How to remove speed limiter on ebike

  • What’s the best way to increase speed on an Electric Bike?
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  • How To Make An Ebike Faster. 9 Easy Ways You Can Do It
  • Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal – Important Tips
  • What’s the best way to increase speed on an Electric Bike?

    But what happens when the motor normally through modification or retro-fitting as a kit assists the rider beyond the legal speed limit for motor assistance generally 20mph in the USA and Are these e-bikes? Really they fall into a class of of their own between e-bikes and motorbikes and mopeds.

    With the right regulation in place they can be useful tools for getting some of the benefits of e-bike riding and getting to where you want to go faster or travelling further than with a regular e-bike. Other designs may fall into one of the many other classifications of electric vehicles that are emerging currently.

    Kinds of Superfast E-bike Superfast illegal e-bikes generally fall into three categories. On some older models of e-bike all that was required to remove the speed limiter was to turn the speed sensing magnet on the rear wheel spokes sideways to disable it.

    This involves fitting a small electronic device to a legal e-bike to make it run illegally fast, known as chipping or tuning. Usually it means some degree of disassembly of the electronic internals of your e-bike, most likely negating any warranty and potentially causing expensive damage to it. Of course some chipped bikes may also be able to exceed 28mph. Off-the-shelf models. They are implying they have all the legal advantages that e-bikes get i. Retro-fit kits.

    These are mainly hub kits, so the means of making them go illegally fast may have to do not just with the software but with the gearing of the motor itself. Hence illegally fast hub motors may be geared to achieve an illegal top speed. In our article on retrofitting kits we look at the care needed to fit legal kits. With illegally fast kits the pitfalls and associated risks are magnified. Why are the companies that sell such goods often not prosecuted? Why are Superfast E-bikes So Dangerous?

    This can be simply summed up in two words — speed kills. The kinetic energy of a moving object increases in proportion to the square of the speed. In other words a bike travelling at 30mph will do 4 times the damage of a bike doing 15mph and at 60mph yes there are illegal e-bikes out there that can achieve this speed you will have 16 times as much energy as at one quarter of the speed. Add into this the facts that superfast bikes often carry very large heavy battery packs to achieve a reasonable range and that increased mass also contributes to the kintetic energy — and therefore force suffered in any high speed collision — and you can see how the impacts in a high speed collision are very likely to be many, many times greater than you might at first really appreciate.

    Excess speed is not just a huge danger should a crash occur but much more likely to lead to one. The e-bike rider has less time to react as do others around him or her and the rider may also not appreciate that braking distances, as with the energy of the rider and bike, increase at a much greater rate than the extra speed alone might indicate.

    One particular problem in relation to superfast e-bikes is that other road users will most likely assume you will be doing a conventional bike-like speed i. This is a particular problem if a very fast e-bike is viewed head on. Anyone crossing its path would likely assume it will take far longer to reach them than it actually does; a recipe for disaster. It only takes a quick search of the internet to see that there have been documented cases of superfast e-bikes being involved in serious and fatal incidents, and some of these are in countries where e-bikes are still only really just beginning to take off.

    If the problem is not taken seriously now it could easily leave much more destruction behind it in the future. There is also the possibility of component failure if the bike has not been built for the forces being exerted on it by superfast motors. This is also the reason why on speed pedelecs limited to 28 mph many jurisdictions specify higher standards for many of the non-electric components such as frame strength and rims than for lower speed e-bikes.

    They just have to be stronger to stand up to the potential forces involved. There is also a wider danger that too many incidents of whatever severity involving superfast e-bikes will unfairly damage the rest of the industry, acting responsibly, with the same brush.

    As this Telegraph article demonstrates excessive behaviour on e-bikes can lead to a strong backlash in popular leisure cycling areas. On a national level it could increase calls for mandatory insurance, licensure, helmet wearing, and banning e-bikes from all cycle paths.

    Not a Plea for Banning Fast E-vehicles Faster electric vehicles have their place of course, but they must be well regulated. Traditionally the gap between bikes and now e-bikes and motor cars was filled by mopeds and motorbikes.

    The boom in electric vehicle technology promoted in part by the e-bike boom and advances in electric motor system technology has allowed great potential for the development of vehicles that fill the gap and could be a great boon to a more convenient and greener transport future. Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews and thanks for reading!

    Tuning your electric bike from A to Z

    The speed limit feature on bikes prevents the electrical power from the engine from getting released once the speed limit is achieved. The wattage determines the power of the engine.

    Battery The battery is what provides the juice to power your electric bike motor that is converted into motion. This component helps bikers monitor the performance as well as toggle ride options. It reads the behavior of the bike and translates it to the computer unit in the controller.

    How to Tune an eBike There are two methods electric bike owners can use to delimit their bikes. If you are looking to delimit your eBike, it is essential to note that you are solely responsible for the consequences that result from the tune. Depending on which city you come from, there might be legal implications associated with a tune.

    Manually delimiting an eBike Using an eBike tool kit Manually Delimiting an E-Bike This method is also known as the handy method and will only work if the specific model of eBike allows it. To achieve this tune, you need to locate the magnet and the sensor. The sensor of an eBike is usually located on the frame base, while the magnet is located at the rear wheel. It is essential to note that the bigger the wheel, the faster a bike will go. Therefore, moving the magnet away from the wheel will affect the number of turns made by the magnet.

