Sad satan cheese pizza

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  • Granville St. April 23 Hi, Interesting site. One correction and one piece of info. I grew up on the far westside. The Burger Chef on Sullivant Ave.

    I think the Advance Auto was where Super Duper grocery was. Really fun to read thru and remember all the old restaurants that have come and gone.

    I think you should also research York Steak House. There was one by Eastland Mall that my family went to every Sunday. I could ask my Dad what street is was on if you want to know Aug It is now Westside Family Practice.

    Another pertains to Bob Evans. Jimmy Dean wanted to test restaurants so they came here to take on Bob Evans, but gave up in a few years an sold the locations to Bob Evans -editor Aug 18, i was searching for the receipt of Phillips origional coney island sauce and came upon your web site, never did find the receipt. All are closed and the great….

    When i was about 9 or 10, we used to go to the west broad st. Lums I wish was still here. Thanks, Curt, for returning me to my fast food youth. I think it was just off of Etna Road or maybe Langley? But English?! No way! Was it called the Red Grill? Is it a Kmart now?

    I love this website! It has the same sign as the one that was in Whitehall, and it still employs carhops! The PA is tuned to an oldies station, so it really feels like a step back in time.

    We also went to the Carousel Dinner Theater north of Worthington. February 14, Anyone remember Bonanza Steak House? There use to be one on Olentangy River Road just south of the hospital, out in front of where Gold Circle….. Great Site Keep up the great job. Its address was E. Broad St. Present day, it looks to be a Chinese fast food place… Thanks, and great webpage!

    Feb 23, Two of us are trying to recall a healthy fast food chain from the early s and we cannot remember the name. I stumbled across your site during a deep Google search. Very cool. One of the locations for the chain we are trying to remember was on Route 3 just north of on the west side of the road.

    We believe the company was public and was perhaps focused on burgers. If you have any info it would be much appreciated. I believe it is now a church. High St. Assuming this is the place on the corner of High and Cooke Rd. Hope this helps… March 2, Hey Jim: everyting you talk about I remember. We moved to the East side in Melroy Ave. Just off of Hamilton rd. I went to Walnut Ridge H. My Mother in law worked at Emils and I remember that refrigerated case that held the pie.

    Spent many a late night there with friends. Nice to stroll down memory lane. March 16, Neat website, old Columbus restaurants — thanks for putting it together. There were other locations, too. And thanks for any info you are able to provide, too! Monday April 03, What a great site! I once threw up after drinking about 5 of these drinks that came in fake ceramic coconuts at the Kahiki when I was about 6.

    I would kill my own mother to eat at Zantigo again. And Burger Chef…. Thanks again!! During a slow time one day, my manager Ann asked me to clean it. There were complaints, so our store stopped selling them. Now does anyone remember when Burger King was selling Dinner Baskets? They tried to go a bit upscale. Fried shrimp was one of the selections.

    All that space-warping makes a guy hungry for pretzels! April 7 Wow! Ya know… they built one just like that one down the hill from my childhood home near Arlington Park, in Huntington, West Virginia. It would have been at the corner of Washington Blvd and Route 60… zip code The building was demolished years ago, probably because of the complicated roof style… and a lack of appreciation for the modern style in the area.

    I think it became a Borden Burger, then a Burger Chef, and then a Burger King… which actually rebuilt across the street. They are not part or connected to the new structure. Its a gas station and minimart of some kind now. Again, the original building with the arches is long gone. Sad, really. April 15, Hi. On a hot summer day, I would have a stein of beer and a wonderful Ollieburger. Then they closed and that was the end of it. But, the Ollieburger lived on in my memory. Because it was Good Friday, I could not order the Ollieburger.

    However, I did stay and has a crabmeat sandwich with fries. Later when talking with my brother in law on the phone, I remembered the name of the restaurant of my memories—Lums, and I decided to look up Lums and Ollieburger in Google. Also, I have found several websites with a recipe that claims to be for the Ollieburgers, that I am going to try. The cashier claimed the were a chain with other locations.

