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    Is Pissinator Worth A Shot? How to Use the Whizz Kit As much as the urine kit comes with its manual, how many of us read the whole manual to know how to use it, precautions, features, etc.? Well, I thought it would be good to give you a review on how to use the Whizz Kit as this was when I started to run into problems.

    It works in such a way that when giving the pee sample, it will be toxin-free. It does that through a rubber tube, a part of the light apparatus that is wrapped around your waist and worn under your clothing. The issue I had with the Whizz Kit is that it was bulky.

    The actual size of the device is too big, in my opinion. For this reason alone, we recommend the trusted Monkey Whizz which has a much better design. The Monkey Whizz is designed for tighter clothes and does not stick out. However, if you want to risk it with the Whizz Kit, the product comes with a step-by-step guide on using the device. With the correct processes followed, the pee will last up to 7 hours and the female urination device does the job of delivering it… albeit looking suspicious.

    One will be able to see the temperature of the pee using the heat strips. Important Points to Note: It is important to remember that you should not remove the refill cap on the pouch as that will expose the urine to the air.

    Such exposure can result in the formation of bacteria in the pee bag. You do not want that, do you? During our review, we noticed that you need to clean the kit. It is essential to only use warm water and hydrogen peroxide.

    Such a mixture ensures that all bacteria is removed from the piss and all dangerous risks are eliminated. The device is not designed to be used for illegal purposes, and thus all statutory or state laws apply to anyone who chooses to use it for a purpose other than the intended use. How to Make a Female Whizzinator? We would highly discourage anyone from trying to create their own urine kit product.

    Even the male version of the fake penis kit product is extremely hard to emulate. Many people have attempted in the past and failed and due to the complexity of building such a device. Stick with a professional female urination device that has had a proven track record passing a urine drug test. The Monkey Whizz is small, reliable and has a great track record of passing urine drug tests for any woman.

    It is easy to set up, but you will need to wear a hoodie and loose jeans to hide the bulge. And, here is one more over at the magazine forums.

    So basically, we went around the internet to make sure that our review about the Whizz Kit was accurate. After a long time going through a bunch of actual reviews online, we found that our analysis was pretty accurate. Another person reported that the heating element that was in the box was somewhat subpar.

    You really do only get one shot at passing your drug test, so make sure you pick the best female urination device on the market. If you need to pass a urine test, then this is a must for you, woman. Lisa Burdick Lisa is a content writer, blogger, and entrepreneur.

    When she is not managing her business, Colonial Stores, Lisa spends most of her time researching about synthetic urine products to review. You can read more about me here.

    Cupid Mini Urine Kit Quick Fix for Women

    A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature! Saliva, blood, and hair tests are always observed. A urine test, which is the most frequently used drug test, maybe observed or unobserved. You may be able to ask a test administrator if the test will be observed. If it is unobserved, you will be given a urine cup and told to go in a bathroom alone, close the door, and produce around 2 ounces of urine in the cup.

    If partially observed, an administrator may stand behind you while you use the toilet. In a fully observed test, an administrator will want to see your penis if you are a male, or watch you sit on the toilet if you are a female. The most intrusive type of test, where they verify that they see your sex organ is less likely since it risks legal complaints of invasion of privacy and sexual harassment. This kind of test may be used for probation and other criminal matters.

    There are many approaches you could take. We do not encourage you to use these techniques anywhere it is illegal, we are simply describing what others have done. Whether you are preparing substitute urine for a drug test or aiming to conceal fake urine it is a path well-trodden and we will tell you what those who have come before have done to successfully pass a test. How to prepare to test? How much urine will you need? To prepare for your test, you need to practice strapping your urine and warming device to your person and successfully delivering the required 2 to 5 ounces of urine into the receptacle.

    This is not as easy to do without getting discovered as it sounds so practice makes perfect. Below we will show you how to do this a homemade kit and with pre-made kits.

    You need to produce 2 to 5 ounces of urine for your drug test. You can buy pre-made synthetic urine like Quick Fix Urine or Dr. You must keep it warm with hand warmers or a Urinator device.

