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  • Shambhavi Mudra – Meaning, Procedure, Benefits

    I have continued my Yoga regimen thereafter with discipline. I tweeted about my ongoing experience a few months ago. Read about it here. Today, I wish to write about my progress in greater detail, with some new experiences. Initially, I thought my Yoga experiences were personal and need not be shared on a public platform. However, I realise what is happening to me is something profound.

    Telling about it is important. If this blog motivates even one reader to explore what Yoga has to offer, it would be worth writing this. First of all, something about what I do as part of my Yoga regimen. I do a 21 minute Kriya called Shambhavi Mahamudra. However, before this Kriya, there are 30 minutes of preparatory asanas. Let us look at these in some detail. The session starts with Patangasana.

    It is followed by Shishupalasan and Nadivibhajan 3 rounds — 30 asanas. This set of asanas takes about 15 minutes. It is then followed by Surya Namaskar 3 rounds — 72 asanas which takes about 10 minutes.

    This is followed by 5 minutes of Shavasana to cool the body down. And then starts Shambhavi Mahamudra, which involves breathing exercises like Sukhasana, Om Chants, Flutter and Bandhas, all undertaken in a precise way and order.

    This entire session takes appx 50 minutes. I have certain experiences during this session which I would like to share.

    First, during Patangasan, I occasionally feel the back of my neck, ears and a part of my face getting heated up. These nerves are connected to the brain via the neck. I did not have this experience for the first 4 months. Two, during and after Suryanamaskar, I notice that there is heightened pumping of blood, especially at my Anahata, just near the diaphragm.

    I clearly feel enhanced blood circulation across my body, duly engineered from the centre of the body — the Anahata. Three, after Bandhas, as I start breathing normally, I feel as if I were floating. It not only relaxes the mind but leaves me uplifted. I have no concrete explanation for this. It could either be out of brain relaxation after a prolonged and regulated breathing or some secretions in the brain which are worth researching.

    I have been having this experience for the last month or so in varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on how well the entire session has progressed. I do not know what more experiences Yoga has in store for me. I am sure they will get even more profound as I master all the above asanas with practise, and my body becomes more and more sensitive with time.

    Please note that this regimen involves dietary discipline as well. Eating only 3 times a day — morning breakfast, lunch and dinner; nothing in between. Also, there are prescribed time-gaps between eating and the yoga session. I am sure this discipline has played a key role in my having these experiences. I know these are experiences I never imagined were possible. I realise Yoga is not merely an exercise. Depiction of Asanas mentioned in the post Patangasana.

    Discover The Stunning Benefits of Shambhavi MahaMudra Kriya

    Helps with communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Increases theta and delta brainwaves which relaxes the brain. Helps us reach higher states of consciousness Helps us reach Samadhi, the highest state of concentration. In Hinduism and yoga, this is the state at which we achieve union with the divine. Strengthens eye muscles Activates Ajna chakra Sadhguru tells us that the Cortisol Awakening Response a distinct facet of the circadian cortisol rhythm is higher in people who have practised Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya.

    This means that people who practice Shambhavi mudra are more awakened. You might like to read my beginners guide to mudras before starting. It is best to have your hands in Jnana mudra position tips of the index finger and thumbs touching when practising Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya.

    Sit comfortably with good posture and place your hands on your knees. Briefly shut your eyes then reopen them and focus your gaze on a fixed spot. Look up high but without moving your head. In his commentary on Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, the founder of Siddha Yoga, explained that Shambhavi mudra involves the eyeballs rolling back in the head. Focus your gaze on the spot in the middle of your eyebrows and concentrate on this area. Meditate on it. Let go of thoughts, as you would in regular meditation.

    You should see your eyebrows as a V shape, with your gaze fixed in the middle of the V. While maintaining focus, chant OM. Meditate on the sound of OM reverberating around the spot you are gazing at.