    To be honest, I really liked Lums better. It had a family restaurant atmosphere. April 21, Howdy All! I totally enjoyed reviewing your list of central Ohio chain restaurants. Brought back many good memories! Just wanted to let you know… To the best of my knowledge, there are two places still open and functioning, serving up great grub, back in my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. Just wanted to pass the info along. If any of the readers can forward a recipe, I would be eternally grateful. May 14 Love this website!

    There is a shoe store for runners there now. High Street in Worthington and is now a Sky Bank. Also was there ever a Burger chef north of Worthington on High Street but was torn down when I was built. I read that somewhere but do not remember it. What happened to Shoneys in Ohio? I have lived in florida for the past 20 years, but grew up on the west side of columbus. Does anyone remember Green Gables at the Central Point shopping center?

    I was back in Ohio in , and so much had changed. I would love to add some of my old favorites to their list. I use to go to Green Gables on Mound Street at Central Point and ride around the drive-in restaurant with my boyfriends in their souped up cars!

    However, part of this bloodline was scientifically confirmed the day Sister Madly was overcome by a most Scandinavian desire. It was upon fleeing the smoked oysters that Sister Madly encountered this pod from another planet hovering inside the kitchen: Now Sister Madly found this to be extremely negligent- why, just anyone could wander in off the street, kick over that bag of golf clubs by the door, and make themselves a gourmet pizza. The Pod was not only sentient but a smooth talker with all the temptation of Original Sin… You know what?

    Now, unless one is of Swedish descent, one does not naturally associate bananas with pizza; but as Sister Madly had a bit of Sweden- and admittedly, a lot of cider- coursing through her veins, resistance was futile. Surely it cannot be worse than assembling an IKEA bookshelf. As it turned out, Sister Madly has just enough Swedish in her to make a Banana Curry Pizza, but not enough to actually enjoy it.

    And as the environmentalist in her would not permit her to desecrate the land by tossing the monstrosity into the compost, Sister Madly left the Pizza on the counter, and decided it was no longer her problem. That would be Sweden, Professor. Sure, there was that whole Ham and Banana Hollandaise thingy, but had you let her help with the Scotch Eggs that day, that dish would never have materialized.

    There was something touching in the way this PhD struggled to comprehend how one could defend a Pizza that she created yet found completely disgusting. Because there is nothing neutral about that pizza- proud of it, though she may be.

    Also, technically you would not go to jail for simply stumbling across a few CP images. This is what can get you jail time. In the United States, this does not apply to art depicting fictional underage characters, but some countries do prohibit that as well. But no one can penalize you for accidentally seeing a picture of CP.

    However, if you do stumble across one, you might want to contact authorities immediately. Just as a side note on Cheese Pizza, I cannot understand how anyone could be sexually attracted to a child. Why would you want a little boy instead of a MAN?

    Another thing is, there is a huge misconception concerning horror junkies like me. This is not true. But a majority of horror junkies are far from dangerous. Vicariously I live while the whole world dies.

    I also am weirded out by people who get sexually aroused by it. Some people who see horror and gore have nightmares, or are constantly bothered by it for days, weeks, maybe even months. Some people who witness murders go to therapy afterward because the image haunts them. But if you still think desensitized people are sick, think about people who deal with death and real gore as a profession.

    They have to be mentally prepared to work in the many fields that deal with that sort of thing.

    Gerties Brick Oven Pizza Closed Permanently And Up For Sale

    In reality, people who are desensitized and healthy are helping society because they are able to pursue those types of careers. XD As for Sad Satan, what is it really? Well, it seems it was first something OHC created to boost his channel popularity, and then it was taken by some sicko for no reason but to cause harm in as many people as possible by using different methods at once.

    Hell, for all we know, OHC and the creator of the clone could be the same person!

    Old Comments

    But the fact of the matter is, the clone targets people in a variety of ways. Shit like that really does disgust me. I am so sad to see it go. It was the go to place for my family when they came in with all the kiddos because it was good pizza for an affordable price. Plus, there were video games for the kids to play and distract them. Whatever goes into that building will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

    The building itself is pretty large and I am hoping another restaurant of some kind goes into that building. They had a beer and wine license and they served beer from the tap in a mug the size of your head for like 4 dollars it was pretty fantastic. And while Gerties thanked us for their support, I would like to thank them for providing a good place to eat and have a good time over the years.

    Good luck in your next endeavor whatever it may be.

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