    Clothing Tips Your urine needs to be carefully concealed so as not to arouse the attention of drug test technicians. If they catch you, they may disqualify your sample, and in some places, you could be charged with a crime.

    You want the urine and hose strapped to your body. Over that, you want a shirt or two, maybe one tighter and one loose. You need to practice again. If you go in fresh without practice, you will surely arouse suspicion. How to hide your urine: Taping the sample to your torso If you tape the sample to your torso, you can bring in a sample for an unobserved drug test.

    This will not work as well for an observed drug test because they will see you fumbling around to retrieve the sample. You can run a hose from the sample however like our favorite YouTuber in the picture below. The hose must then be attached underneath your penis with a rubber band. Leg Strap This is a thigh strap from Quick Fix. You will need to put a handwarmer on the side of the bottle facing away from your thigh to keep it at body temperature.

    You can get hand warmers from QuickFix or get one regular one from Walmart. Swimming trunks You can stach it in underwear or swimming trunks. You might tape it to your body. Put it somewhere where it can be hidden even if the technician insists on seeing your penis and you have to abort the mission. As a backup plan, you should do a dilution regimen as well, that way even if you are observed so closely that you have to use your real urine, you may still pass.

    You can always refuse a test for pre-employment or medical purposes. And if they want to see your penis or vagina, you have good reason to throw a fake fit. They are likely to allow you to piss unobserved especially if you are female. You can use tape or joint wraps to tape the bladder or container around the thigh or in the groin area then put on your boxer briefs or swimming trunks.

    You need to practice. Practice how you will use it if observed directly, observed from behind, or unobserved. The charge will likely stick due to disrespect of the rights of drug users. Condom drug test trick Back in the day, people used to put the urine in a condom.

    You will still need a hand warmer to keep its body temperature. Nowadays, people use special bladders such as contained in The Urinator, The Whizzinator, or The Monkey Dong as well as many other products.

    A condom may work for a strictly unobserved test. You need to wear it under your clothes and make sure the clothes you wear over it fully conceal it. Next, you need to practice before you go to the testing center. Lastly, if you are asked to pee while the technician is watching you, abort the mission and use your real urine you should have done a dilution regimen so you may still pass.

    There is no reliable way to hide the hose if the technician is looking directly at your penis. Either way, you are uncomfortable being watched, or just pee in the cup and hope the dilution works. Whereas if you try to cheat and get caught, in some states, you can be charged with a crime, even though you never even had to take the test for any legal purpose in the first place.

    So, cut your losses and call it off if you get a pervy technician who wants to see your private parts. You can also complain and launch a legal challenge of course. How to pass a drug test while being watched The video above contains instructions on how to beat a supervised drug test for a male with the technician looking at you. Get a drug test beating kit. It will contain a bladder, a hose, and a hand warmer. The Urinator is a good one but is expensive.

    This one will need a warmer added. How to make a homemade Whizzinator. A homemade kid consists of a travel container, airline tubing or a fish tank, super glue, hand warmer, and your urine substitute.

    This can also be used as a DIY female Whizzinator for a drug test. Put your urine in your container or bladder.

    Superglue the airline tubing to the pour spout at the top. Make sure gravity is putting the fluid into your hose. You might have to squeeze the bottle at your side to make the fluid come out. And your hose will need to be able to open and close by means of a clamp. You can attach the hose to your Weiner with a rubber band at the base of the shaft so that it is concealed. You will either be disqualified, or he will allow you to turn around and face the toilet.

    Finally, finish by squeezing some fake or real urine into the toilet. The technician is gonna want to know you peed in the toilet some to make it look real.

    This is also why you are not supposed to flush the toilet after peeing, they may want to verify. Good going. Practice makes perfect. You can be certain that you will fumble this if the first time you do it is in front of the technician.

    You need to do it several times with regular or heated water in front of a friend at home. So you may want to buy several heating pads aka hand warmers, so you can use some for practice. Most hand warmers are gonna keep your urine body temperature so you should be set with any normal hand warmer keeping your urine warm, but to be on the safe side, if you can afford it, definitely opt for warmers that come with urine drug test beating kits and containers with a temperature strip to show you your urine is the right temperature before you submit it.