    Do not strain your eyes. They should be relaxed at all times. Continue for five minutes. Close your eyes but keep your gaze on that same spot in the middle of the eyebrows the Ajna chakra. Chant OM slowly while meditating on the sound. Begin to make each individual OM last longer. You should be breathing deeply through your nose. It is Shambhavi Mudra, the most secret practise of all the Tantra scriptures. This is the main negative effect of it. You will not get a headache if you keep your gaze relaxed.

    My results using Shambhavi Mudra My own experience of Shambhavbi mudra is mixed. The very first time I tried it, I ended up with a headache, which is one known side-effects of Shambhavi Mudra. However, that was because I was holding too much tension in my eyes.

    The next few times I was more relaxed. This helped a lot. No more headache. I now know how to do Shambhavi mudra properly. The secret is being consistent. If you want to get the full experience you have to commit to it. After prolonged use, you will open your third eye and awaken your higher self. I also asked our Facebook fans if they had tried Shambhavi Mudra, and many said that they had. Sarah Robertson said she got a really bad headache. Penelope Smith said she tried it for twenty minutes and, afterwards, she learned something she had never learned before and that the insight Shambhavi mudra gave her was invaluable.

    I asked if there was anything different about the way she practised it. She said she did it in a very quiet room with mute light in front of her Buddha statue and early in the morning. This makes sense because the mind is still half in sleep mode early in the morning, and that relaxed state can make it easier to access insight.

    What about your own experience? Take ten minutes to practice Shambhavi Mudra. You never know what insight you might uncover. Do not hold your gaze too stiffly as this could cause problems for the eyes. Do not practice if you have Glaucoma.

    If you have had any kind of eye operation, do not practice Shambhavi Mudra before speaking to a yoga expert. Overuse of Shambhavi mudra could cause headaches and dizziness Make sure you fix your gaze without strain It is possible to experience phantasmagoric visions while practising.

    If this occurs, stop. Download it here. If you liked this article can you please be kind and share it? I actually use my shares as a way to gauge whether you guys like this content. So, if you liked this, share it and that way I will know to produce more articles like this one.

    Bhastrika Pranayama {Breath Of Fire}-Steps And Benefits

    And then starts Shambhavi Mahamudra, which involves breathing exercises like Sukhasana, Om Chants, Flutter and Bandhas, all undertaken in a precise way and order. This entire session takes appx 50 minutes. I have certain experiences during this session which I would like to share.

    First, during Patangasan, I occasionally feel the back of my neck, ears and a part of my face getting heated up. These nerves are connected to the brain via the neck. I did not have this experience for the first 4 months. Two, during mrf 300 hf amplifier after Suryanamaskar, I notice that there is heightened pumping of blood, especially at my Anahata, just near the diaphragm.

    I clearly feel enhanced blood circulation across my body, duly engineered from the centre of the body — the Anahata. Three, after Bandhas, as I start breathing normally, I feel as if I were floating. It not only relaxes the mind but leaves me uplifted. I have no concrete explanation for this. It could either be out of brain relaxation after a prolonged and regulated breathing or some secretions in the brain which are worth researching.

    I have been having this experience for the last month or so in varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on how well the entire session has progressed. I needed to find away to make my practice vibrant again. I thought about it. I realized that this kriya has not changed, it is only I who have changed. The kriya has not become slack and dull. I have become slack and dull. I had stopped approaching the practice with a sense of reverence. So, I recalled something that had been taught to us in the course — that before we begin our sadhana, we should spend 2 minutes reminding us for the concepts bought to light during I.

    This made a huge difference in my practice. It lit a warm fire in my sadhana again. In my experience, Shambhavi Kriya acts as a magnifying glass of what is inside us, so it is important to fill yourself with what you want to be magnified before you practice it.

    Spending 2 minutes reminding myself of these profound concepts of life and living, made a difference. Being in Sadhgurus presence I flew back to Vancouver to attend an evening with the mystic. Everything about that night and everything about me was electric. Being in his presence, listening to him speak, meditating together, being blessed by his touch and intense gaze which sent waves of electricity through me, and to have my book signed by him.

