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  • Prega News One Line Dark One Light In Hindi

    Menopause and Sleep Chronic sleep deprivation takes its toll on the immune system. Some researchers believe this may be part of the reason why a lack of sleep has such a significant impact on maternal and fetal health.

    Research shows that pregnant women who get too much or not enough sleep in early pregnancy are prone to developing high blood pressure in the third trimester. Though more research is needed to control for other variables, poor sleep appears to be a risk factor for preterm birth, low birth weight, painful labor, cesarean delivery, and depression. Emerging evidence also suggests that poor sleep quality during pregnancy may predict sleep problems and crying in babies once they are born.

    Treatment for Sleep Problems During Pregnancy There are a number of ways to reduce sleep problems while pregnant. Principal strategies include adjustments to sleeping position and sleep hygiene habits. In conjunction with good sleep hygiene, managing pregnancy-related sleep disorders is key to getting better sleep while pregnant.

    Although there are many theories, the reason for leg cramps and RLS during pregnancy remains unclear. Suggested therapies include vitamin supplementation, heat therapy, and massage but there is no consensus about what is the best treatment. As certain substances may pose a risk to the developing fetus, pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before taking any medication or herbal remedies to help with sleep.

    Sign up below for your free gift. Your privacy is important to us. Best Sleeping Positions for Pregnancy Sleeping on the left side with the legs slightly curled is considered the best sleeping position in pregnancy. This position facilitates blood flow to the heart, kidneys, and uterus, and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Although not as optimal as the left side, sleeping on the right side during pregnancy is also acceptable.

    Try tucking in a wedge pillow to support your belly, or adding a thin pillow between the knees to help relieve pressure on the lower back. Some women find it useful to hug a body pillow or place a pillow under the lower back.

    As the uterus grows larger, sleeping on the back during pregnancy can cause backache and put pressure on the vena cava. Most pregnant women find that sleeping on the stomach is impractical once the baby bump reaches a certain size.

    Sleep Hygiene for Pregnant Women Sleep hygiene is more important than ever during pregnancy.

    Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy: Everything you need to know about vaginal discharge

    It is caused due to several reasons. Read on to know whether pregnancy is one of the reasons for white discharge. The milky, white vaginal discharge is experienced by many women and most of the time it is normal. Vaginal discharge is the fluid produced in the vagina to carry away the bacteria and dead cells. This prevents vaginal infection and keeps it healthy.

    The color and the odor of the discharge change according to your menstrual cycle and from woman to woman. You will experience the discharge when you are sexually aroused or ovulating. The odor will change if you had been neglecting personal hygiene or if you are pregnant. Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You will see white vaginal discharge if you are ovulating, stressed, pregnant or if you have an infection. If the discharge has unusual smell and color it could be an infection.

    It is usually accompanied by burning sensation or itching in the vaginal region. In some women, white discharge is said to be a sign of pregnancy.

    The discharge increases during pregnancy as it protects from infections. During the first two months, you will notice thick, white discharge and it is called as leucorrhea or white flow and it is completely normal. During pregnancy, the discharge is milky white or thick white.

    Usually it is odorless or has a slight smell. Sometimes an increase in the discharge can lead to itching and this inflamed tissue produces more mucus. If you see a sudden increase in the amount of vaginal discharge, it is important to consult your doctor and take a pregnancy test. The discharge is rarely yellow or red in color.

    However, do not use tampons or vaginal douche as they can lead to infection. Vaginal douche could also cause complications in pregnancy. Yeast and other infections during pregnancy can also cause vaginal discharge. The infection causes change in the color and odor of the discharge. In vaginal yeast infection, the discharge turns yellow or green. As soon as you see this, consult your doctor. Do not try to treat it with over-the-counter medicines. Found this story interesting?

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    Linea nigra: What that pregnancy belly line means and why it appears

    In such instances, repeating the test is enough. Hastiness: Maybe you were in a hurry and did not wait for the prescribed period of time before you threw the test into the bin after seeing faint lines. Reading at incorrect time slots: If you are not reading the results within the time slots suggested, the test may show evaporation lines, which appear faintly.

    Evaporation lines are caused by the urine, and if you are late in reading the tests, these lines may appear. Taking the test too early: If you have taken the test too early, the lines may appear faintly. It is advised to wait for a few days and take the test again to confirm. Testing is ideally done 10 days after ovulation or after it has been confirmed that you missed a period. Faulty kit: Sometimes the test you are using may not have been stored properly or may have a manufacturing defect, so you may not get a clear reading.

    Check the expiry date of the test as if it is past that, its efficacy has decreased. You may have taken the test at the wrong time of the day: It is advised that urine pregnancy tests should be taken in the morning when the urine is concentrated, and any presence of hCG will typically be high. Low hCG levels: A faint line could also mean that your body is creating less than the optimum amounts of the hCG hormones. Inaccurate calculations: Faint lines could be the result of using a test after miscalculating the period cycle.

    Lower efficient test kits: Some pregnancy tests are more accurate than the others.

    Urine Pregnancy Test

    There are tests that can detect an hCG amount as small as 20 mIU, while some tests will need to detect at least mIU to show a result. Hence, you may get faint lines because of these different levels of sensitivity to the hormone. Before you buy a pregnancy test kit for the next round of tests, do some research on online forums and pick up the brands which are known for being sensitive. If the next lines are darker, your pregnancy is positive.

    On that same day you also did a blood pregnancy test. The home test said not pregnant but the blood test showed you were in fact pregnant with a BHCG level of Notice this BHCG level is 1 point too low to for a urine pregnancy test to detect it.

    It is true that the home test gave you the wrong result, but remember that HCG doubles every 48 hours. If you waited two days and repeated the test urine test your hormone level would be about The urine test would easily detect it. Had you simply waited until you missed your period before taking the home test the HCG level would be way above The home test would have worked fine in the first place.

    10 Natural Ways To Check Pregnancy At Home

    Often patients have done a home pregnancy test which showed they are not pregnant but they do not believe the result. If you do not believe a negative result simply repeated in days. If your test is still negative then you are not pregnant.

    You may need to schedule a visit to discuss irregular menstrual cycles if your period does not come. If your test is positive then there is no reason to keep repeating the test. Save your money for diapers because you are pregnant. Take your prenatal vitamins and schedule your first prenatal visit.

    Pregnancy and Sleep

    You will likely start to notice it from during the second weeks 13 — 26 and third 27 — 40 weeks trimester. In the same vein, dark lines may also appear around your belly button, areolas and vagina too, but they should all disappear nine to 12 months after birth. Credit: Getty Images Why does the linea nigra develop?

    The reason the linea nigra develops is all down to hormones. For example, a woman will produce more estrogen during one pregnancy than throughout her entire life when not pregnant. Women develop a linea nigra because of an increase in the melanocyte stimulating hormone which causes skin cells to darken. This is specifically down to high levels of oestrogen, which has a direct effect on the melanocyte stimulating hormone which is manufactured by the placenta.

    Darkening of the skin can happen to pregnant woman due to stimulation of pigment-producing cells by female sex hormones so that they produce more melanin pigments. This process is referred to as melasma and is nothing to worry about. It can look different from woman to woman. Linea nigras can be crooked, completely straight, or squiggly, and none of these are any cause for concern.

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