    Professional Kits a. You can get one to match your skin tone. You just fill up the bladder with your choice of synthetic or borrowed urine.

    Attach the warmer, check the temp, and squeeze your urine into your specimen cup. Now if you plan to do this while observed, practice and be smooth about it.

    People have been caught even when they were only observed from behind because they were fiddling around with equipment for too long. Monkey dong also makes a female version which just contains a tube without a skin matched penis. The Whizzinator The Whizzinator is possibly the most famous of urine delivery kits.

    You can get a fake dong to match your skin tone. Practice first and be sure you know exactly how to squirt your urine into your cup even if you are directly observed. Cupid Mini Urine Kit [2] So how can a female pass a supervised drug test?

    This product is made for women who are trying to smuggle synthetic urine into a test center. It is promoted as the most effective women synthetic urine device out there.

    The purpose of the cupid female urination device is to offer women a discreet way to pass out a urine sample, fake or real. Another plus is that it can supposedly be disguised as a tampon so it may even work to beat a supervised test. It supposedly can be inserted in the vagina, you pull the tampon string and the urine flows right out.

    This could definitely be a sure shot for women. Other devices for women [3] A woman can pass an observed drug test with similar products including TravelJane Disposable Urinal Packs. There are also drug test pee bag products that are available on the market that will suffice for women taking an unobserved drug test.

    Comparative Study of the Contraceptive Efficacy of the Cupid, Cupid 2 and FC2 Female Condom

    Cover it with clothing, then when the time comes, take out the tube, release the clips, and the pouch drains itself. This makes for a very subtle setup. To be completely sure, practice with the rig first before you have to use it for real.

    The heating pads are there to warm the urine up to the correct temperature. Remember, urine has to be kept at a temperature range of 94 to degrees to be accepted by the lab techs.

    Extreme measures against urine screening

    Since the belt is held close to the body, your body heat will keep it warm, so all you need to do is to get it to the right temperature. Just take the fluid pouch off, activate the heat pad and affix it to the belt, then stick the pouch back on top of the heat pad. The first follow-up visit should occur approximately one month after enrollment and should be pre-scheduled. The date of the first follow-up visit should be written in an appointment card and on the designated location on the Condom diary card.

    Participants who finish using their condoms prior to their scheduled follow-up visit, will be encouraged to contact MRU for a resupply. There will be six follow-up visits in person at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 months. Telephonic follow-up will be conducted between days post enrollment to confirm any queries or problems in use of condoms or diaries. Participants will be administered a follow-up survey about their experiences using their randomized FC, whether there has been a delay in expected onset of menses, the date of last menstrual period, and information on the use of other contraceptives since the last visit.

    The daily diary will also be reviewed at each visit for completeness and accuracy. A pregnancy test will be carried out at every on-site visit. Any reported or confirmed pregnancies will include counseling and referral to an antenatal or other healthcare facility. The final follow up visit will be scheduled after 6th menstrual cycle.

    Urine Testing Devices

    Women will be discontinued from the study at any stage during follow-up for: pregnancy, unwillingness to continue use of FCs or change to a non-study contraceptive method as her main contraceptive method, or refusal to be followed up.

    Block randomization will be used. Use-order assignments will be generated via the RedCap electronic program.

    The statistician will be blinded until all data have been captured and the primary analysis programs have been verified. Due to dissimilarities of the study products, it will not be possible to blind participants and clinic staff associated with the project.

    How to Pass a Urine Drug Test One effective way to pass a urine drug test is to use urine substitutes. Essentially, such products replace your contaminated urine with fake pee that will show up clear of all drug traces. Such urine substitutes, however, require special devices to deliver the fake pee to the testing cup. A compact and thermostatically controlled electronic module, The Urinator not only holds the synthetic urine, but also keeps it at the correct temperature for up to four hours.

    How To Sneak Urine Into A Drug Test As A Female

    How Do You Use the Urinator? Durable enough to last through the years and small enough to hold in your hand, The Urinator is designed specifically for people who are facing drug tests in a variety of situations and settings. Since it is reusable, you can run through the drill a number of times before committing to a test.

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