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  • Only True Empaths Can Pass This Imagery Personality Test: QUIZ
  • Are You Highly Sensitive?
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  • Empathy Test: Am I an Empath?
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  • I Just Took An Empath Test, And The Results Are In…
  • Only True Empaths Can Pass This Imagery Personality Test: QUIZ

    Liz conducted on our son gave us critical clues about where his learning strengths and weaknesses lie so that his needs could be better addressed at home and school. Moreover, because of their warm, kindhearted personalities, both Dr. Liz and her associate, Stephanie, formed an immediate bond with my son.

    He eagerly looks forward to his weekly therapy sessions. We are so lucky Dr. Liz came into our family's lives when she did! For stressed-out families trying to help their children as best they can, she is a calming voice of reason! Matheis has a remarkable ability to understand the unique needs of her patients and address them constructively.

    She builds strong, meaningful relationships with patients and their families, encouraging trust and collaboration. When working with my son who struggles with autism-related anxiety, she created an environment in which he was able to calm down and open up to her in ways I had not seen before. Most importantly, she empowered him to move forward.

    Matheis is amazing. She has tremendous resources and loads of energy. She is not willing to accept anything less than the most effective results for her clients. She made me feel as if my son was her top priority throughout the entire process. I would, without reservation, give her my highest recommendations. Thank you, Dr. Matheis has an amazing ability to read kids and connect with them. She has been an invaluable resource for our family over the past several years and has helped us with everything from educational consulting, to uncovering diagnoses as well as family therapy.

    Working with Dr. Matheis never feels clinical and most importantly, our children love and trust her. We can not thank you enough Dr.

    Matheis through his senior year of high school, as he was only diagnosed with ADHD at 16 years old. Matheis came highly recommended from our pediatrician and she has done wonders for our son as well as our family, navigating new ways for him to deal with his diagnosis without the use of medication.

    She taught him ways to organize himself and even when something did not work for him, she patiently continued teaching him new ways to keep himself on track.

    She has also helped us as parents to understand how his mind works so that we did not continue to blame his lack of focus on him, rather on his unique way of thinking. Thank you Dr. Liz is the best! Our family was directed to her by our Pediatrician to assist with figuring out severe mood changes, severe anxiety, strange new fears and food aversion that had come onto one of our children literally overnight. After just a couple of visits, she suggested that the issues may actually be rooted in a physical issue and suggested we immediately take our child to be swabbed for strep, because Dr.

    The same Pediatrician that suggested Dr. Liz would not do the swab they do not believe in PANDAS and we no longer go there but I took my child to my doctor who did the swab and it was positive for strep. When our child went on antibiotics, within 24 hours all symptoms went away and our child was back :- Dr. Liz then recommended a PANDAS specialist who helped us and our child is in complete remission and is happy and healthy.

    We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Liz for her knowledge of all things, even the most remote and unusual and for helping us so much! Thank you! Although we have told you countless times, it will never feel enough. You have listened when J could barely speak and continued to listen when he was sad, angry and confused. You've challenged him and directed us in our roles as parents.

    You've helped J face his fears while the list evolved and changed, and yet you've stayed committed to 'the course. We are grateful that he no longer has to carry that deep feeling of inadequacy or shame that must have kept him so self conscious and from reaching his potential.

    He has A's in high math and economics.

    Are You Highly Sensitive?

    Are You an Empath? Are you extremely sensitive to the emotional ambiance of your environment? Merriam-Webster defines empathy as the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another despite it not being explicitly communicated. Empaths usually form better and more meaningful relationships than most people.

    This is mainly due to their ability to sympathize with and understand others. They also tend to be very compassionate and insightful.

    The higher your score is, the more likely you are to be an empath. Your results will also explain what kind of empath you are. It also includes recommendations on how you can improve your empathy skills. It uses experiential examples to gauge your score on empathy. The questions are based on the usual experiences of an empath. From your answers, the site will then compute your empath score. The results are divided into five categories with being the highest and being the lowest.

