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  • How to Set Up a Professional Email Address With Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite)
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  • What is a custom tracking domain and how does it improve email deliverability?
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  • How to Set Up a Professional Email Address With Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite)

    Setting a custom tracking domain on your outreach emails: prevents email blocking and spam-folder issues improves the branding of your links increases your click-through rate, and protects you from reputation issues caused by spammers.

    You can use a web-based ping tool. Go to your GMass tracking settings login required and enter your tracking domain. Keep on reading if you want to fully understand the importance of a tracking domain.

    If your domain is mycompany. There is some technical setup required to make this happen though. What are the benefits? There are two benefits to setting up a branded tracking domain: 1.

    A branded tracking domain creates a more trustworthy impression to your email recipients. Setting up a branded tracking domain isolates your reputation from the reputation of other GMass users for deliverability purposes. Are you a regular Gmail user, not a G Suite user? Follow the same setup procedures outlined here. On a Mac, open up Terminal and do the same. Set your dedicated tracking domain in GMass Set your tracking domain in the dashboard. Note: For instant approval, your tracking domain must either be new to the system or contain the domain of your G Suite email address.

    Meaning, if you are john abcwidgets. One of those users must then approve your request. The History — we used to register tracking domains for users A while back, we sunsetted our program where we provide dedicated tracking domains to users who are unable to set one up based on their own domain.

    We decided to stop doing this because: The logistics of managing thousands of domains has become very difficult. Registering them and keeping track of renewals is time consuming.

    The renewal costs for domains has become cost-prohibitive. Typically we chose inexpensive domain extensions like. Along with no longer registering domains for users, we will also be letting existing tracking domains that were provided by us to our users, to expire.

    Register a tracking domain from scratch The best practice for setting up a tracking domain is to create a subdomain of a domain that has already been in existence for a while, because then it also has reputation associated with it. Here is how you do that: Choose a domain name registrar. Our favorites are Namecheap and Hover , but feel free to use a more popular service like Register. In my experience, Hover and Namecheap are simple, have intuitive user interfaces, are inexpensive, and provided good support.

    I would avoid Gandi. Pick the domain that you want to create as your tracking domain. If your organization is ABC Company, and your existing company domain is abccompany. You can really pick any domain name that you like. While you can certainly pick a cheaper alternative like a. You just need the domain. You can choose the WHOIS protection if you want to protect your contact information, and most domain name registrars offer this for free.

    You can test the tracking domain by going to it in the web browser, and it should immediately redirect to the GMass homepage.

    The final step, once you know your tracking domain is working, is to apply it to your GMass account. If you attempt to set your GMass tracking domain to a. No other DNS provider requires this extra step — only Cloudflare. We monitor blacklists for you Domains used in bulk email sometimes end up on domain blacklists, and as soon as you set your custom tracking domain with GMass, we add it to our monitoring system.

    We will then manually reach out to you with some recommended measures. See our comprehensive guide on domain blacklists to learn more. Why do we do this? Sometimes phishers and scammers attempt to mask a known phishing domain by using the click-tracking feature of an email service provider like GMass, which replaces the phishing domain with the tracking domain and making the link look legitimate. This is abusive, and so we monitor our users to ensure that domains used in click-tracked links are not on blacklists.

    Just fill out this form to get started.

    10 reasons Google Workspace is worth the upgrade

    You may be familiar with these. This gives your customer-facing communications a professional look at an impressively low price. G Suite will ask whether you have a domain or whether you need one. Just enter the domain name you want to try to use. You can just click on one of them to claim it, or keep trying to find your own. With this process, Google is helping you purchase a domain through one of its domain host partners.

    Remember, this is just the cost of obtaining the domain. This cost is separate from any costs you incur for a G Suite subscription. After you enter all your signup information in the G Suite wizard, it will walk you through the process of purchasing the domain name. By purchasing your new domain name through G Suite, all of the administrative work, such as setting up MX records and verification, happens automatically.

    This significantly simplifies the process of setting up a domain name. Entering an existing domain If you already have a domain through another provider or through Google Domains, you can merge it with G Suite.

    Start by entering the name in the wizard when requested. The G Suite wizard then will verify that you own the domain and have the right to use it. You may have to enter some information about your domain to complete the verification process. G Suite may attempt to figure out who hosts your existing domain, opening your login page for your domain management. Otherwise, you may have to edit your DNS settings on your domain management page to allow it to mesh with G Suite.

    How to add or change a domain with an existing G Suite account If you want to change the domain name on your account, it can be a bit of an involved process, but it can be done. Before doing the switch, you need to notify your users that the changeover is about to take place. Start the process. Sign into your Google Admin console as an administrator. Now enter the new domain name that you want to use.

    Then follow the directions to update the MX records for the new domain, which prepares it to begin accepting email. Prepare for G Suite. Make sure your MX records are set up to fully use G Suite.

    Make the switch. Final steps. Update all of the settings for G Suite, including for Calendar or Marketplace. Then make sure that your users know how to sign in to their accounts using their new email addresses. Once you make the change, by default, your old domain name will become an alias to the new domain name. This means users can receive email messages at either domain. You also have the option of removing the old domain name from your account completely.

