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  • Economic Crisis 2013

    Network-N The best Hearts of Iron 4 mods Our up-to-date guide to the very best Hearts of Iron 4 mods for Paradox's mammoth WW2 strategy game Of all the Paradox titles to deploy massive mods libraries, none might compare with the whopping collection of over 20, Hearts of Iron 4 Mods.

    Trying to pick and choose the best mods through this vast white-out of choices can be as daunting as Operation Barbarossa or learning the ropes of HoI4, which can be just as scary without the right tutorial.

    And yes, there is a Battle Royale mod. What are the best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods? As implied by the title, it changes the setting to the Cold War period, with start dates ranging from through to There are plans to extend the timeline into the s.

    This mod features between years worth of content for all the major powers, including some minors. You can purchase equipment from the private sector, a new economic system. Many nations have their own unique mechanics as well. Do read our full review for the whole story on this mod. You want this one here. Compatible with Collie 1. They might as well just ask Paradox to make a new game. That said, this is still a fascinating project, and one to keep an eye on! Officially compatible up to Patch 1.

    Does not require any DLC at the moment, and users are reporting that it seems to work fine with 1. My hearts will go on: Read our Hearts of Iron 4 DLC guide Everything from new units and equipment, to new national Focus Trees many borrowed from other mods that have done good work in this area , to expanding on the Law and Politics mechanics has been looked at. BlackICE is compatible with Husky 1.

    The Great War does exactly what it says on the tin — Hearts of Iron 4 has been transformed to the world of , where old-fashioned imperialistic powers jockey for supremacy at the dawn of the 20th Century.

    The team is currently at work on bridging the gap between the First and Second World Wars, with work being done on the interwar tech and decision trees. Fun fact, the developers of this mod have actually launched a Patreon to fund development of their from-scratch WW1 game, Fields of History: The Great War.

    This mod is compatible with Version 1. The Road to 56 More than just extending the timeline to , this mod peppers the entire world with greater detail and complexity.

    Not content to wait for Paradox to release content packs for various countries, The Road to 56 provides deep and sometimes quirky focus trees for dozens of countries overlooked by the base game. The creativity that the team places on the focus trees is bolstered by upgrades and expansions to the technologies, political mechanics, laws, etc. This is a one stop shop for a total enhancement of the game. At the time of writing, an update to 1. Hearts of Oak — Man the Guns Sometimes totally overhauling the game requires a subtle touch.

    In this case, Hearts of Oak does not attempt to change the base game into something unrecognizable but enhances and re-balances technologies, industries, wars, events etc. With a keen focus on deepening historical accuracy with challenges for the player, this mod succeeds in bringing more life to this cacophony of death.

    Last time we checked, this mod is compatible with Husky 1. Kaiserreich Mod The veteran alternate history mod on the block. This mod can trace its origin back to Hearts of Iron II. A deeply rich world fourteen years in the making, every aspect of this alternate history is fully fleshed out in this latest incarnation to delight fans of the legacy of this mod as well as new players.

    Custom models and graphics add true immersion to this other world Tackling an entirely dynamic yet strangely parallel political landscape boasting thousands of unique events, fully fleshed out focus trees, and quirky interactions, this mod gives the player a tantalizing taste of living in an alternate timeline.

    The visual appeal is impressive, as the custom models and graphics add true immersion to this other world. All-American warfare: Read our guide to the best civil war games Many of the factions will have their own unique decisions and focus trees.

    Much of this will be familiar to players of New Vegas, but there is plenty grabbed from the lore of the first and second Fallout games as well. There is a lot of depth here, and more on the way, as the modding team is looking to expand the map eastward past the plains and to the Atlantic coast, where we will see the Capital Wasteland and the Commonwealth of Boston represented as well. Keep your eye on this one. There is a legacy version here. Expert AI 4. Computer opponents now fight smarter and harder Expert AI puts in a lot of behind the scenes work to make the AI a more challenging opponent for the players, specifically with the start with Historical Focus mode turned on.

