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  • The 50 Most Crushing Losses in Football History
  • Soccer Betting Symbols And Their Meaning Explained
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  • Boys Soccer – Kearny Spoils Freehold Township’s Return to the Group IV Final
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  • The 50 Most Crushing Losses in Football History

    Take a look at the few historic achievements still up for grabs and how close either of our record-hoarding superstars are to setting them. You might remember. Ronaldo has come painfully close to matching Suarez, though, scoring 4 and 3 goals in a two-game stretch two different times. Most Pichichi trophies La Liga's previous all-time scoring leader Telmo Zarra led the league in scoring six different times. Messi and Ronaldo have each held that honor only three times, but Ronaldo 10 goals and Messi 9 are currently leading the race this season.

    Messi is currently on La Liga goals and projects to set the new all-time mark towards the end of next season. Ronaldo has career league goals from his time at Real and Man United. Anyone care to bet against him scoring 13 more this season?

    Fastest La Liga goal A lot has to go right in order to score a goal almost immediately after kickoff, so Ronaldo or Messi would need a good chunk of fortune to ever come close to breaking Seydou Keita's 7. Fastest La Liga hat trick David Villa holds this record, scoring three goals in just five minutes against Athletic Bilbao in Counting the amount of time it takes just to celebrate and restart between goals, it sounds almost impossible that anyone will ever top it.

    CR7 once scored an 8-minute hat trick against Granada in Fastest player to 50 and La Liga goals Isidro Langara set both marks, reaching 50 goals in his first 37 La Liga games and getting to in 82 games.

    Ronaldo was the fastest to , and goals, though, while Messi is the only player with La Liga goals. But: Ronaldo is sitting at and closing in on that record as well. Youngest La Liga goalscorer Fabrice Olinga was 16 years old and 98 days when he scored for Malaga in

    Soccer Betting Symbols And Their Meaning Explained

    Soccer, soccervista, soccer results Soccer 10 Minutes Draw Prediction 18 only please bet responsiblybetting tips are for informational purposes only. We are basically predicting whether the result at the end of normal time 90 minutes will be one of the following three options a win for one team a win for the other team or a draw. Soccer 10 minutes draw prediction. A good number of premier league fans can take advantage of our reliable english premier league predictions for saturday every week.

    Win4 10 eg if u bet 5k on an odd of for 3 days u will make 10k and u. A simple system that will help you to predict a draw game for football and put more cash into your. Get the match preview prediction tips and head to head stats for soccer leagues such as english premier league italian serie a spanish la liga. These first ten minutes draw banker bets are mostly found on weekend dont worry about anything we have done the hard work for you.

    We look at just how you could predict a draw result in a footballsoccer match. Soccer fulltime picks ft betting moneyline match winner money line betting is one of the most popular betting options in europe on soccer games. Being rated as the best football prediction site makes us go the extra mile in using statistics and forms of various football teams to deliver good football betting tips.

    The outcomes are as follows the home team scores within first 10 minutes the away team scores at 1 minutes or no goals are scored0 0 however 1 1 within 10 minutes is still draw at 10 minutes since the score is tied. The local ones currently have the 1 10 minutes prediction while the foreign ones have 1 5 1 10 1 15 minutes. Takes less than 10 minutes to find a draw gamefor each one with our super system we create a personalized predictionwhich betting on draw matches bets of 3 or 4 games in a column.

    There are no fixed games or fixed matches on eaglepredict. Click here to see sure free vip games compiled from top football prediction websites around the world many members are also clicking on this link to view those sure games.

    Predicting a draw is one of the hardest things to do when betting on football however it can also be the most. The reliable footbal predictions site you are highly welcome to one of the best and established football betting tips and free football prediction site that predicts football matches correctly and aspires to make our readers and visitors rich.

    10 minutes draw prediction

    You have to predict whether the away team will keep a clean sheet during the second half of the match only. Penalty in the Match You have to predict whether a penalty will be awarded in the match. The penalty must be taken to count. Any penalties awarded but overruled by VAR do not count.

    Penalties taken in shoot outs do not count. If no penalty is awarded, the bet is considered a loser. Time of First Substitution First Substitution You have to predict when there will be the first substitution of the match. There are four possible outcomes: During first half, during second half, during the break until the kick-off of second half and no substitution. Official reports of the leagues organising the events will be used to determine the correct time of substitution.

    The outcome of the bet is based on the result at the end of the regular playing time including injury time.

    Popular Leagues

    Unless otherwise specified for certain bet typologies, overtime and the following penalty shootout do not affect the outcome of the bet. Substitution in First Half You have to predict if in the first half there will be at least one substitution. Substitution in Second Half You have to predict if in the second half there will be at least one substitution.

    Minute First Goal You have to predict in which minute will be scored the first goal of the match. A goal scored at the minute 10 and one second belongs to the 11th minute. A goal scored at the minute 20 and one second belongs to the 21st and so on. Minute Of First Penalty Bet on whether the first penalty in the match will be awarded during the selected time period.

    The competition official website will be used to confirm results. Offside 1X2 You have to predict which team will commit the most offsides in the match.

    Shots 1X2 You have to predict which team will have the most shots in the match. Most Possession You have to predict whether the selected team will have more possession with the ball than the opponent.

