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  • How To Become A Vampire In ESO

    In this article, we tackle the ways of the darkness, teaching you how to become a vampire in ESO. You can find Bloodfiend locations, and learn the advantages and disadvantages of becoming this immortal creature.

    There are also Bloodfiends, creatures which spawn in certain specific locations — pay attention to where — which can give you this condition. These creatures spawn in level and at night. Once one has been killed, you have to wait until another night to make the Bloodfiend respawn.

    There is some debate though, about the real respawn time. Some might say it is actually 1. This is a level 38 quest. Once completed, it finally grants you the Vampire skill line — welcome to darkness! You can remain undetected if you sneak, if you use an invisibility potion or even using a class ability. The longer you go without Feeding yourself, the higher the debuff and the lower the magicka cost of vampire skills are.

    There are predetermined periods of time on which you will get to the next stage of vampirism for example, half an hour, an hour, or an hour and a half. Just remain undetected behind an enemy humanoid to feed on them. Feeding reduces you vampirisim stage, making you stronger.

    Not only do you get several debuffs over time, your appearance also changes to match the vampirism stages. In PvP matches, if you find some player which can capitalize on this ability, you can suffer ridiculous amounts of damage.

    How to be Cured of Vampirism Vampirism can be cured completely. This way, he will propose to go to a nearby town, where you can remove the disease for a price. However, there is one catch — you can only spread it once a week. Blood Ritual is a passive skill in the Vampire skill line. You just have to visit the Vampire altar during the Blood Matron quest you can find the image of the altar below, and its location in Bangkorai.

    So there you have it! Playing as a Vampire is lots of fun, but it does present unique challenges. Are you a vampire? Share your thoughts and opinions in the Speak Your Mind section below, and please consider signing up for the Skyrim Fansite newsletter.

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    How to Summon a Vampire

    Tribrids have access to the abilities of all three major supernatural factions: werewolves, witches, and vampires. It was previously believed that a witch always loses her power if she is turned into a vampire, but we now know that not to be true. Since Hope had vampire blood running through her veins thanks to daddy Klaus, she was pre-destined to have a toe in all three supernatural factions rather than losing her magic.

    Since Hope Mikaelson is the first known tribrid, there were a lot of questions surrounding what powers she would have access to when she finally activated her vampire side and became the full tribrid. We will certainly see how she matches up against older, more powerful members of other factions, but its hard to believe she wouldn't beat them as handily as she did Malivore.

    Once they become a vampire, the siphoning part of them has a constant source of magic to draw from, and therefore, they never run out of power for spells and whatever magical shenanigans they decide to get up to. The family of heretics that our Mystic Falls gang had to deal with in TVD were among some of the most formidable enemies our vampire-heavy group of faves ever came across. Legacies fans know that this may be the one and only way for the Saltzman twins to survive the ever-looming merge.

    Just something to keep in mind as Legacies proceeds. It might be interesting to see a tribrid and a heretic go head to head. But, since their abilities are limited to those of vampires and werewolves, they are a little more limited than the previous two factions. Both heretics and tribrids have a better offensive weapon at their disposal than the lowly hybrid, who must depend on their strength, speed, and other physical attributes to accomplish their supernatural goals.

    While the hybrid reigned supreme on TVD as the most powerful magical creature for quite a bit of time, the creation of the hybrid is what made the tribrid even possible, so, as with most things, the birth of hybrids began their march toward eventually becoming obsolete. Klaus Mikaelson is the most famous hybrid, but his status was born of a ritual.

    So while he is one hell of a powerful creature, he may be slightly less impressive than Hayley, who became a hybrid after dying giving birth to Hope. It definitely makes you think twice about Hayley as a power player, if you really think about it.

    Vampires In the TVD Universe , vampires have a lot of power at their disposal, but it comes in the form of speed, strength, super hearing, the ability to heal, and their immortality.

    Those are useful skills, but lack a bit of the offensive power of some of the other factions, and are a little less durable than the hybrids we spoke about before.

    Their immortality is probably the most powerful tool in their arsenal though. As long as they can avoid sunlight without a daylight ring or getting a stake in the heart, they can keep up the fight as long as necessary.

    Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Elena, and Abby are all normal vampires, but lack that extra bit of oomph. Since their mother, the Original witch, specifically linked their lives to a rare Great White Oak tree, they are the strongest, most durable vampires walking the planet, who can only be killed by a stake made from that wood.

    The Originals showed the Mikaelsons facing a couple of insanely powerful witches during their broadcast tenure. Aunt Dahlia, Esther, and even Davina all were pretty substantial foes for whichever Mikaelson sibling was most offended at the time. Most impressive spell, though, goes to Bonnie Bennett in the series finale when she literally controls hellfire.

