Tsc releases new salary scales

  • TSC promotions and new salary structure for teachers
  • TSC Pay rise for teachers, July 2018 (Increased Salary Structure in Job Groups)
  • TSC releases new salary scales
  • New TSC Salary Scale For Teachers’ Starting July 2021 Under Phase 4 of CBA
  • TSC promotions and new salary structure for teachers

    WhatsApp TSC released promotion results for over 33, teachers who attended promotion interviews in and The promotions are for about 16, successful teachers.

    A sum of 2, teachers has been promoted to Head Teachers at T-Scale 10 C5 and whose monthly earning has been increased since March How fast you get your interview results and promotion letter varies from County to County.

    While most Counties have produced the lists of promoted teachers and made them public, in some counties this is a deeply safeguarded secret. TSC has additionally revealed the principles used in promoting over 16, teachers this year.

    The teachers will take home a monthly payment of Sh91, which comes with an increased monthly Commuter allowance to Sh13, , monthly House Allowance to Sh50, , and annual Leave Allowance to Sh10, The guidelines considered the performance of the schools of the applicants. In the year , 48, teachers in Job groups T-Scale 5 to T-scale were promoted.

    Another 6, teachers from T-Scale 6 to T- scale7 and a further 5, teachers from T-scale 7 to T-scale 8 were also promoted. See also A sigh of relief to diploma teachers as TSC announces this Mass transfer looming The promotions are most likely to result in the mass transfer of the teachers with Mrs Macharia warning teachers against falling victim to fraudsters purporting to have the powers to influence the result of the TSC services and decisions.

    She stated that TSC will only use the existing official communication channels. The promotions met tough opposition early this year as teachers complained that recruitment guidelines had discriminated against teachers in sub-county and county schools. To qualify for the promotion that attracted 33, teachers, applicants must have served in former job groups for a minimum of 3 years.

    They were also required to be holders of Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Science or Arts degree plus a graduate diploma in Education. Masters degree holders were given the advantage of priority during the shortlisting. The commission also required that all applicants have satisfactory ratings in the performance appraisal and performance contracting process.

    TSC Pay rise for teachers, July 2018 (Increased Salary Structure in Job Groups)

    The salaries increment are to be approved so as to be included in the next next Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA; cycle.

    In the proposals, the Commission wants a basic salary increment of between 16 percent and 32 percent; with classroom teachers getting the higher perks. The 16 percent rise in basic pay should be for teachers in administrative grades C4 to D5 who reaped big from the CBA. Classroom teachers in lower grades B5 to C3 are to be awarded an increment of 30 percent. The unions claim there were no talks between them and TSC to come up with the new salary scales; as should be the case during the CBA negotiations.

    For allowances, TSC is proposing a 20 percent increment in commuter and leave allowances. On its part, house allowance is to be increased by 10 percent. These proposals are by far much lower than what the unions are proposing. The union also wants the Commission to harmonize house allowances for all teachers.

    Currently, tutors plying their trade in towns and former municipalities earn higher house allowances as opposed to their counterparts in rural areas. Harmonization of house allowances should be based on job group as opposed to regions.

    The allowance is paid at a fixed rate determined from time to time by the commission. The current CBA cycle has expired, paving the way for implementation of the new one with effect from July Instead, the employer awards three increments to the holders of such qualifications.

    The proposed scheme seeks to allow TSC recruit teachers possessing post-graduate qualifications at entry level. Finer details show that the union is seeking to have a holders of Masters Degree getting an increment of 20 percent that is pegged on their basic salaries and 40 percent for PHD degree holders.

    The Sossion led outfit is agitating for a 50 percent increment in both house and Commuter allowances. The medical scheme currently being offered by Minet will still be in place. Also to be retained is hardship allowance at the current rates. The Commission has declined the introduction of special school, township and post graduate allowances. Related TSC news.

    TSC releases new salary scales

    After a comprehensive evaluation of the teaching practice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission SRC inthey created a new grading system. These grades possess distinct codes. The new 7 billion deal is going to oversee the promotion of teachers with higher qualifications by TSC.

    Some will receive an automatic upgrade to their TSC salary scale.

    New TSC Salary Scale For Teachers’ Starting July 2021 Under Phase 4 of CBA

    Formerly, they were job groups G and H, which were amalgamated to create a single category. The group is for Primary Teacher II. All the teachers that are currently in this category will earn automatic promotion to Grade C1. This is part of the implementation of the fourth phase of the — Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    It is estimated that an average ofprimary school teachers will benefit from this. Teachers in Grade B5 earn a basic salary of between Ksh. According to the recent announcement, the new salary structure for teachers in this group will be between Ksh.

    During the implementation of the third phase of the — CBA, educators falling in this category were not promoted alongside others. Grade C2 Five thousand teachers in secondary school with diploma qualifications are also going to receive promotions. The union is worried that some educators have stagnated in their positions for a long time without getting any significant promotions.


    Their current salary range is between Ksh. Formerly, they were Job Group L. According to the recent TSC news on the promotion of teachers with higher qualifications, these are going to be part of the implementation of the fourth phase of — CBA. During the realization of the third phase, they were earning between Ksh.

    Once the fourth phase is realized in Julythey are going to earn between Ksh. Fortunately, they are part of the fourth phase of the CBA. Currently, the lowest salary in this grade is Ksh. According to the latest release on the slated alteration of their wages, they are going to earn a maximum of Ksh. They are going to get a significant salary increment from their current range of Ksh. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, these teachers are going to receive a salary increment.

    They are currently earning between Ksh. The educators under this category can earn up to a maximum of Shs43, This means that teachers in higher Job Groups will be ineligible for higher pay this July but would be getting a handsome reward in the last two phases of the CBA. TSC Salary Scale: Teachers New Salary and Allowances in Kenya Speaking before the Committee, TSC Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Macharia reiterated that the implementation of the CBA that would benefit all theteachers under its employment was a priority and asked the legislators to push for the approval of the funds as this would assure industrial peace within the teaching service.

    In the Estimates presented before the Committee Chairman, Julius Melly, TSC is requesting for Shs16 billion to cater for the recruitment of 68, intern teachers as a stop-gap measure in plugging the rising shortfall of tutors in public institutions. The TSC also sought Shs5 billion to recruit 12, teachers to address the present shortage and another Shs3. The Commission revealed that they have a shortage of 40, teachers in primary schools and 63, in secondary schools totalling a deficit ofteachers in public schools.

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