    Simply put, for your controller to read a lower frequency, the magnet device needs to be transferred to a different location. When the controller gets a lower rate, the speed limit will not be triggered. To tune your e-bike, follow these simple steps: Remove the sensor and magnet from the eBike. Find the pedal bracket of your electric bike, and attach the magnet to it.

    Move the sensor by turning it to face the magnet. For most riders, it is a hindrance to a full biking experience. Some manufacturers and third-party developers have considered the concerns and developed eBike kits to aid delimiting. The eBike tool kits work in the same principle as the manual or handy method by distorting and manipulating the speed data.

    Due to the nature of practicality, it is also possible to reverse back to default mode if you want to detune your bike.

    How to Derestrict an Electric Bike – The Definitive Guide

    However, avoid packing your ebike for extended periods of time with a full charge because it destroys the battery. Make Tire Adjustments What tires does your ebike have?

    Tires can present resistance which ends up impacting on the speed of the electric bike. Tires designed with uneven surfaces are meant to provide grip but they are slower than smooth tires.

    You could swap the tires with smooth tires that do well on streets though they have less grip. The tires will increase your speed a little.

    Alternatively, you can reduce tire resistance by ensuring that your tires have high pressures closer to their maximum pressure. However, note that it will result in a less smooth ride because they will lose their ability to absorb pressures. Reduce Weights on Your Bicycle Some parts on your bike are not really useful yet they make the bicycle heavy.

    You can remove some parts completely. You can also replace heavy metallic parts with composites that are lighter. Reduce Wind Resistance You can improve the aerodynamic design of your electric bike with the aim of reducing wind resistance which creates a loss of speed.

    Alternatively, you can use a windshield. The windshield prevents your body from getting in the way with its weight by redirecting the air creating resistance. You can use motorcycle windshields and attach them to the handlebars. An expert from a bicycle repair shop can help you fix the windshield. Tune the Brakes Friction in the drive system reduces the speed of the bike. You can reduce friction by ensuring that the drive system is always well lubricated.

    Besides that, replace metal bearings in your drive system with ceramic parts. However, depending on your needs, all of this pales in comparison to being able to enjoy your bike at full speed. As long are you are in control, speed can be a thrill! Remember to wear proper safety gear.

    Proceeding with the tuning of an e-bike Basically, two particular modes of derestriction of an electronic bike have been seen.

    They are; The handy method The use of e-bike tool kits These two methods are used to remove the limit on your e-bike. If you desire to derestrict your bike, you have to understand that you are solely responsible for the consequences that result from the derestriction. This is one of the things that must guide you before you consider derestricting your bike. The handy method The handy method works only if your electric bike allows it.

    Why You Don’t Want a Superfast Electric Bicycle

    Since it is mechanical, it is often explained in different ways by different experts. However, the crux of this method is the sensor. The sensor is the device that reads the behaviour of the bike and translates it to the computer unit or the controller.

    After that, the controller determines the amount of assistance that must be provided by the motor.

    Remove speed limiter

    Therefore using the handy method, all you have to do is to modify how the sensor transmits to the controller. The two measuring elements up for consideration here are the sensor and the magnet. While the sensor is located on the frame bases, a magnet is located on the rear wheel.

    What comes up for consideration when calculating the speed of the bike is mainly the circumference of the wheel. This is because the bigger the wheel, the faster the bike moves. As such, by moving the magnetic device away from the wheel to another element, you can change the number of turns made by the magnet. To put it simply, if there must be a lower frequency to be noticed by the controller, then the device must be transferred to another place.

    Once this is done, the controller will begin to receive a lower speed rate which will ensure that the speed limit does not get triggered. In using this method, you do not have to disassemble the entire electrical system. You would need a tape or some holding material. Follow these simple steps to use the handy method: Start out the process by bringing out the sensor and the magnet or simply moving them Locate a pedal bracket in your bike, and then affix the magnet to it Follow this by moving the sensor and turning it in a way that it faces the magnet and boom!

    You are there This handy method has generally been seen as the preferable hand method. The other method that exists is quite technical and can cost you a lot.

    This is because it involves the cutting of wires and you may not be sure which wire to cut. So, preferably, if you are a handy person, employ the above method. As a result of these growing concerns with regards to removing the speed limit of an electric bike, some manufacturers have taken it up for consideration.

    How To Make An Ebike Faster. 9 Easy Ways You Can Do It

    Instead of employing methods that could prove abortive, they have come up with e-bike kits to aid the derestriction of an electric bike. The sensor is a mechanical unit placed symmetrically on the frame facing one of the rear-wheel spokes, which contains a magnet. These are the two primary processes for de-restriction. Things to check before proceeding: Before undertaking derestriction, it should be noted that the tuning process will vary technically from one machine to another depending on the e-bike brand.

    Therefore, the tuning technique used on one particular assist system may not necessarily work on another. Typically, machines that run on hub system motors are more difficult— and sometimes impossible—to derestrict, while those that operate on pedal motors are fairly easy to tune. You only need to follow the tuning instructions provided and everything should go according to plan.

    Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal – Important Tips

    By moving the magnetic sensor from the wheel and onto another part of the bike, the speed control will record different numbers, allowing assistance at faster speeds. For instance, you can place the sensor on the pedal, which normally rotates more slowly than the wheel. This way, the controller will perceive the magnet rotating at a lower frequency, thus signaling a lower speed than is actually the case.

    Ensure that the electrical system and wheels are fully intact. Use an allen key and some tape to hold the components in place.

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