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  • Lip fillers: Top tips on your quest for the perfect pout
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  • Lip fillers: Top tips on your quest for the perfect pout

    Natural lip fillers are one of the most asked-for treatments all over the world for patients looking to address thin or uneven lips. What Are Lip Fillers? A lip filler treatment will consist of an expert injector injecting your lips with a substance that will provide a plumping effect to reshape your lips. In most cases, this filler will be a hyaluronic acid based substance that is safely accepted into your body and ideal for this sensitive treatment area.

    Which Lip Filler Is Best? Your injector will be the person to speak to about the many different lip filler options. In fact, she will likely be able to walk you through a few different options that can safely and effectively accomplish your goals. What Are the Benefits of Lip Injections? There are many different benefits of lip injection including the following: They can even out asymmetrical lips They can add fullness to the lips They reduce signs of wrinkles on and around the lips Your doctor can customize your results based on your ideal outcome Results are temporary and can be adjusted Why a Consultation Is Always Necessary The best way to ensure that your lip filler treatment will yield your ideal results is to first schedule a consultation with a board certified injector with expensive experience working with lip filler.

    During this consultation, you should bring in a few photos of the lips you would like to have to establish expectations for your treatment results. What Are the Side Effects? Common side effects with lip filler include bruising and swelling at the injection site. This is normal and should subside within a few days. With a variety of treatment options in skin rejuvenation, Dr.

    If you would like to schedule a consultation with a member of our team for lip filler, please call us today at

    The best ways to reduce swelling after lip fillers

    Read MoreLori is not just my skin specialist, she has become a trusted friend over the many years I have been going to see her. She is so gentle and kind when she does the botox and filler and restylane treatments. I always go home happy and feeling good about the improvements she makes on my face. I'm in my 70's and I always get compliments from people who believe I'm much younger.

    I honestly believe I have her to thank for that. I will go to her for the rest of my life. She is very talented and knows exactly what to do to make anyone look younger and fresher looking as well. She suggested a non surgical brow lift and it did wonders to help my Read MoreLori was so knowledgeable and accommodating! She suggested a non surgical brow lift and it did wonders to help my eyes look symmetrical without surgery! Going in for my next round today!!

    I've been coming to this facility Read MoreThank you to all the Celibre Medical staff for always making me feel welcomed. Dara, you will be missed, but I know that you will enjoy your new journey. Thanks read less Darius T. Kevin, the director was very professional, he explained and answered all my concerns, Read MoreI was pleased about my first visitation. Kevin, the director was very professional, he explained and answered all my concerns, he suggested the phase in detail of each step, and also I was very comfortable with the staff assistant, she was very nice.

    I consider her an artist in her approach to Read MoreI have been going to Lori at Celibre for years. I consider her an artist in her approach to fillers, botox and lasers.

    Her approach is to refresh, brighten and address any areas of concern. I prefer a more natural enhancement which is always the result I get. Everyone in their office is kind and professional. Kevin is also great to work with. Celibre only uses products they believe in and that offer the best results for the cost.

    I would recommend Celibre to everyone who wants a safe environment with professional highly trained people. There was Read MoreFor as long as I can remember my Dad has been the sunshine of my life. There was never anything too large or too small that this man wouldn't make possible for his daughter.

    Look there is no escaping We are all going to get older, but there is so many treatments that can and will help the process without turning your face into a CAT. Lol Laurie, Nurse Kevin. You guys are the magicians of your trade.

    This place has integrity These are some of the proficiencies you'll encounter with these skilled professionals. Read MoreCustomer service- clarifying conversations- the desired results! They helped my skin and heart. She works miracles on my look. When I leave I look 10 yrs younger and it's Read MoreLori is absolutely remarkable.

    When I leave I look 10 yrs younger and it's a natural look! Roxanne read less roxanne w. I've had dysport, fillers, and Read MoreI've been going to Celibre and getting treatments from Lori for over 10 years now. I've had dysport, fillers, and now laser treatments.

    Obviously, I'm extremely happy with the results and can honestly say I love everything she's done for me. I'm in my 40's now but don't look it at all. I look like I've aged backwards. I'm glad I started when I did because it really is preventative of future aging. Everyone there is kind, polite, honest, and informative.

