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  • Bed Buddies – Male Prostitution has increased in Mumbai

    I also observed that there are other similar houses in that area. Kennedy Bridge, opera house — I would like to share my experiences at this place near Kennedy Bridge at opera house. This place was described earlier in this guide. This place is located a few meters before the start of Kennedy Bridge, approaching from the Churni road station.

    It is on the right side, next to a panwala. There is a steep staircase. Take that and go to the first floor. The selection was good and I chose Farida. She was very cooperative as well as passionate.

    We gave mutual pleasure and it was very satisfying. I paid a total of Rs. I would like to recommend it. And the best place for sex is J49 discotheque Juhu for fixing a sex night with college girl.

    You can easily figure out girls and can ask them. They will charge you Rs. There u can find a good, cheap, and according to your budget, sexy females.

    They charge u for short time, or long time you have to tell the person your budget and accordingly he would call the girls u pick 1.

    Pay him and get the best out of the gal. If u pay her bucks, then you r sure to get a wonderful suck of ur life, the gals and the dada r very good and do not cheat u. Rates are Rs but nice girls. The girls are pretty good. However after Definitely worth a try!! Go on the left in the same building. U will come across a beauty parlor, which goes to the basement. This where some cool girls stay. This parlor is a brothel in disguise. Go anytime after 9.

    U will find the key guy outside. Ask for Salil there. He will provide u with best babes matching your budget. BEST office in Colaba. The girls are available between 12 p. Razzberry and Nightlovers — I went to this very weird place, like they take you up a trap door and then you see this bar. This place is out in Goregoan link rd. They charge somewhere around about We were rich looking guy so lots of women were on us.

    Of course few of them even told us to take them home, money was no bar to them. Another place, which I found was really very cool, was Nightlover, which is out on Sakinaka rd, in a hotel called Sun and Sheel. There are some very good women out there of course one has to spend a lot of money on them, till they give you their no. I know people who have spend their whole salary on them. Take care guys and have a good time. Their service is good and if the girl complains of stomachaches do not believe her.

    Mudra is 5 min from Sanpada railway Stn. It was a tremendous experience for me I fucked a malloo 26 yr. Space Garden in Juhu and the one outside Mira Road station. Both are pick up joints. Space Garden is more expensive.

    Inside the bar the girls are conservative both in dress and conduct. Which is an indicator that such activities are done on the sly.

    There is also some risk of a police raid. A parlor in suburban Bombay was raided last week. Having been to Bangkok, I can say that Bombay comes nowhere close to the quality and service one gets in Bangkok. Otherwise, if you have the money, it is worth taking the 4-hour flight to Bangkok and spending a few days of unrestricted fun.

    There would be a chap posing as manager. U can have a pick, Flossy would take u to a nearby Maria lodge. Charges between My pick was Deepa, did excellent BJ, I even fringed her with empty beer bottle, and she is ready 4 any experiment. Check this place out at Colaba 5 min after Sassoon docks. Go inside,. When I tried to touch her boobs etc she just used to say its hurts and nothing else is allowed here.

    She was in full dress. They always cheat the customers. So many people are complaining about this bar. All people over there girls, stewards and including manager are very rude and cheat. Try Raj, Diana, etc. Those bars are nice. Atleast they give respect to your money. For cute girls try Gopika at Panvel worth for your money. Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Female — hi, This is my personal exp. It is from Rs. Try MB, she is fantastic and other one is Pick a girl and have fun.

    Pretty babes Rs onwards. All girls use condoms. If they like you they even give you their Mobile nos. The place to reach them are 1. Zig-zag Road, Pali hill, Bandra. If, you want to booze they charge you Rs. The girls will drink with you. Hill Road Bandra. Just ask for Daffidol club, above Gazebo, the girls are very good Rs.