    They can then use both names. Create an alias. The two will stay connected. This makes receiving email messages at both domains an easy process. Adding another domain. If you add another domain, one will be the primary domain name and one will be the subsidiary. The two or more will remain connected to each other, but you have the ability to specify that certain users link primarily to one domain over the others for their email addresses.

    Either way, adding multiple domains to a primary domain is a popular choice. Users then can have their own identities at each domain, but they can be part of the larger group for things like document sharing or using Google Calendar. The administrator can run all of the features for all of the domains from a single console. Other domain management features in G Suite You have the ability to manage a few other domain settings through G Suite.

    Through Google Admin If you purchased your domain name through the G Suite setup wizard, you can manage it through the Google Admin console. You also may be able to use the Google Admin console if you purchased a domain through your Gmail account before starting to use G Suite. If you have missed a monthly payment or if you were using a free trial period that has expired, your account may be in suspended mode. You also may not be able to access your domain settings if your domain registration annual renewal becomes lapsed.

    Turning off Google domains access As the G Suite administrator, you may not want others in your organization to be able to purchase new domains.

    You can turn off this feature for all people in the organization, or you can assign it to only certain people. Sign in to the Google Admin console as an administrator to start the process. Using your G Suite domain Beyond using G Suite to manage your domain name, you also have access to all the other G Suite tools for the same subscription price. This is a big step forward for your small business or side hustle.

    Beyond all the great G Suite tools you can use, customers are sure to have an easier time remembering joe usefyi. Top Posts.

    What is a custom tracking domain and how does it improve email deliverability?

    In addition, each team can have its own Team Drive, where users can share documents or resources that other team members do need to access. Of course, they can share files and folders with each other using the consumer version of Drive as well, but first they have to manually grant access and assign permissions for each user.

    Not only does this take more time, but if the document owner forgets to include someone who needs access, that person has to request permission and wait around until the document owner checks their email. With Team Drive, everyone who needs access already has it, and if an employee leaves the company, the Team Drive manager can quickly revoke their access to any company data. If everyone hosts and shares files from their personal Google accounts, then everyone has to remember to revoke access from former colleagues.

    Both individual and Team Drives come with unlimited cloud storage in Google Workspace for Enterprise.

    G Suite showing Error This Domain Has Already Been Registered

    Storage space is limited to 30GB in the Business Starter Google Workspace — still twice what you get in the free version. There are also 2TB and 5TB options. Collaborate in real time Collaboration can be challenging, even when everyone is in the office, but with workers increasingly divided between the office and various remote workplaces, it takes on an additional level of complication.

    Google Workspace includes a range of collaboration apps that are unique to the Business edition or upgraded from the consumer edition. With real-time co-editing in Google Workspace, teams can edit the same Doc, Sheet or Slide at the same time, which eliminates version control while teams are working in a remote setting or in a hybrid work environment.

    If they still need to talk things out, team members can schedule a meeting via Team Calendar, have a Google Meet video call — without time limits — or hammer out the details using Team Chat. For example, with CRM integration, salespeople and customer service reps can autolog tasks, calls, meetings and emails in Salesforce without leaving Gmail. Google Docs and Google Sheets Google Docs and Google Sheets pretty much speak for themselves and again are tools we use every single day.

    You can even import Google Docs into WordPress. These allow you to create and edit text documents and spreadsheets right in your browser. You can also export to common third-party formats. This makes it easy to collaborate with other individuals or companies and send files back and forth, without ever needing to install or purchase additional software. Working with guest bloggers on content for our blog. Sending content to others when writing on third-party sites. Crunching spreadsheet data from Ahrefs exports.

    Running quick financial figures. Keeping track of PPC budgets and online advertising copy variations.

    How to Buy, Change, and Manage G Suite Domains

    Writing up content for paid sponsorships WordCamps. One of the best features of Google Docs and Spreadsheets is the real-time commenting and unlimited versions. This makes it super easy to track changes made to a document or undo a mistake. Sharing documents with your coworkers or other individuals is also incredibly easy. Google Docs versions Google Keep Google Keep seems to be one of those well-kept secrets that nobody knows about.

    Being a Google product, it works flawlessly within the Google ecosystem. It can be an easy way to keep those frequently asked questions you get from customers in a convenient place.

    Create to-do lists, notes, and set reminders to stay on track. It got an overhaul recently and is a lot better than it was previously with Google Apps.

    Do everything from adding new users and groups, manage devices, configure security settings like 2-factor authenticationadd new custom domains for your business which can be used for Gmail. Google Workspace admin console Most, if not all of the features in Google Workspace have to be enabled by the administrator in order to be used. First, enter some basic information about your account.

    Otherwise, you can enter a personal email address: Next, indicate whether your business already has a domain name. Your username will be your business email address by default i. Go ahead and click that button: If you want to give other people access to your shared Google Workspace account, click Start next to Add people to your Google Workspace account.

    To help you do this, Google will try to detect where your domain is hosted and provide instructions.

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