    That evening, when I returned back to the hotel room to do my evening Kriya, everything was absolutely heightened to another level completely. Perhaps for the first time I realized how powerful this tool I have been given really is. We may all be given different tools in life, but to make magic happen, you have to know how to use it. The entire evening served as the perfect opportunity for me to deepen my kriya, and now I experience it so differently to how I did when I first began. I needed to be switched on.

    I need to be on. I also started to approach practice with a greater sense of reverence. I began to treat it as sacred as it is. I stopped rushing.

    I started to sit there with as much intensity as I did on the first day of initiation. Let it be this meditation. I can sit for longer periods of time comfortably which was not the case when I first started. My breath deepened. Maintaining Vapreeta Swasa for 3 minutes, which seemed impossible to me initially — slowly became available to me.

    I initially used the app Yoga Timer to help guide my practices. The entire kriya takes 21 minutes, which is further divided for each component of the kriya.

    The timer was good at first, but ultimately, I found it disturbing. Sometimes I would have to open my eyes to reset the timer if I got a little off sync etc. Eventually I put the timer away and allowed my internal timing to improve. Life on Fast Forward They say once you throw yourself into your spiritual practices, when you make your spiritual growth your absolute priority in your life, your life goes on fast forward.

    Because we need to burn through karma, we need things to happen fast, so that we can reach our spiritual liberation. Life becomes blurry. I became pregnant. For a few days after finding out I was pregnant, my kriya was not as focused. You name it! The knowledge of Ayurveda is not just active in the lush green forests of Kerala, but also in many other isolated parts of India. Ayurveda is probably one of the biggest reasons to do yoga teacher training in India, many Yoga schools offer the basic understanding of Ayurveda in the curriculum, even the cooking classes, with other therapeutic sessions only in India.

    All these Sanskrit texts comprise of the wisdom which has been sprinkled throughout the world to make people aware of the true meaning of life. The accuracy and correct alignment in postures to the methodological study of the art and science of Yoga was possible only from the scriptures from India.

    Therefore, the authenticity is still alive in India unlike any other parts of the world. Then maybe you are looking for other activities too, apart from the primary goal of attending a Yoga teacher training India.

    Like the territorial differences in every state, on each region giving you the illusions of entering a whole new country. This is the magic of India, which you can see so much in a small time frame. Witness the change in the landscapes, the features of the people, the lifestyle, the food, and the drastic change in the weather conditions. The reward of every YTT is to become a balanced individual both mentally and physically, but what can be above that?

    The sheer zeal to become enlightened by uplifting your spiritual self! How is this even possible? Yoga, Pranayama activities, and Meditation add up to your personal growth and what better than to make it happen in the spiritually-active state like India.

    Detoxifying Vegetarian Food Another important part of the Yoga teacher training is highlighting the need for living a yogic lifestyle and eating freshly made vegetarian food. The use of seasonal fruits, green vegetables, herbal drinks, and simple food is a part of any reputed Yoga school. This is a detoxifying part of the course where one gets to cleanse the body by consuming the nutritious foods and releasing the unwanted toxins from the body.

    Nadi Sanchalana (Rapid Breathing)

    Peaceful Environment Yoga teacher training will make perfect sense if you are in a peaceful environment, especially if you are a beginner! In the peaceful areas of India like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Gokarna, peaks of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, Sikkim and more, many yogis meditated and chanted for years to see more than what already exists.

    Any smart person would know that just because a country is populated in numbers, it does not mean that all the parts of the country are going to be chaotic. So, enjoy transforming yourself into a yogi in the blissful environment of India.

    These sadhus can be found anywhere in the divine cities, sometimes they are just strolling around the streets of India in orange clothes, with the aspiring yogis who are willing to put their heart and mind into the practices of Yoga. Make yourself comfortable in the company of like-minded people or many yogis who come to India, majorly to finesse their skills, and master the art of Yoga by taking the Yoga Teacher Training in India.