    Simple, yet this mod fixes one of the most annoying things about playing with AI allies. A Legacy version for Version 1. A gorgeous tour de force, no one is the poorer for this graphical upgrade which brings an added level of immersion to the rampaging divisions vying for global control.

    One of the best things about this mod is that it does not sacrifice performance allowing the player to enjoy a greater expanse of visual goodies without any added lag. Currently compatible up to 1. Cities are now expanded into several provinces ramping up the siege drama of urban warfare. Single points and single army combat is expanded into a truly epic battlefield that does away with another layer of abstraction.

    A small change, but an incredibly rewarding one when such battles as Stalingrad and Moscow are finally more representative of their real history counterparts. This mod is compatible up to Husky 1. You read that correctly. Or do. This mod is, unfortunately, fully compatible up to 1. With the addition of the new in-game radio, now is a better time than ever to try this mod out! Currently compatible with 1. World News Mod One of the things HOI4 lacks is the view of how the general population fares when the world is in turmoil.

    World News brings back the newspaper feature of Victoria II, giving a glimpse into the life of the average person during wartime. There are some recycled items from Victoria II, but this mod goes a ways towards breaking up the monotony of the early game slog where all you can do is wait for foci to finish and factories to be built.

    Fully compatible up to the current version and all DLC. Here are some tips for first-timers: Check if the mod is up to date with the most recent patch for HoI4 Currently 1. Once a new expansion comes out, you may have to wait a few days, weeks, or even months for bigger mods, until the mod is updated.

    Also, each mod will tell you on the side menu if it requires certain DLC. You can always roll back your HoI4 version to continue your campaign.

    Check the mod pages on Steam or the Paradox forums on how to do this since it might be different for each mod and version of the game. If all else fails, ask in the comments threads for instructions! Remember that most mods are not compatible with Ironman as they change game balance. Keep in mind that not all mods might be found on the Steam Workshop, even if the vast majority are. Simply check the Paradox forum for their listed mods and follow their instructions on their respective threads to download them.

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    Hearts of Iron IV: Economic Crisis

    As opposed to other mods who choose to focus on specific time periods of history, this one aims to cover a whole three centuries between the American Civil War and the modern era. While the mod is still in its early stages, the mod team has loads of content planned for a future release.

    So it might be a good idea to keep an eye on this one. Check Out This Mod Hearts of Oak takes yet another approach, this time focusing on improving what Hearts Of Iron 4 already has to offer instead of expanding anything and everything… We get these improvements mostly by touching up the tech trees, focus trees, designers, and advisors, among other changes to make for a more balanced HOI4 experience.

    Another major change here is that the AI has been tweaked to keep your playthroughs as engaging as possible. With that, the mod is a complete overhaul that adds in tons of new units, equipment types, and vehicles.

    Beyond that, focus trees and the political system have been enhanced as well to provide players with more options when it comes to managing their nation during wartime. It aims to merge the game with another popular video game series: Fallout. While you might be thinking that that would make for a pretty strange combination, it actually works out pretty well. The mod takes us way forward to year , and places us directly into the Fallout universe.

    As expected, the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. But the conflict is far from over. It aims to combine all of the best modern mods for Hearts Of Iron 4 into one complete package. This mod is packed with content. Finding out what might happen next is already so interesting… but the mod features lots of other changes to discover, including a new political system, focus trees, and even unique graphics upgrades.

    Hearts of Iron IV: Millenium Dawn 1.6 Starting Guide

    In addition, when it comes to history-related titles, some gamers are proponents of a high attention to detail when it comes to historical accuracy. The difficulty scale is blown off its hinges as the mod adds an astounding level of detail when it comes to managing a country and its military. The care taken to maintain historical accuracy is nothing short of admirable. If you want to fight WWII as it actually happened, then this is the mod that comes the closest to achieving that goal.

    It's an ongoing project that still receives periodic updates from the authors, all xde the interest of making the vanilla game more dynamic and challenging. Best of all, for players who enjoy historical accuracy, the mod does an admirable job of remaining faithful to the source material wherever possible.

