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    And intense training depletes your body of specific micronutrients needed for boosting our testosterone levels. For that reason, I recommend replenishing those nutrients by taking a high-quality testosterone booster.

    One way to do that is to train that muscle twice a week, giving it an extra workout. You could also train more than one muscle for this extra workout. So this makes it more feasible to train more than one body part.

    Below are some workout ideas for you if you want to do a 2nd FST-7 workout that week there will be one for each muscle. I suggest putting this workout towards the end of the week after all of your main workouts.

    Just choose one of the arm workouts below and do that after you train back. Imagine going into the gym on Saturday morning and busting out some arms! For example, work your quads-only in the first workout and focus more on hamstrings for your 2nd leg workout.

    You could switch your back and shoulder workouts. For example, you could do your main shoulders and triceps workout on Monday and put Back and Traps to Friday; this would allow you to do your 2nd shoulder workout on Saturday.

    Here are some results you can expect after a couple of weeks of doing FST-7 workouts: A literal change of shape in your muscles You will be sore for the next day or so take your BCAAs Bigger, fuller muscles that bodybuilder look More vascularity from the excess blood flow You will feel winded after your workouts Your body will also burn more fat naturally from the intensity of the workouts your heart rate will be up for a few hours your workouts Serious mass gains!

    You will see some amazing results!

    Jeremy Buendia Aims to Dominate Physique Competition

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    It provides you with a complete breakdown of this unique training system, along with a full sample workout. The following 5 day split variation appeared in the June, issue of Flex magazine in an article co-authored by Joe Wuebben. Perform 7 sets of 8 to 10 reps, with only seconds between sets. FST-7 for large bodyparts.

    Perform 7 sets of 8 to 10 reps, with seconds between sets. He came up with the system after training many pro and amateur athletes. The FST stands for Fascia Stretch Training and the 7 refers to the number of sets you do for the key exercise that you do for each body part. A key aspect of the system is that it promotes an excellent pump while you are working out. Your fascia is a spider web like network that covers your muscles. The areas of fascia covering the muscles have varying degrees of thickness and strength.

    So, the wider and more pronounced the fascia is, the greater the muscle building potential. According to this theory, the greater the ability of the fascia to stretch, the more the muscle will be able to grow, However, the stretching needs to comes from inside, not outside, of the muscle. Increasing blood flow inside the muscle is the best way to do this. To achieve this, you need to do what are called pump sets.

    That is where the 7 sets comes in. On the last exercise for a body part you perform 7 sets in order to produce as great a pump effect as possible on the working muscle.

    Fascia stretching is, though just one element of the FST-7 training system. It also includes going heavy on previous exercises in the rep range. FST-7 is an advanced training technique. It is not suitable for beginners as they will not have reached the limit of their fascia potential.

    However, if you have been training for at least a couple of years, you should definitely give FST-7 a shot. This training system, like all others, has both its advocates and its naysayers. Make use of the 5 day split we have provided in this article and be sure to stick with the program at least six weeks.

    Record your before and after measurements, weight and poundages in a training journal and also take note of how you feel. If you have reached a point where your current workout routine is no longer giving you the results you want, giving FST-7 a try may invigorate your workouts and break past your training plateau.

    That workout should consist of 3 or 4 exercises that are performed in the rep range. You then finish with your FST-7 exercise. You perform 7 sets of between reps with a rest between sets of about 45 seconds.

    You want to be able to get to your goal rep number on each set. This may require that you reduce the weight on the ater sets — that is perfectly acceptable. It is best to use isolation exercises on a machine for the FST-7 exercise as this allows you to totally focus on the target muscle. The system is designed to accommodate 5 workouts per week as follows: Workout 1: Biceps, triceps, and calves Workout 2: Legs.

    FST-7 Training | Get That Extra Pump

    In other words, more muscle fibres are built among the repaired muscle fibres to prevent reenacted microtraumas. As a result, muscles grow. As described above, the FST-7 is more of an intensity technique used at the end of the workout for each muscle group.

    Like all intensity techniques, the FST-7 should mainly be considered by advanced athletes that already mastered exercise technique and execution. Not only does this avoid injuries but also increases the involved muscle fibres and respectively, muscle growth.

    So, if you are just getting started, then this method may not be the exact best thing for your current condition. For all others among yourselves that already have some experience and feel ready to give it a shot, feel free to try it out, but be cautious. This can boost your muscle growth anew. As always, you should save intensity techniques such as these as a real wild card for the plateaus. In practice, the FST-7 gets added upon your current workout volume in the last set.

    Since this is about maximum muscle pump, it does not make sense to start with it at the beginning of your workout. Keep in mind that the 7 sets should be performed with maximum mind muscle-connection to get the best possible feeling. In contrast to the loaded stretching, the connective tissue gets stretched from the inside as a result of the pump. The connective tissuewhich otherwise reacts rather sluggishly to growth, is stretched perfectly by extreme blood flow, whereby it ends up with the desired effect.

    With this in mind, the idea behind FST-7 is not growing by weight, but by stretching to maximize the pump. The more consciously you train, the better your mind muscle-connection and eventually the more spectacular the outcomes will be. In order to get the best pump, there are a couple of very simple and common tricks that you can follow.

    Only use weights that you can control with a proper range of motion and technique. Simple but effective. Think of it this way. The taste of the cinnamon roll flavor was phenomenal and really complimented the natural peanut butter.

    I also had no difficulties with the water intake requirements essential to experience the requisite results from this plan.

    I carried around a gallon water jug for my non-training water intake. However, I did indicate that the diet was difficult, but not for the reasons one might expect.

    FST-7 Training – Complete Guide 2019

    In fact, the nutrition was the most difficult adjustment to me personally because of the sheer volume of food I had to ingest from the later meals. In fact by dinner, I had to leave some of my salmon because no matter how much I tried no more food would fit in my belly I probably left 2 of the 8 ounces behind. Word to the wise: meal prep is essential on this plan, so stick to it! I anticipate that on non-training days the weekend, in this casemy food intake will have to cut back to account for the lesser amount of activity.

    I did make sure to eat every three hours which in this instance, I think is a key to success. I will, however, go through my experience with the workout and help provide helpful tips to you.

    As a general manner, I warm up 5 mins on a cardio machine and perform abs prior to exercising. Hany, however, has prescribed a dynamic warm-up protocol for you and me. The warm-up itself is 10 mins, but given the amount of exertion I am familiar with in the FST-7 workouts, this seems more than appropriate. The key here is warm-up. In 10 mins, I biked approximately 3 miles.

    First Exercise not pictured — Reverse Grip Pulldown Something important to remember with this exercise is to have the correct mind-muscle connection.

    FST-7 Five Day Training Split By Hany Rambod

    I make sure to get a good stretch and contraction, and go slow to experience adequate time under tension particularly in the beginning of the workout. Otherwise I feel that my brachialis performs a significant portion of the load, and we want to target the lats. The closer the grip, the lower the lats are targeted. Most people are weaker in the lower portion of the lats than they are in the higher portion.

    After an easy set of lbs. Same principle as before, except this exercise targeted the lower lats more so than the last exercise did. I made sure to rest approximately 60 to 90 seconds between each set.

    By now, with the slow movements I was utilizing and the impact of the last exercise, I was forced to retrench back to lbs. Just make sure to keep the rest periods to the designated time frames and drink your intra-workout to maximize the pump. The reason for this is because I have almost always used a conventional overhand grip when doing barbell rows.

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