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It has a two-pronged benefit-one for external use and another for internal use-which your company can benefit from across its lifetime. You can use it to pitch to investors and, at the same time, guide you in building a comprehensive business plan and help your team be on the same page. Like a written equivalent of an elevator pitch, your one-pager summarizes the core elements of your business.

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The supporters of RBV argue that organizations should look inside the company to find the sources of competitive advantage instead of looking at the competitive environment. The key concepts within this view are therefore Firm Resources and Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Resources are often classified into categories such as tangible e.

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Join the conversation Article content Bennedict Mathurin tallied 25 points and 10 rebounds and Arizona rallied after giving away a point lead, beating Wichita State in overtime Friday night at the Roman Main Event in Las Vegas. The Wildcats scored the first nine points in overtime thanks in part to a 3-pointer and two free throws by Kerr Kriisa.