    Here, all the elite riche rich boys come. U just have to go and wait on the Chowpatti bus stop outside Juhu Cost is Rs. E straight after Room charges extra. Here you can dance as in a disco with girls of your choice or just sit with them in the bar and have a good session of necking, fondling. Get fondled all for the amount you can afford Rs 10 to The girls are in all shapes sizes, outfits I am sure there are some that will suit every need.

    Beer costs Rs , the girls may ask to drink juice for bucks but you can always refuse. The girls also are available for escort not all, maybe after couple of sessions the place has a tie-up with a hotel close by.

    I am sure once you go there you will definitely go again. I had a similar experience in both the places. When I entered in Laxmi, a nice looking girl in black dress came closer to me a started dacing in the space around my table to get my attention. She was frequently looking at me and probably trying to seduce me. The steward asked me if I liked her and he could help me in fixing with her. So I gave him a yes. He talked to her and came back and told me that she already has a customer and is going out with him.


    This is where spine-chilling and heart-wrenching stories come alive. Advertisement Tuesday, 28 January It was pm. I was on the transit bridge that connects Ghatkopar metro station to its central railway counterpart.

    Another 20 minutes of inhaling the local train air, I arrived at Bhandup. This was the first time I set my foot into the area. Walking out of the station, I hailed the first rickshaw that drove into my sight. I asked. And there it was.

    The instant transformation in the way he looked at me. I noticed and felt in just a microsecond. The indifferent expression in his eyes convoluted into something resembling horror and judgement. It was slightly unsettling as his gaze scanned me from top to bottom. Churidar, kurta and dupatta.

    By the time I looked up, he had scurried away. I garnered the same response from the next five rickshaw drivers who refused to ferry me to the location.

    There was no way. I decided to take the minute walk to Sonapur. Source: For purnataorg, by diana. While Roopmati, another woman I am speaking with, entered the sex trade only two years ago, Farida has been in the business for almost two decades. None of their family members know that they work as commercial sex workers. The veteran of the two continues speaking about how the bazaar no longer runs the way it did ten years ago. The market that once fetched them almost a lakh a month, now has their earnings dwindling to less than Rs 10,, A lady called Sangeetha picks me up from the entrance of Sonapur.

    We walk and talk about how long she has worked with the organisation. Four years, she says. We walk for a few minutes and enter a narrow lane as she beckons me to turn left. It feels like the walls on either side will close on me anytime. But 15 steps later, the path expands into another cramped lane. This time, a broader one.

    A gutter runs from the centre of the gully, parting the rows of homes on either side, which are painted in bright shades of blue. One washes her face, three detangle their hair, laughing away to jokes privy only to them as older women look on.

    Dressed in low-neck nighties, decked in gold, with well-plucked eyebrows, a hint of blush on their cheeks and bright red lipstick adorning their lips, they wait for the first customers of the day.

    Their eyes are fixed on me, the intruder. The gaze is piercing, and they do not try to hide it. It is intimidating and makes me uncomfortable. The sex worker cannot leave the brothel or refuse a customer. Each room in a brothel, depending on its size, has space for three to eight sex workers.

    In contrast to other cramped rooms in the vicinity, she shows me a dormitory-like hall. It has wooden bunks rising to the ceiling. She tells me that all the women who live in that particular dorm work there, and at the same time. While I digest this, she tells me that many of them are unwed mothers. Their children, who are too young to understand what is happening, sleep in the corner or under the bunks.

    Only a thin veil of a curtain separates them from their mothers who trade their bodies to give them a better life.

    Like Farida, the stories of many others who work in red-light areas across Mumbai, including the oldest district at Kamathipura, are similar. My journey to understand these places also leads me to the doorstep of Rescue Foundation , an anti-trafficking NGO. Operating for the last 30 years, the NGO comes full circle—rescuing trafficked women and girls and rehabilitating them.

    It has impacted more than 5, girls and women to date. Girls as young as nine are sold for Rs 50, to Rs 3,00,, while older women are sold for much less. They come from across the country and even beyond the borders, from Nepal and Bangladesh. Their abject poverty makes them and their families vulnerable to fake promises and hollow opportunities for big money in bigger cities.