    Talk about powerful. Phoenixes Phoenixes are a brand new faction to the TVD Universe, and we know very little about this half-human creature. The only power we really have seen in action is the continuous rebirth. HIstorically, in other fictional worlds, phoenixes have a host of other abilities, ranging from healing tears and incredible strength to invisibility and more. Hopefully we will meet another phoenix somewhere down the road. After introducing the new faction to the school at the end of Legacies Season 1, we quickly lost out on seeing what other abilities this faction could have up their sleeves when Malivore got involved.

    Only time and more Legacies can reveal that truth. They're treasure hoarders, so some sort of ability to enable them to find shiny baubles would be good, but we're in the land of pure speculation now.

    What we do know is that dragons are fierce, shapeshifting creatures that are definitely worth an extra look if Legacies utilizes them in a future storyline. Werewolves Last, but most certainly never least, is the werewolf faction. While they have a lot of similar powers to vampires speed, strength, even some advanced hearing , their dependence on the full moon for full power leaves them at a bit of a disadvantage. Not to mention the painful transition into wolf-mode that young wolves must overcome to fully realize their potential and gifts.

    They only activate their superhuman powers if they are directly responsible for a human death. A werewolf could live their whole life without ever activating their wolf side and miss out on all the perks of living life as a werewolf. It puts them at a significant disadvantage and puts them at the bottom of the supernatural powers totem pole, but at least they have a leg up on humans, right?

    Spell Description

    Do you need help with money, love, spiritual enlightenment, health, gaining respect of others? Again, angels AND demons are the better alternative. So if that interests you, you can read it in my article How to Summon a Succubus or Incubus.

    They are known for their love-making expertise, typically in dreams, hpynosis and trance state. When they come out of their own volition, they usually drain the victim of energy.

    But if you learn how to summon them properly, they can be wonderful companions for many creative activities.

    ESO Vampire Guide – How to become a powerful Vampire

    Being a vampire is quite unpleasant, because vampires are slaves of their eternal thirst. I say eternal, because vampires are trapped in the astral plane for eternity.

    So even after physical death, you would remain stuck in the astral plane. You want to summon a vampire and direct it at another person as part of a personal vendetta. Lucid dreaming is a skill that allows you to be conscious while dreaming. This is one of the best mental states for summoning a spiritual entity. Astral projection is a skill that allows you to leave your physical body behind.

    You are then using your astral body and traveling through the astral plane, a higher and more subtle reality. In this reality you can see and communicate with various spiritual entities.

    Easiest Way to Astral Project: The Rope Technique Full Guide Lastly, entering a trance state is important when conducting any magic ritual, including summoning rituals. Trance state can be induced with meditation, chanting, mantras, intoxicating substances, fasting, not sleeping for a long period of time etc. Once you enter the trance state, you can summon an entity by calling it by its name or visualizing it into maninfestation. You can cut out all the rest of the reading informative reading to say the least!

    And also, why would anyone even want vampire spells, what caused this transformation and what exactly about vampires is so damned desirable? Why do people want spells to become a vampire? The image and perception of vampires has changed dramatically over the last few years - a complete makeover if you will!

    For hundreds of years Vampires have mostly been thought of from a negative viewpoint. Creatures of the Undead, scourge of the darkness, the living dead and so on. There was no real romanticism or positive slant and yet today, vampires have been glamorized and immortalized in books, television, film and music like never before! So much so, they are now in fact worshipped by many.

    Believe it or not, but a large proportion of us actually want to be like them and share their seemingly amazing characteristics, attributes and abilities! The huge success of the original vampire shows, Twilight and True Blood have done simply amazing things in portraying vampires as cool, romantic, strong and even good creatures that are simply misunderstood.

    And when you break it down, Vampires certainly do seem to have quite a few advantages and perks going for them! From these early beginnings, new and exciting shows such as The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Legacies and even A Discovery of Witches plus so many more have all carried on the mystery, the power and the undeniable excitement of the Vampire and supernatural genre.

    These creatures of the night are extremely powerful. With physical power, advanced intelligence and sometimes hundreds, maybe thousands of years of experience, vampires are indeed a tremendous creature. The Undead are incredibly strong, fast and silent and are physically capable of creating amazing events in short amounts of time.

    Although their implied lack of emotion seems like a character flaw, underneath that pale, cool skin is simply an entity in total control.

    One that does not allow anyone or anything to rock its demeanor or attitude. Cold and calculating yes, but a skill we would all love to have in our daily lives! And don't forget the Glamor affect - one of vampire fans most highly desired skills and attributes!

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