    Lori has a way of working with your own look so your outcome is personalized and natural. She has a keen eye and is an expert at her craft. Kevin is great too. He took care of me once when I had a spontaneous mini vacation and Lori was out of the office. It's nice to know I can trust everyone there on their expertise. Definitely recommend! Seriously, it's sooo worth the investment to look and feel this great when I look in the mirror. When everyone around me has appeared to age while I stay young, I jokingly say I'm an Aztec vampire.

    It has literally shaved 10 years off Read MoreI just recently had the profractional laser done at Celibre in December. It has literally shaved 10 years off of my appearance. My skin is brighter, the texture is so much better, my pores are smaller, the sun damage is almost non-existent, my melasma got better and I was scared that it would get worse because that can happen from the laser.

    And Celibre told me that it was a possibility, but luckily it did not. It did require some time off but again it wasn't anything that wasn't explained to me by Celibre. They answered all my questions and went over everything in detail. That's another thing that I love about Celibre. You never feel rushed or like you can't have any and all of your questions asked.

    They always make you feel like the star of the show and I appreciate that. Celibre is the BEST place to go to for fillers, botox, or lasers. I get all of my procedures done there and wouldn't go anywhere else. I even commute from Orange County because they are that good! Celibre keeps your budget and your goals both in mind when helping you pick your procedures. I love Kevin, and Lori, and all of the girls in the front desk.

    They are not snooty whatsoever and again always make you feel special. She took the time to listen to Read MoreI highly recommend Lori for any skin concerns or treatments that Celibre offers! She took the time to listen to my concerns and gave me honest feedback. I came in for hyperpigmentation that I've had for years and I couldn't find a place that could help me solve the issue. Lori provided a treatment that has pretty much gotten rid of my hyperpigmentation after the first treatment and I couldn't be more excited!

    I'll definitely be returning for future treatments! Thank you Lori! The office staff Read MoreI normally do not write reviews but I have to say that Celibre is the best. The office staff is always welcoming. Lori Haney is an artist. I have been going to her for probably at least 6 years. She is honest and I trust her to tell me her opinion about what procedures are best for me and understands that I want a natural, fresher look. I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in. Kevin is equally honest and a true professional.

    They are always on top of any discounts or specials available. I have recommended Celibre to friends and no one has been disappointed. I drive an hour for injections from Lori Haney Read MoreI am so impressed with the service and quality from Celibre. I drive an hour for injections from Lori Haney. She is the best and is highly knowledgeable. I'm very happy with my results!

    Thank you Lori. I'm the type to ask to ask questions on anything new I

    How Can I Fix My Uneven Lips?

    Covid 19 Information Uneven Lips The lips are one of the key features of the face, and when they are uneven it can impact the overall appearance of both men and women. Genetics play a big part in causing uneven lips, but age also has a big effect on their shape, size and appearance. Over time, lips can naturally become thinner and lose fullness and definition; this can result in uneven lips.

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    The reason for this loss of fullness with ageing is primarily caused by a loss of collagen in the skin and muscles becoming more relaxed around the mouth area. This can often lead to lips appearing as uneven, thin and less defined than they used to be.

    Some men and women could also be born with uneven lips depending on their genetics. There are many reasons people desire lip fillers or lip enhancement. Lips tend to flatten out and become thinner as we age and some have unbalanced or uneven lips, or naturally thin lips. Due to muscle movement and ageing we can also develop lines on the border of the lips and in the corners of the mouth.

    Lip Fillers Sydney

    All these things can contribute to wanting to improve the look of your lips and smile. What do you use for lip fillers or lip enhancement? Dermal fillers are used to add volume or symmetry to the lips. This injectable gel is placed under the skin via a fine needle and helps to balance the shape or size of the lips, or simply to add a little volume. How much lip filler do I need?

    Uneven Lips

    In our FREE consultation we will discuss your desired outcome and will guide you so you are happy with the end result. Some people like subtle results while others want a more noticeable enhancement and this will depend on the amount and type of filler needed. There are some examples on the internet of overdone lips and we always aim to balance your lips with your features so your lips enhance your appearance for the right reasons.

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