    And for some, the chance of finding love. My conversation with Triveni Acharya brings to light many horrors. When newly-trafficked girls are brought in, they are put in what is called a pinjra or a cage. Triveni adds how the pinjra still exists in Kamathipura. It is a wooden cell or bunk where the victim is kept until she is brainwashed into becoming a seasoned sex worker. While underground elements benefit from a brothel, gharwalis or housekeepers run the place.

    Unable to escape, they were brutalised and brainwashed into thinking that they were outcasts. And that their bodies were mere commodities. Because many of them were rejected by their families and societies at large, they became veteran sex workers. They are feared and keep the workers on a tight leash. They cook, wash, and keep the rooms clean, ensuring that the girls do not escape.

    Cigarettes are pushed into my fingers. But when I refuse, they break the same bottle to hit me and scar me with the stubs. From coaxing them with sweet, comforting words to pressuring them meanly. How can you just leave? Women who are trafficked with their daughters are sexually abused in front of each other.

    They are told that if they work hard enough and recover the amount they were sold for, they will be free to go. The ones who escape are transferred to other brothels where they are tortured further. Once the principal sum of her karja or loan is recovered, she gets paid half the money.

    Healthcare is an additional expense. Being rejected by their own families makes things worse. They return, this time for themselves, to make good money. Prostitution is not an option but is enforced. Not a hair peeks out of her tight bun.

    Her eyebrows are thick and well-brushed, the effort to maintain it visible. Her lips are lined with a subtle-shade of lipstick in stark contrast to the other women. A large bindi adorns her forehead. Her ears have multiple piercings, each adorned with a gold earring. I cannot help but notice the mangalsutra underneath the dupatta. She grew up in Khedegaon, in rural Maharashtra.

    Fourth of seven siblings, born to a homemaker and a marginal farmer, she never lived in a pucca home, just a shed with makeshift tin sheet walls. When she was merely seven, her father passed away. It was the beginning of the worst. I envied the girls who went to school every day, while I toiled in the harsh sun from 10 a. And yet, a square meal was a luxury. Sometimes when the flour was not enough for eight of us, my aai mother would add water and make transparent rotis.

    I thought marriage would relieve me of my poverty. But I was wrong. She was married at an early age to an older man, who worked as a driver. His monthly salary was Rs 10, for the longest time. So I did household chores for five years to earn a menial sum. While this sufficed to run the household and pay medical bills for his parents, it fell short of funding the education for my kids.

    In retrospect, we all know how this goes. The neighbour had lied to her. But what could an illiterate woman do? My husband and children would hate me if they ever find that I am doing sex work. But I have no other option. I will not let the lives of my children be ruined like mine. While her daughter is now studying at a private-cum-NGO-run agricultural college in Pune, her son has returned from the residential school he was studying at to stay with her husband and in-laws.

    Mumbai Sex Guide For Single Men

    Wealthy women heading to various destinations hire these men for sex. In the absence of male brothels, gigolos like Roxy are the twilight for prospective clients, mainly upper or middle-class and rich women who usually drive in their cars and have private places.

    Somehow our team managed to connect Roxy; name changed whose wife filed for divorce when she exposed that he opted for an odd profession to earn a living for family. I have a retired father and old ailing mother. My wife was two months pregnant and amid lock down lost my job. Any idea where the girls went or relocated? U can get great looking girls delivered to your hotel room. No need to frequent dingy little bars where you can get ripped.

    Absolutely safe and the girls look fab. Prices range between — You have to email where ur staying service only for 5 star hotelsand the room no. They contact u on phone to check ur credentials.

    If u know somebody who has availed this service ad refer him — its better. This is mostly for people with a little class. Email id is takeurpick hotmail. They are about 20 girls just pretending to dance.