    Wait no more and hop in for a yoga teacher training course. You read that right. Not only does it give us the toned body that we all want, but yoga also serves our energy right. For the spirituals out there, yoga is the thing you do before you enter into communion with God. For the nonreligious, yoga is an excellent way to de-stress.

    For those of us who are in-between, yoga is no less than a miracle to the aching body. Several videos and yoga guides can be found on the internet.

    And we can only be grateful for the free access to all the spiritual mind-body wisdom that so many yogis are imparting online. The yoga doing crowd is growing evermore, every day. Unless you don't want to be fit and healthy.

    Among several activities that millennials take to re-energize themselves from work and stress, the hour yoga teacher training is also becoming a rage.

    40 days of Shambhavi Maha Mudra Kriya

    Consider yourself blessed if you come across a promising yoga training center or school as it will give you the best tools of yoga that you can use every day of your life to feel awakened and energized. But before you pack your yoga mat and yoga costumes for a stretching-marathon by the sea, let us walk you through some key features of a typical yoga teacher lasting for hours.

    When in a yoga camp, expect nothing of that as a yoga teacher training school helps you learn new yoga moves that suit your body type and help you reach their perfection too. So get ready as no rushing and only stretching will help you do the new moves, the easiest way. Slow progress Any teacher training course that aims to leave you feeling accomplished in a short time has its shortcomings. However, expect anything worthwhile to take time. Yoga is life-changing as a practice and the training program is the first step towards attaining that life-changing experience.

    Amazing teachers A certified yoga teacher training program is the Mecca of great yoga teachers who know a lot about the ancient practice. They can help you understand yoga better than one-way communication via YouTube videos. These teachers interact with the students and help them with various yoga techniques first hand. Go for the teacher training program and experience the wisdom of these teachers.

    All the yoga postures they teach at such programs are centered on improving core strength so that you perform yoga with ease over time and the chances of fatigue and injuries are minimized. If you like to go with the flow of things, join yoga-based training courses. Expect many like-minded people like you who like to stay quiet and enjoy the surroundings atmega8 vs atmega328 practicing yoga, just like you would.

    Such courses are great tools to open up our inhibitions and help us connect to our minds and bodies in an energized way. Once our energy is centered and balanced, we slowly find that we can adapt to new places and people quickly.

    This is also what a good yoga teacher training school teaches you. Openness All minds and bodies thrive in places that allow us to be ourselves. A hour yoga teacher training course is that place. Come along with your crooked neck and expect nobody to judge you because they are busy with their stiff backs too. Learn and stay motivated with like-minded learners and gently allow yourself to open up. Slowly you will build confidence and ace yoga teacher training by being a teacher too.

    Peace of mind We usually book a holiday by the beach because it promises serenity and scenery. So that after a wild night of partying, the beach waves gently lull us to the calm we so badly need in our lives.

    But with beaches and hills becoming tourist attractions, that sense of peace is compromised. This is why a hour yoga teacher training course can help you relax in an organized way. The staff ensures peace and quietude and the students there have to follow a certain routine that allows for things to run smoothly.

    Go for a yoga teacher training course if you are a peace lover as nothing brings peace to the body more than a peaceful environment and the company of yoga-loving people. Tears of joy hour yoga teacher training course is no less than hiking up a summit or take a deep dive into the ocean. It DOES change your life forever. The thrill of beginning a spiritual journey of finding mind-body balance is amazing and yoga offers that to anyone curious enough to seek it. So go ahead and dream big when you book yourself a yoga teacher training course.

    As before becoming a certified teacheryou will be learning life-changing forces that keep the body alive and kicking!

    Sometimes all you need is to slow down amid a high speeding life. Restorative yoga helps in maintaining the balance between mental and physical health to prevent us from anxiety and stress with the help of props that help us hold the pose a little longer and gives us all the benefits of passive and deep stretching.

    Restorative yoga is a form of yoga practice which helps in slowing down the process and elongates your body through passive stretching. It is entirely distinct from the contemporary form. When you go for the restorative class, you merely move through doing a few postures in an hour. Most of the yoga classes need continuous movements in which you have to shift poses, you build heat, and increase the strength and flexibility in equal measures.

