to check if the HTTP status returned is to make sure your requests were successful before scraping.

    Well, Amazon can return the status code and still returns an empty response. You also have to deal with the issue of always upgrading and updating your scraper as they make changes to their site layout and anti-bot system to break existing scrapers.

    Stop Using Excel to Web Scrape Amazon Price

    How you develop your scraper depends on the data you require. If a page makes use of Ajax, then you will have to use the network inspection tool of your browser to monitor and mimic the requests being sent by JavaScript behind the scene. This can be a lot of work to do, and as such, it is advisable to use Selenium. Manual copy pasting might seem to be a tedious and arduous task. So what is meant by automated scraper or web scraping?

    Web scraping or web harvesting is the process of scouring the web for necessary details and furnishing the collated information in your preferred format like CSV, Excel, API etc.

    Benefits of scraping eCommerce websites Competitive Price Monitoring When it comes to retail industry price is the key player. Right from the socks for your shoes to any large-scale appliances like TV, refrigerators everything is available online these days. A consumer often compares the product online even before deciding to buy. So doing a comparative study with your competitors always helps in pricing your product accordingly.

    Web Scraping with Google Sheets ImportXML to Automatically Collect Product Price Info

    Product Ranking The customer buys products that appear on top of the search list. Amazon ranks their top-selling products on an hourly basis. By collating the product listings details, sellers can understand how and why other products are ranked higher than theirs and work on displaying their products first on the page. When a simple book can be categorised in three ways, calculate the various combinations on how to classify your product. The categorisation of the products can be improved by understanding the various contexts where the same products can be sold.

    Pro edition, 2. Expert edition, and 3.

    How To Scrape Amazon Product Data and Prices using Python 3

    Enterpsie edition. This advanced web scraper allows extracting data is as easy as clicking the data you need. It is one of the best data scraping tools that allows you to download your scraped data in any format for analysis. It is one of the best web scraper which allows you to extract critical metadata using Natural language processing.

    Features: Allows you to design a data extraction project by using easy to use the visual editor Helps you to drill l through site pages using a combination of link structures, drop-down selections or url pattern matching You can extract data from hard to crawl Web 2. It is one of the best web scraper that allows you to scale your organization.

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