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  • Aug 15 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Hello: everyone, my name is Refiole, popularly known as Kokomo yo, and I am a traditional healer, the sangoma. I find that my phonebook and mailbox is inundated with messages of people not knowing how to communicate with their ancestors. I answer those Corinne in some instances. We find that a person would say that they wake up in the middle of the night. Are you feeling alone, if you like?

    In your mind, and in your spirit, then you will follow the instructions shown by myself. You could put the point in that channel smoke up the room or smoke up the house, but just to get that smell going and the cloud of smoke to form around you. These are my go-to colors. So what you need to do are 3 activities. You need to pray , you need to pass and you need to meditate and praying is is self-explanatory.

    Oh no naka de tahuapoa, when I walk over a Hulu. That will allow you to start being able to communicate with your ancestors. Just a phrase that I use for myself, you can pray in that process. Ask for light! Ask for guidance whatever it is that you currently are asking for, because once you light, this candle is going to stay lit in your room. The first thing I do is light a candle.

    Firstly, to show my presence in our home and also to ask my ancestors to share the space with me. Need you to be comfortable and not be all over the place? It always comes after because you will calm yourself down quiets in your mind, quiets in your spirit and just listening, listening through how I feel how my room feels how the energy around me feels. Gon na come very naturally for you, so this is going to be done for the next six days.

    So, where many chapels understand that would like to talk about address in our path or when we speak to our ancestors break it down into little segments and focus on certain areas of your life on each day. Please please, please listen to the voices that are in your head in your heart. No much of me and SMS me. Just for a few questions. I went again to go out to go on and guide you and I will make follow-up videos to answer all the questions that you have and subscribe to.

    Staff Writer 6, Views Ukuphahla means communicating with your ancestors. In the Nguni tribe we believe that those that have departed from the physical world become our ancestors and we can communicate with them and they can guide us here in the physical world. Ukuphahla involves doing a small ritual that can be performed or a daily basis. This ritual allows you to communicate with your ancestors. This ritual involves traditional methods that have been kept and passed down from generation to generation.

    Ukuphahla varies in its methods this is due to the different cultures. However, the foundation of this practice is the same. In this article I will be focusing on Ukuphahla based on the Nguni tribe. First of all when you do this ritual you need to ensure that you are clean.

    This means that you must not be intimate with your partner at least for three days. Secondly you must ensure that you do this ritual on an empty stomach. It is believed that at this time your ancestors are still in one place. If you are a women make sure that your head is covered and you wear a long dress or skirt and some thing that covers your shoulders and if you are a men make sure that you wear longs pants and something that covers your shoulders.

    Also find a quiet place to perform this ritual.. Doing this ritual you will need Impepho Candles : Blue, white and Yellow Grass mat The first thing to have in mind before you phahla is your lineage.

    Call your clan names. Its important to state who you are when you open the portal to speak to the ancestors. You want to call on the right people and you want those people to know exactly who you are. Ensure that you state that you want only those ancestors who are pure of heart and want only good things for you to come forward. When you begin the process, start by lighting candles. When the candles are lit, pop a small bundle of mpepho into the clay bowl and burn it.

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    Everything You Need To Know To Find Who Your Ancestors Are

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    How to communicate with your ancestors (Ukuphahla)

    Learning the Five Secrets takes lots of commitment and practice. If you are, Ukuphahla had been practised by our ancestors and their ancestors and so on and so on.

    It purpose is to get guide on lifeyou can speak about your problems and manifest what you want. Saturday is Saturn's day, and it is the day for intentions regarding a major change in your life.

    The candles used here are different for your roof purpose.

    Communicating with your own ancestors is really simple, But when our ancestors talk to us it can be very devastating. Of 8yrs and things are not going well at the moment. Today i will teach you on how to communicate with the ancestors. The best time is from in the midnight to in the morning.

    Is a sage?

    Ylang-ylang oil is a great oil to use on a pink candle. The color candles for Mondays are the colors of the moon: white and gray. Today I, Finding the path our ancestors walked is not always easy but the rewards of the journey make the effort a worthwhile. For people who are about to start phahling and have no clue on what to do.

    Respect that place and don't step on it. When they ask that their response is that they want to feel good once the deed is done, Ukuphahla is a little custom that should be possible consistently that permits one to speak with their ancestors. The boiling of various herbs to create a healing drink known as imbiza is a popular choice for treating a range of ailments.

    What is the right time to Phahla? Rules: The time to perform this ritual should be told to you by those within your family, some perform before sunset and others on the brink of sunrise. No one should tell you how to phahla except those within your family because they are the custodians of the practice. How do you steam Impepho? How to use impepho for steaming? Bring water to boil, do not close the pot, when the water boils add burned impepho to your water.

    Either pour the water into a dish or bucket or use the pot. Cover your self with a thick blanket on your steaming water. What is Imphepho used for? Imphepho has many uses — as an antiseptic, insecticide, anti-inflammatory and for pain relief. The parts of the plant used are mainly the leaves, stems and flowers and sometimes the roots.

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