    The parasympathetic nervous system stimulates when we relax in between the poses, which leads to relaxation responses and helps in reducing stress.

    This system is also responsible for slowing down our heart rate, breathing, and increases the blood flow in the necessary organs. Restorative yoga is healing as well as a recovery practice. You may think of it as pampering or massaging your body.

    Now we will know about some of the amazing health benefits of restorative yoga: Restorative Yoga Helps In Improving The Abilities Of Conscious Relaxation: Restorative practice is a type of yin style of yoga; you need to understand that it is completely different from the yang style of yoga which involves muscular movements and efforts.

    Restorative yoga gives us room for developing skills of conscious relaxation and helps in releasing unnecessary tension and stress from our mind and body. This form is more of a meditation exercise than movement training.

    It is a way of practicing meditation as an embodied and somatic experience. For most of us, Hatha yoga practice becomes more of an opportunity to accomplish a pose in a better way. However, restorative yoga focuses more on unwinding your mind and body from the foundation.

    For elaborated knowledge, you may go for restorative yoga teacher training. Restorative Yoga Helps In Finding How And Where We Are Holding Tension: You must have a will to find the real cause of how and where you are holding tension, and to rest our body on the ground, give space to your breath to come in more so that we can remove tension from our body.

    We manage to favor activities that promote our muscular efforts. In restorative yoga, we try letting go of muscular effort and presume the earth to hold us. If still, we find out something is holding us, we let go that thing in the next breath. This process creates awareness and easiness in our body. It motivates us to keep working and put in effort even when we want to quit. It helps in reviving our daily activities wisely and articulately.

    Regular practice of restorative yoga helps in diminishing our worries about staying safe and aids in long-term health, digestion, immunity, growth, and repair of the reproduction system. You may also take help from professionals by going for restorative yoga teacher training. Restorative Yoga Helps In Facing Our True Self: Most of us try to keep ourselves busy so that we can feel good, engaged, in control, and be productive.

    We more often avoid unwelcome feelings and discomfort to fulfill our ambitions. Restorative yoga gives us a room to evaluate the problems and encourages us to stop engaging in these activities and focus on things we need to face about our self. It encourages us to befriend, to learn about new things, and to care about us differently.

    This step is essential in healing and health for rejuvenation. A lot of us think deep relaxation is about the art of letting go. It is about accepting our discomforts and making room for insecurities to face our real self. It engages different parts of our brain with the help of activities like chanting, visualization, breathing, movement, postures, and concentration.

    It helps in recovering and making new connections, which further leads to stimulating neuroplasticity. India is a country which is rich in beaches, mountains, holistic feelings, gurgling rivers and is a perfect destination to study yoga. So, listed below are some best of the destinations to study yoga in India, the country where yoga originated. India has always been proud of claiming that yoga originated from its soil.

    The various postures, their technicalities, anydesk dark theme benefits are all mentioned time and again in different Vedic sculptures.

    In Hinduism, yoga is not sought as a way of reaching peak mental and physical health, but it is always seen as a means to attain oneness with oneself and heights of spirituality.

    The yogis who come to study and practice yoga at the birthplace experience a lifetime opportunity. The fascinating ambiance, energy, culture, and the magic of India will make your yoga vacation to remember forever.

    Contemplating that so many people from India and outside India are now extremely curious in yoga, the Government of India and some other private associations have set up numerous school of yoga in many attractive locations of India.

    If you are a true yoga lover and want to explore the yogic journey deeply then there is no better place, than to study yoga in India.

    Down below are some of the most famous places worth a visit to practice and study yoga. Rishikesh is said to have been in existence since time not known and is the abode to hundreds of ancient temples and religious sites and due to the presence of religious sites and temple, the atmosphere here remains hushed and untroubled, and thus, attracting thousands of yogis from around the world.

    The place is home to so many yoga ashrams, institutes, and retreats located within the boundaries of Rishikesh attracting thousands of yoga lovers.

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