    The technology trees are altered as well, with the major nations each getting their own unique roster. It's certainly an ambitious mod, one that deserves more attention. Fortunately, plenty of mods cater to fans who wish to leave behind the real-world setting.

    In terms of total conversion mods regarding fantasy, one cannot go wrong with Hearts of Azeroth. Instead of gloomy, s Europe being the focus, this mod transports players to the lands of the World of Warcraft franchise. Veterans of the Warcraft universe should feel right at home. Players can sink their teeth into a fully detailed map of Azeroth to conquer. With over nations and unique races, along with completely overhauled tech trees, national focuses, units, and ideologies, all help make this a truly impressive mod to experience.

    Tolkein's Middle-Earth universe. The franchise is, rightfully, beloved by millions. Its popularity has spawned movie adaptations, video games, and even an upcoming television series. It was only natural that a game like Hearts of Iron IV get in on the action at some point.

    Top 25 Best Hearts Of Iron 4 Mods Worth Downloading

    Everything a player can think of is overhauled to accurately fit Tolkien's universe. There's even a One Ring ownership mechanic that grants a significant stat bonus to one's military, depending on who possesses the infernal item. Although it's not perfect, the mod is definitely worth trying for fans of both Hearts of Iron and Tolkien.

    The legacy of the Cold War still looms large in today's world. Interestingly, the list of strategy games that tackle this subject is still surprisingly small, at least compared to WWII. Thankfully, mods have come to the rescue. Nuclear weapons obviously play a much larger role than they do in the vanilla game. The mod feels and plays more like a chess match between West and East. Famous events like the building of the Berlin Wall and the Vietnam War can be experienced through multiple starting dates that span the late s, s, and s.

    Definitely give this mod a try if storming through the Ardennes Forest has become too tiring. Some fans may have thought the Fallout games wouldn't translate well when combined with Hearts of Iron IV's engine. It turns out the two styles blend quite well with each other. Old World Blues recreates the Fallout universe in the year Custom focus trees, ideologies, models, and events are all included. Although it may not seem like it at first, playing Fallout like an armchair general is surprisingly fun.

    Much of this is accomplished in new and expanded focus trees for almost every nation under the sun. Brand new nations and alternate historical events are included as well that adds some much-appreciated variety. As such, most technology trees are given a revamp to account for the extra time. In many ways, this mod is the opposite of BlackICE. It gives the player a lot of freedom to steer their country in different directions, most of which are purely fictional.

    Starting in the s, the mod deals with the slow disintegration of the Nazi empire as the ailing Adolf Hitler nears death. The most interesting aspect of this mod is its story-driven focus. Decisions have to be made constantly and many of the major choices have their own branching narratives.

    It adds to some fun replayability that some other mods lack. The New Order is certainly worth checking out for players who enjoy "what if" scenarios. This mod takes alternate history to a new level. Kaiserreich is unique in that it possesses its own massive lore, something akin to what a player might find in an RPG title.

    Hearts of Iron IV Millenium Dawn 1.6 Beginner’s Guide (Tips&Tricks)

    Interestingly, the setting of Kaiserreich is a lesson in role-reversal. The losers of the Great war, namely Great Britain and France, are in a process of ascendancy and are therefore quite powerful. In this world, the Russian Empire managed to decisively defeat Austria-Hungary after the successful Brusilov Offensive. This guide is for people who would like some of the mechanics of the new MD merger update explained or have some basic tips for starting out, it will be expanded over time.

    The best Hearts of Iron 4 mods

    Changing the Tax Rate will be your main source of Income but be careful not to increase it too much as that will lower your Ruling Party popularity. After clicking you should see a small window above the State window, there you can select which building you want to build, how many you want to build and can see how much time it will take and how much it will cost. After Investing the project will pop up as a decision timer showing you when its done among other infos.

    Investing gives you International Investment Points refered to as IV form now onyou gain as many as you spent in the construction.

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