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  • How to Downgrade iOS Without iTunes (iOS 15 Supported)
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  • How to Downgrade iOS?
  • How to Downgrade iOS Without iTunes (iOS 15 Supported)

    Downgrading iOS system is a hard decision and you need to know some information before you conduct the process.

    Here are some aspects for your reference. Check the verification channel of the older iOS version First, you need to know that if Apple has closed the verification channel of the last version of iOS. If yes, you will not be able to downgrade to this version. Therefore, you need to go to the official website of Apple company to know this info clearly before you downgrade iOS to an older version. Avoid data losing of downgrading Another important thing you need to be clear is that downgrading will erase all data on your iDevice, which calls for a new backup before you downgrade.

    If you desire to downgrade cross versions like downgrading from iOS 15 to iOS 14, the two backups may not be compatible.

    Fortunately, if you use Leawo iTransfer to back up and transfer your data, it will be easy for you to recover your original backup. As for how to use this tool to help you, you can navigate to Part 2 in this tutorial to check out. Should You Downgrade iOS? As for the necessity of downgrading iOS, you are recommended to consider the practical conditions.

    If you find that your new iOS system often occurs some unpleasant errors, including app breaking, fast battery drain, random restarting, and so on, it is time for you to think about the downgrading method to get rid of these bugs. However, if there is no such errors with your new iOS system, you can just keep using it instead of downgrading it to a lower version, for it may cause data losing in many cases.

    For avoiding data losing before you downgrade iOS, you can make use of Leawo iTransfer to back up your iDevice data accurately. It is safe and reliable, which can assist you to transfer 12 kinds of files among iDevices, iTunes, and computers.

    This great program is simple to handle, you can give it a go with the detailed steps in the following to help you to back up your files on iDevice with just several clicks.

    Step 1. Download and install Leawo iTransfer Navigate to the official website of iTransfer to download its installation pack and then install it on your computer in seconds. Connect iPhone to the computer and start the program Find a proper USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer and then fire up the software.

    It can recognize your iPhone device automatically. All your iPhone info will be shown in the main interface for you to check out. Hit on the iPhone name and you will be able to check all libraries. You can select one iPhone library you desire to back up. Step 3. Step 4. The process will be quite quick, and you just need to wait for several seconds to check your iPhone songs on your computer at ease.

    You can continue to use the steps shown above to back up other types of data to your computer before you downgrade iOS. It is quite efficient and professional for you to make use of. As for how to downgrade iOS, you can resort to iTunes to help you to make it. It is totally free and always comes in handy when you have any iOS issues. Prepare the iOS version you desire to downgrade to Go to the ipsw.

    After that, you need to choose the iOS version you desire to download for preparation. As for the older unsigned version, you need to jailbreak your iDevice to restore with other tools. Step 2. Put your iDevice to recovery mode Once you have downloaded the version you desire to downgrade to, you can click here to learn several ways to put your iDevices into recovery mode.

    You need to know the methods can vary due to the differences of iDevice models. This tool is quite popular among users, for its friendly interface and easy-to-use features. It can also be used to quit recovery mode of iDevice with just one click. Read the following steps and you can figure out how to downgrade iOS without little effort.

    Install it for fixing how to downgrade iOS. Your iPhone info will be shown in detain in the main screen of the software. Step 3: Choose a mode to fix how to downgrade iOS You are recommended to select the Standard Mode first, for this mode will not erase any data on your device. The Advanced Mode will erase all your iDevice data, which calls for backing up before using this mode.

    Be sure to download the older version to your computer local folder in advance. As for how to get this work done, refer to the Step 1 in Part 3 to help you. After a while, you will be able to use your iPhone with the previous version smoothly. Thus, your iDevice system will be stable and the errors will be gotten rid of effectively. However, if the two modes of the software can not help you out of trouble, it is time for you to contact Apple for assistance.

    How can I downgrade iOS for free?

    Sometimes, it can bring more issues than usual. It is not perfect and comes with bugs and other issues. If these problems give you lesser usage for your iPhone, no need to worry. You just need to downgrade iOS. For some users, bugs and issues are not the only problems. This only means that you have enough time before Apple stops supporting the latest version of iOS If we look at past trends, it is likely possible that Apple will stop endorsing the newest iOS Before that day comes, take advantage of your power to downgrade from iOS There are several ways you can be able to do this, which we will be discussing further.

    But if you want to keep all the data stored on your iPhone, you should have made an archive backup before you upgraded to iOS Downgrading is simply the process of installing a previous iOS version on your Apple device. Luckily, some developers had come up with another solution. Downgrading your device may go through iTunes or some may require a third-party application.

    Why Would You Need to Downgrade? Sometimes, it is the cause of slowing down the performance of your device, or worse, making some of your important applications unstable.

    If this is the case, you should opt-in for a downgrade. Older models of iPhone, like the iPhone 8 , tend to perform better with an older version of iOS as the new ones can be too much for the processor of the device. Some updates also carry unnecessary features. If you are specifically downgrading iOS If you know how to jailbreak iOS , it makes sense as to why you will need an older version. Is it a performance-related issue or bad battery life?

    It sounds like a good reason why. Although, this would only work if you are planning to downgrade iOS There are several ways to do this. But for a simpler way, follow these steps.

    This is why If you are trying to downgrade the iPad and iPod touch, no need to worry because the process is the same. You can find the restore image downloads for iOS devices down below, just look for your specific device.

    How to Downgrade iOS Device (iPhone/iPad)?

    Step 5. Step 6. Next, find the iOS Step 7. Once done, you can set up your device and restore your backup on it. We believe that these three methods range from simple to complex. It not only supports downgrading iOS 14 to iOS If you don't want to pay any fees, we recommend you to use the second and the third methods, but we have received feedback from some users that iPhone is easily stuck in recovery mode when downgrading iOS 14 with iTunes or Recovery Mode.

    Hope you can downgrade iOS 14 beta to iOS 13 successfully after reading this guide. Or you can individually restore messages and photos if you like. For our needs, we are just going to take a full backup.

    Downgrade iOS Firmware using ReRa1n

    So open the dr. From the next screen, select the data you want to back up. Then click on Backup and wait for a couple of minutes as the full data backup is completed. All you need is the free dr. Step 1: Download dr. Step 2: Open the app and from the main screen, select the Repair option. This will download and install the Repair tool from the dr. Standard mode fixes iOS issues and restores to iOS 12 without losing your data.

    How to Downgrade iPhone from iOS 14 to iOS 13.7

    If you already have a backup of your data in the dr. But for most users, the Standard option is the safest choice. Step 5: On the next screen, the app will automatically detect which iPhone or iPad you have and will display all corresponding iOS version that can be installed on it. From the drop-down, select the latest version of iOS 12 and click on Start. Step 6: Now, sit back as the iOS firmware is downloaded it can be GB file and then the app will automatically start verifying the firmware.

    Here, you can downgrade your device to the desired iOS. Click on the drop-down button and then choose an older iOS version. Hit on 'Download' thereafter.

    How to Downgrade iOS?

    Step 4 — The program will now download the chosen firmware version and will verify it. You can now check the device and iOS firmware information. Later, click on the 'Start' button and the firmware will be installed on your device. Keep the device connected until the process gets over. Hope this can help you learn about it a little bit more. The green representative is certified, that is, you can still use it to perform downgrade; red means the representative cannot be used to restore the iPhone to the old version.

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