    How and where to find Cheap and Good Prostitute In Mumbai

    One such hotel is hotel mausam near the Charag Din show room at Colaba. Any taxi driver will take u there. Rs will get u again a two fuck session. On the approach to bridge on the right hand side, there are old bldgs. There is one panwala there. Pimps usually hang out here. Go into the bldg. The rate is around Rs. There is a good selection of girls available form different regions. The girls are willing to do anything, if U tip them Rs. The service is very hot and enjoyable.

    Address next to strand cinema. Keep a curious eye. You will be approached by Beautiful young ladies for sure. During afternoon hours private girls are also being arranged. Phone NumberCost RS. Can contact pimps behind hotels near Colaba. Prices are high and admission is at sole discretion of owners. The best and most expensive place in town as far as I know. Address Colaba Causeway, Cost Rs. Not like others who are only interested in just a fuck. They allow U to suckfrench and all.

    Value for money. Opp Nisha Restaurant on main road. You can also make a deal for whole night. These women are quite experienced and you can go for oral sex also with prior permission. They will force you to use condom and it is for your safety only. Address get down at Charni road station, then come to Khadilkar road opp, Cost Rs. Here there are few girls who perform in excellent way. Just instruct Those girls and they do. Phone NumberDaily There are some rooms there but not higher than 2 star.

    I chose a girl and took her back to the hotel where I was staying. She did everything right. Took her time. Washed me and petted me. Look up the place in the phone book. Cost Excellent services by private escorts. Phone Number Cost Rs The women out here are from good looking to very pretty ones. The girls come and sit next to you and if you like her you can fix her for either for one hour or for the whole night.

    One has to take the girls only to the hotel specified by the owner for the sake of security of the girls. The both sides of road is full of prostitutes. Though the average charge is Rs. These brothels have girls from all over the country. They also provide home service but it depends upon prostitute to prostitute. Pimps will be persuading u to go in and u find nice females if u r lucky enough.

    But never try to have a quarrel people butcher. Females range from Rs to whatever u want. This whole place is a big brothel. Address kamati pura. Nr Radio clubs. Walk from Radio clum towords main rd Colaba causeway. Some guy will approach u. Girls r very nicely dressed and beautiful. U choose girl and other will leave room. Airconditioned room and clean bed and mirror can be seen. In BOMBAY one or two brothels r raided every year to make news and those call girls who r caught r released on bail next day.

    People r really scared of AIDS over here. Most girls would refuse to have sex without condoms. Condoms r distributed free to call girls.

    Some of the college going girls also offer sexual services to make extra money. Girls cost Rs. Best time to go is after 8pm. After 6 in Evening, you will find many high-class girls at Breach Candy. They will be in group of girls. Also try at Nariman Point after 10pm It is slightly cheaper there.

    On 1st night I picked up a girl in her early twenties from a Pub at Juhu J I had a terrific time with her. She was blond and spoke English. She took me to her flat in a cab took 10 minutes. She undressed herself and then me. Pseudoephedrine recreational dosage had a shower together very erotic, I almost came.

    Then she gave me massage with hand and then her breast. After that she sucked me for a minute or two and slipped on rubber. She rode me with a finger in my anus. I came after sometime with flood. She cuddled me and we were asleep in no time. In morning I had her once more. I gave her Rs. I will definitely visit her next time I go to Bombay.

    She was not as good as previous one but cheaper Rs. We had a straight and then after some hour anal sex. She can be found at disco in Hotel Taj every night after 8pm.

    There is a newspaper called MIDDAY that is published daily and available at almost any magazine or book shop or at railroad stations after about 11 AM every day. It costs the equivalent about 5 US cents.

    “I Am a Sex Worker, but My Daughter Won’t Become One”

    Look for advertisements for beauty parlors in the classified advertisement section. About 10 of them are listed every day. Almost all of them offer massage services. I would recommend the one on Cawasji Patel street. You can choose the girl you want. For about U. You are allowed to touch and kiss the girl everywhere except the genital area.