    To Qualify You have to predict if the indicated team will qualify to the following phase of the tournament. Method of Victory You have to predict the method of victory for the home team or away team. Goal Injury Time You have to predict whether there will be a goal scored in injury time or not.

    After but not including extra time. Example: combo corner Ov. This selection is winning if the total corners in the first half are over 4,5 plus the corners in the second half are under 4,5. There are three possible outcome: 1HT the first half is the half with more bookings; 2HT the second half is the half with most bookings; X the two halfs have the same number of bookings. Penalty Shootout You have to predict whether the match will be decided by a penalty shootout scenario Qualified In Extra time You have to predict which team will qualify after the Extra Time period.

    If this is the final of the given tournament, you are predicting which team will lift the trophy after the Extra Time period.

    Qualified On Penalties You have to predict the team that will win the match at the end of the penalty shootout. If the game ends before extra time the bets will be voided. Home to Score 2 in a row You have to predict whether the home team will score at least two goals in a row during the match. Away to score 2 in a row You have to predict whether the away team will score at least two goals in a row during the match.

    Home to score 3 in a row You have to predict whether the home team will score at least three goals in a row during the match. Away to score 3 in a row You have to predict whether the away team will score at least three goals in a row during the match.

    A team to score 2 in a row You have to predict whether at least a team will score at least two goals in a row during the match. A team to score 3 in a row You have to predict whether at least a team will score at least three goals in a row during the match.

    Boys Soccer – Kearny Spoils Freehold Township’s Return to the Group IV Final

    Gold and junior Tim Bertscha in the first 10 minutes. In those first ten minutes of the second half, we got a lot of chances. They are a very technical team and they started to play our game.

    Senior Sean Keegan served the ball toward Rodriguez in goal and junior Logan Mullaney flashed in front of him and appear to head it ever-so-slightly past Rodriguez while simultaneously screening the Kearny keeper's vision. Junior defender Max Silva tried to cover the endline but the ball was on its way in and he sped up the process by knocking it into the netting for Freehold Township's first goal.

    Freehold Township's deficit did not stay at one for long, as Rojas took a pass from junior Alejandro Alvarado, created space and buried a shot from just inside the top of the yard box for a Kearny lead in the 59th minute.

    Rojas had a shot inside the six with an open goal in the 61st, but he popped it over the crossbar. Less than two minutes after Rojas failed to stretch the Kearny lead to three goals, Freehold Township senior Josh Hocheiser cut it to one when he got behind the defense and finished to the far right corner of the goal in the 63rd. With its lead back down to one goal, Kearny began to mount an increasingly dangerous threat before finally getting its big break in the 69th.

    There are of course other general rules, but these appear to cause the most confusion when it comes to total corner markets.

    No. 7 Soccer advances to first Elite 8 with win over Notre Dame

    Total Corner Tips If you thought that total corners would be a very simple market based on it being easy to understand then we are here to surprise you with its hidden depths. So many factors can impact the number of corners of a game, they are not an arbitrary consequence, but the result of team dynamics, aggression, tactics, environment, team news, and more.

    With that in mind, here is what we consider to be five of the most compelling total corner tips for smarter total corners betting. In other words, there is a lot more going on than just what the operator thinks is going to happen.

    This mix of factors means there are times when the bookmaker offers odds that are quite far away from their real-life value.

    Spotting these opportunities is the key to successful betting. In over and under markets, of all kinds, these often come through in the under market. After all, they hope for an exciting game. This forces operators to adjust the odds to encourage more balanced betting, often providing the under market with very generous odds.

    Capitalising on those odds is what our corner tips are all about. Create a game narrative One of the things which makes this betting market so interesting is that instead of betting on the team you think will win you are instead betting on the type of match this is going to be. Keeping that in mind is vital for successful game predictions. Generally speaking, for instance, a higher-scoring game will have more corners because this generally means more action towards either end of the field and thus, more corners.

    In other words, a big factor in how many corners you think there will be depends on how action-packed that game will be. So, consider everything relevant to that dynamic, from the style of play to the teams to the importance of the game itself. Ultimately, what you are looking for is a prediction of how this game will go that is logically consistent throughout, this is especially important if you are using a total corners market as part of multiple bets or as part of an accumulator.

    Focus on teams with dead-ball specialists for over markets While it is certainly a good idea to try and look out for opportunities in under markets, and they likely provide more great odds opportunities on average, none of this means we think you should discount the over markets.

    Far from it. We do think though that you should focus your over efforts for when all the factors are pointing in that direction. These are players who are brilliant at setting up goals from a dead ball, whether it be free kicks, or from a corner.

    Watch as many games as you can Not only does the total corners market have the depth needed for corner tips, but we would argue that in terms of the detail needed to make solid predictions, it is one of the most multifaceted markets out there. Because of this, we think you need a two-pronged approach to your research.

    And the first is to simply watch as many games as you can featuring the relevant teams. This gives you a sense of how they play, how they approach different opponents and situations. And like we said before, this market is all about understanding the kind of game it is going to be, so this insight is vital. Utilise our corner stats Now you have got all that delightful detail you will need to put that action into context.

    This is exactly what our corner statistics are all about.

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