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The characters encounter one ghast plus two additional ghasts for every member of the party, not including sidekicks. Viantha Found When the characters find Viantha, read the following boxed text aloud to set the scene: A strange, mystical chanting in a dry, crackling voice and a rank smell come from a small clearing ahead. At the center of this area, a robed woman with gray, cracked skin and red points of light where her eyes should be waves a wand made of bone in the air.

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Dipti has been a tremendous resource for me over the years as she has held leadership positions at Couchbase, Kinetica, and Alluxio. Definitions A data lake is a concept consisting of a collection of storage instances of various data assets. These assets are stored in a near-exact, or even exact, copy of the resource format and in addition to the originating data stores.

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Posted in Ancestors Our Ancestral spirits. The calling to be a Sangoma or shaman is believed to come from various ancestor spirits and your direct ancestor spirits. I want to write very briefly here about the various kinds of spirits that can be part of a shamanic calling and become your guides or possess you as you do the work of the ancestors.