    If you are willing to pay about U. There are usually about girls to choose from and many of them can understand English. Some can speak, though not fluently.

    sex workers

    Out of the girl, usually are good. Its on a building opposite Elco Arcade. There were 4 girls ranging from 18 to Cover charge is Rs.

    I selected a girl around 22 named Sonal. She took me to one of the two bedrooms, it was a average room, had air conditioned working and bathroom with shower. She asked me what would I like to do and we agreed on Rs. She told me she was studying for Fashion Designing before joining this trade. Her family does not know about this and she is doing this because it gives good money to maintain lifestyle. Then we lied on bed. She started rubbing her breast on me and then sucked my cock.

    After sometime I could not hold it any more and she slipped Condom on me and I started in missionary position. It lasted another few minutes. Overall it was good value for money and will visit again sometime in future. I visited this city in January for 12th time. Traffic and Hotel situation is improved over last year. There is a new full-service joint operated by 3 ladies all Gujrati ladies in their 20s at Linking road.

    It is opposite Arrow Shirt show room on 1st floor. They were very beautiful and clean by Kusvirwa mubhazi standard.

    It was Rs. Girl knew English well. I would recommend this joint to all. Also there are more girls roaming near Hotel Oberoi after pm. Thank you for providing this service to decent people who are looking to fulfil their god given desires in a country controlled by religious bastards. We need to make people aware that the assaults that we see in the USA on basic human rights such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, adult pornography, topless bars and prostitution are entirely due to religion.

    It is outrageous that a man who offers money for prostitution can be sent to jail- the police even carry out entrapment procedures called stings. Please keep up the good work. This is a real sight to see. The area is easy to find- there is a local train station at Falkland Road.

    Although illegal, well tolerated- the main religion in India is Hinduism, which is very tolerant. Europe is Christian but the religion is weak and so prostitution is semi legal and well tolerated. USA will reach that stage in 20 years- until then I guess we have to put up with this religious nonsense. Of course, we are better off, compared to a Muslim country where you will be amputated or executed for what they consider unacceptable sexual activity.

    The cheapest place to have sex is Kamatipura. A region populated mostly by Chinese featured girls — mostly from Nepal. Another such place unhygienic is Gairwadi. On Paras road, it is possible to find a number of girls loafing around.

    Just call them near your vehicle using finger movement for eg and negotiate. The going rate is Rs to Rs If really interested in fucking virgins, the place to go is Bandra. Plaza hotel, on the link road. The going rate is Rs — Rs South Indian ladies can be had at a place called Dreamland Rs Most Taxi drivers know it. If you are looking for not just a fuck but some quality too, the place to search for is Shimla house, where college girls talking english etc come.

    It is pretty discreet. The place I liked best was on the side of Regal cinema hall near lion gateon the footpath. After it gets dark say after 8pm in summeran entire spectrum of prostitutes is standing there.

    No middleman involved, you negotiate and avail services — usually in nearby hotels. In order to become a member you must have a recommendation from someone who is already a member. And you will have to be an Indian national or a long-term expat. In the membership fee was rupees, the membership year is the fiscal year — April 1 to March You can, however, enter for one night if a member signs the guest book on your behalf and pays at the entrance.

    Chembur is best described as a suburb to Bombay. It took almost one hour to get there by taxi. It is almost right under a highway bridge, and the area is obviously poor. Warning: It is difficult to get a taxi from here.

    I saw only three-wheeler autorickshaws near Surai. Ask the taxi to wait! I opened the door and peeped inside. A gambling hall for computer games! But a watchman opened an inconspicuous door right beside the one I was at and showed me a narrow flight of stairs, lit by subdued red lamps. I walked up to first floor level where I stepped into a quite small room with easy lounge chairs by the walls. It was not unlike classical Indian dancing but I am in no position to evaluate the quality.

    It looked amateurish but quite charming. The girls appeared to be about years old. There was a marked difference between their neat, festive appearance and the seedy male audience with half-open shirts and naked feet in dirty sandals. Two waiters in white shirts and neckties brought drinks 75 rupees for a double whisky, Indian brand.