    Like Psychologia, it uses experiential questions. The answers can range from strongly disagree to strongly agree. There are a total of 29 questions. Six of which will be used by their research team to understand how empathy is affected by factors such as gender and political orientation. Your results will include an interpretation of your score and tips on strengthening your empathy skills. Buzzfeed Looking for a less academic approach to empath tests? This also makes it perfect for those with vision problems.

    The test can be finished in under five minutes. You can also retake it as much as you like. The results include a brief explanation of your empath abilities. The number of positive answers determines your level of empathy. There are a dozen multiple-choice questions. The results show the type of empath you are based on your answers. The Minds Journal Deviating from the norm, this site uses images to measure your level of empathy.

    Each of the 12 questions come with three images you can choose the answer from. You answer based on your instinct and which image you can most relate to — making it perfect for overthinkers. At the end of the day, these tests are just guides. Each one of us is unique, and you should never let an online quiz define the kind of person that you are. Empath or not, we should always practice compassion and kindness towards one another.

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    About The Author Judy Ponio is a full time blogger and is devoted to topics about charity, kindness, and Christianity. She is part of Correct Digital, Inc which is paid by private donors to provide website digital marketing services to this non-profit organization.

    About Lisa

    Intuitive empath Emotional empathy is often a component of being an intuitive empath without it being the defining factor. According to Dr. Orloff, intuitive empaths generally can sense the unspoken in terms of what's going on, and that can encompass many qualities. Orloff says. Dream empath Dream empaths can receive intuitive information from dreams that helps themselves and others, Dr.

    That's because these types of empaths are typically gifted at clearly remembering dreams, so they're able to source wisdom from, say, a talking fox, or a deceased relative.

    A dream empath is also someone who's able to read between the lines and tease meaning from their own dreams and those of others.

    Empathy Test: Am I an Empath?

    Plant empath If you're a plant empath, you can accurately "feel the needs of plants and connect with their essence," Dr. People who wilt with their blooms and drink with their succulents aren't just the best Plant Moms ever, though—they also probably make for great people friends: One of the benefits of being a plant-lover is that offering tenderness to saplings may help you become more compassionate in other areas of life.

    Earth empath Earth empaths are rocking a similar vibe to the plant empaths in that both have their hearts tuned to nature. But while your garden-variety ha plant empath is more attuned to indoor ferns, earth empaths more so relate to what's going on with the whole universe. They can sometimes feel it beforehand. Or, if the Amazon forest is being ravaged, it feels like pain in their body. Animal empath Finally, animal empaths are the people who are always hanging with the pet at the party. They have a special connection with animals in that they can often feel their needs and communicate with them in a soothing manner.

    Are You an Empath? Here Are The Best Sites To Take an Empath Tests

    They cannot stomach any violence toward animals and are more than likely filling their Pinterest boards with vegan recipes. Still want to vet your status as a natural-born feeler? These are the telltale traits all empaths share.

    But then I read what the results said about me, and little by little I started to feel like a little light bulb set to a dimmer was slowly going off in my head.

    You are definitely an empath. You are highly intuitive and can almost always tell when people are lying. You may want to look into getting energy work and healing done on your second chakra.

    Usually people that need to be around water all the time have blocks in their second chakras. You love nature and unconsciously understand its healing effects -- which is a general, but strong indicator that you are an empath. You have a deep love and appreciation for nature. You recognize the sacred expression of all beings. You are truly wise.

    I Just Took An Empath Test, And The Results Are In…

    But you have a wonderful ability to sway and change the moods, energies, atmospheres, and environments around you. You need to learn how to recognize and differentiate other people's energy from yours. You scored the worst on the "Mirroring Others Unconsciously" portion of the quiz. It looks like you have a tendency to mirror other people and their energy.

    This means that you give up your energetic seniority at the whim of the world's changing winds in other words: other people are able to control or influence you too much on an energy level.

    You would benefit from learning to control your crown chakra and probably cord removal or healing work.

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