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  • Ontario church built in 1871, listed for $1
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  • These 8 churches for sale would make the most unique homes
  • Ontario church built in 1871, listed for $1

    Article by Property Press Share Always dreamt of living in a unique home? These eight churches for sale from across New Zealand are ready to be converted Deconsecrated churches are tricky renovation projects, but with some hard work and vision, their unique features can be transformed into elegant homes.

    When looking at churches offered for sale, be aware that if they are not renovated they will not have a bedroom or bathroom, but they have to state this to list the property on the internet. Buyers in most cases will have to factor in connection to mains water and sewage, etc.

    To get inspired, check out how this Dunedin family transformed a church into their dream home here and see our pick of churches for sale around the country below.

    Rimu beauty, Dunedin Wow what a ceiling! This rimu beauty in Dunedin is the sort of feature that churches bring to the mix of making very special homes once converted. Pretty arched windows flood the church with light. Built of triple brick this church has so many possibilities and has already housed a variety of businesses over the years. It is on offer along with the manse at 5 Kilgour St, but both are able to be purchased separately.

    Little gem, Owhango This little darling in Owhango has a lovely cottagey feeling about it already. Owhango is an old mill town south of Taumaranui and is a minute drive from Mt Ruapehu so this could be converted into a lodge for winter weekends. Ultimate challenge, Lawrence This hall in Lawrence is not for the faint-hearted but it offers someone with vision the chance to own something utterly unique.

    The exterior wooden structure has a significant presence, with its clerestory-like roof and steeply pitched windows. Inside the voluminous space is dramatic and offers endless options for configuration. This is the ultimate challenge for keen renovators. Decorative detail, Te Aroha This Te Aroha church has plenty of charming details and the added bonus of having a small attached flat with a kitchenette and bathroom where you can live while you tackle the nave of the church.

    Built in , it has lots of decorative flourishes on the exterior, including a very pretty belfry. Inside the nave, the wooden ceiling is a feature and the original lectern remains. Bring your architect and see how you can make this into a welcoming home, close to the town centre. Beautiful views, Southland Someone has already made a start at converting this lovely little Southland church with pretty windows framing beautiful views out to the snow-capped Takitimu Ranges.

    The exterior has had a coat of paint and the large site is a blank canvas perfect for planting a green retreat.

    There are two bedrooms and a spiral staircase installed to a mezzanine level offering further options. The living area makes the most of the beautiful stained glass window and wooden ceiling.

    Surrounded by a romantic cottage garden this church is already on the way to becoming a special family home. Sea views, West Coast When do you get a chance to live in a sweet little church on the West Coast that also offers a view of the sea from the balcony that leads from the upstairs bedroom? This sweetie has had all the major conversion work done, with two bedrooms and an open plan living and kitchen with wood burner that opens out to a courtyard.

    It has pretty feature windows, lovely wooden floors, and is surrounded by a mature garden with fruit trees. Two for one, Dannevirke St Albans church and hall in Dannevirke come as a package on a very generous site that will offer challenges aplenty for aspiring renovators. The church has beautiful timber walls and ceiling and could be an exceptional living space.

    The trick will be how to connect the dots between the church and the generous hall. There is already a bathroom in the hall so the site has some of the necessary plumbing already in place. Time to roll up your sleeves and be prepared for some serious hard work. Words by: Sarah Beresford.

    Church Buildings For Sale

    Churches for Sale More and more people are seeking church houses for sale. If living in a subdivision or community with a homeowners association is not your thing or if you are seeking to live in an unconventional living space, then you might consider purchasing a church house that offers architectural elements that are often challenging to find and expensive to purchase, relocate, and install.

    Finding a church to make your next home can be challenging but may be getting easier. Studies show that a staggering number of churches close their doors each year.

    It is estimated that somewhere between 6, and 10, churches per year close in the United States alone! The result is that many churches are often left abandoned. These churches can be converted into stunning and unusual church homes. This small church pictured to the left is located in Bodie, California. It might make a perfect church home! When in operation, they may have had a small congregation that was combined with another church. I lived in an area where there were three churches all served by the same minister.

    Each church had less than fifteen members so the minister had three services every Sunday. Eventually, one of the churches was sold and the other two merged. One church sits empty today.

    All three of these structures were small country churches and all near, but not inside housing subdivisions. Each country church sat close to but far enough away from a paved road and each had great views. All in all, each one of these churches would have made a nice church house. Churches often already include architectural features like stained-glass windows with unusual arched or Gothic window frames thus allowing enormous light into a room. If you are lucky you can find a church with a painted ceiling and even chandeliers!

    Often a church will contain a commercial kitchen. Taking all these elements into account, you have the potential for an amazing church house conversion.

    Own One of These Three Historic Buffalo Churches For Sale

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    Churches for sale!

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    Historic properties specially selected for old house enthusiasts.

    Available in the EU. We recommend Religious Real Estate for your real estate needs. Elder James E. Morre, Sr. The leadership of our church felt that we were treated fairly and honestly. We would recommend Religious Real Estate for any real estate needs your church may have in the future.

    Michael Morris Religious Real Estate was relentless in finding a buyer for our property. They negotiated a land contract that was the best outcome in the current market conditions. In this challenging environment, they rose to the occasion. We would use Religious Real Estate in the future.

    These 8 churches for sale would make the most unique homes

    Jeffrey Hlavin The marketing package for the property was highly professional, presenting all the positive points about the property. Without hesitation, I would recommend Religious Real Estate to any religious organization with a real estate need.

    Jenkins We enjoyed our time with Religious Real Estate and we have used them with two other properties since our land purchase. With the Financial devastation the church was in, without the help of your rental referrals, we could not have paid Bills to keep the church open.

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