    Two of the girls were prettier than the others. They also danced in a livelier way. Their eyes were permanently turned towards their own reflections in the mirrored walls behind the chairs. Little in the attitude of the male clientele betrayed that they even noticed the girls — apart from the ten rupee notes they handed them at regular intervals.

    I got one of the waiters to go outside on the stairs with me on order to be able to talk with him conversation was impossible inside due to the music. I asked him if I could take a girl out from Surai? My general impression with this place is that the price ought to be low, given the long drive and the depressive surroundings.

    The girls looked nice and interesting but the language creates a barrier. And this is not a place where you should get drunk and stagger away after closing hours.

    I did not feel the slightest bit threatened but some of the types in here did not look nice.

    Male sex workers: Are we ignoring a risk group in Mumbai, India?

    Later some other informants stated that the waiter on the stairs must have misunderstood my question, maybe because of a lack of knowledge of English. They cannot even touch them. Maybe the waiter meant that you can make private arrangements with a girl after closing time when she is off duty. And please submit your findings here! Phone 60 75 or 20 We went up the stairs to the first floor where I was asked to sit down in a worn and tattered sofa in a dirty, rather big room.

    It looked like a living room whose owner had moved and taken everything valuable with him, leaving the carpet and a few broken pieces of furniture to whoever cares to have them.

    He offered me a girl for the night. They are all teenagers. Abdul mentions their names, which are hard to understand as they come trough the doorway. One of them is wearing a purple dress and is decidedly prettier than the others. I choose her. Now followed a lengthy wait which Abdul exploited to get more money out of my wallet. I had caught fire with the girl in purple and this was used against me.

    Abdul himself was to have Rupees more, he said, then he would see to it that the girl would give better service. And I gave him damned Rupees extra. The tout, the man from the street, reappeared and weaned for money for his part of the fun.

    Methods: MSWs were evaluated at the Humsafar trust, a community based organization situated in suburban Mumbai, India. Results: Of the 75 MSWs, 24 were men and 51 were transgenders. The mean age of the group was Keywords: Human immunodeficiency virus, male sex workers, men having sex with men, sexually transmitted infections Introduction The organized sex trade has been a focus of intense discussion within the context of the human immunodeficieny virus HIV epidemic in Maharashtra as well as in India.

    Also, the sex workers themselves come from both within and outside the state. This included collecting systematic and reliable data on sex work, and contextual issues around selling of sex. Yet we cannot simply assume that the pattern and characteristics of the female sex industry will be the same as that of the male sex work industry. Coupled with sex trade and industrialization, social marginalization of groups such as male sex workers MSWs which include men who have sex with men MSM make prevention efforts with these extremely vulnerable groups all the more difficult.

    We further aim to understand the association of sociodemographics and HIV in this risk group. Methods The present study is a cross-sectional analysis of unlinked anonymous secondary data.

    The study was approved by the Institutional Review Board at the Humsafar trust as a secondary data analysis project. Study site The data were collected from men attending an STI clinic at the Humsafar trust, a community based organization that provides services to various groups of MSM.

    About new individuals access the services of the clinic every month. Subjects All individuals presenting at the STI clinic above the age of 18 years were eligible for the present analysis. Measurements Data were collected on a structured interviewer-administered questionnaire. We used demographic information: age, marital status, education, employment other than male sex work if any, and income, for our analysis.

    We also used specific information on sex work: age at first sexual exposure, number of clients per day, meeting place for clients, preference of clients, type of sexual practices oral insertive, anal insertive, vaginal, anal receptive, or oral receptive in the past six months, in the present analysis.

    In addition, we included information on other behaviors: condom use, alcohol use, injection drug use, and any past history of blood transfusion, in our analysis. Clinical evaluation Subjects were clinically evaluated by trained physicians for the presence of any STIs.

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