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  • Are You An Arcturian Starseed? 11 Signs, Mission & Appearance
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  • Arcturian Starseeds: Common Traits and Characteristics
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  • Are You An Arcturian Starseed? 11 Signs, Mission & Appearance

    Draconian Starseed Traits Draconian starseeds are from the Draco constellation. Draco means dragon, therefore many Draconian starseeds are linked to dragons and reptiles of various kinds. The Reptilian race, Lifgarians, grays and other draconians come from Draco. But YOU know your heart better than anyone online! Ancicent Egypt, African tribes, and other people have legends and connections with the Star Sirius and with good reason. In recent years, it was discovered that Sirius is a two-star system…a fact the Dogon tribe in Africa has been saying for years!

    Here are the Sirian Starseed Traits: drawn to lost civilizations and ancient cultures drawn to the star system Sirius have a love for canines: dogs, wolves, etc. Lyran Starseeds Lyrans are a type of starseed from the Lyra constellation. There are a few stars in the Lyra constellation, but the main planet of origin is Vega.

    Two races of ancient beings called Felines and Avians also come from Lyra and helped establish much of the ancient world on Earth including Atlantis and ancient Egypt. Lyran Feline Starseed Traits: a catlike appearance: catlike eyes upturned almond shaped eyes and catlike nose enjoy physical labor and are hard workers take great pleasure in good and exotic food, beverage, sexuality, etc. Venusian Starseeds Is it possible that other planets in our solar system once supported life?

    And still could in other dimensions and planes of existence. This includes Venus, which brings us to our Venusian starseeds. Venusians live in the fourth dimension and they are also called the Hathors. Hathor is an ancient Egyptian cow-goddess of love and motherhood. Martian Starseeds There are stories that Martians came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to take part in our evolution.

    Others believe life existed in this dimension on Mars many years ago because of the discovery of water on the red planet. Some Martian starseed traits include: being drawn to the planet Mars finding a desire to travel there or interested in the colonization of Mars have a desire to advance the human race strong connection to water and fire elements have memories and dreams of being on the surface of Mars 9.

    Andromedan Starseeds Andromedan starseeds are from the Andromeda galaxy outside of our own. There are fewer Andromedan starseeds on earth than others…they are a rare breed! Andromedans are the guardians of the seventh dimension. At that time, they were giants in height. Hadarian Starseeds Hadarian starseeds come from Beta Centauri. They were all about the love, unconditional love, and are on earth to spread more of it. Story goes that the Hadarians were invaded by a tyrannical race of beings and left their planet to escape enslavement.

    Hadarian Beta Centaurian Starseed Traits: all about LOVE, unconditional love because of their loving nature, sometimes taken advantage of by others because of their pure way of loving others these are the individuals who want nothing more in life than to have strong relationships with others: romantic, friendships, etc. Alpha Centaurians Alpha centaurians come from the alpha centauri star system, which is the closest star and planetary system to ours.

    Science has confirmed there is a habitable planet in Alpha Centauri…which is exciting! The Alpha Centaurians are an advanced civilization and have seeded some of their souls here on our planet to aid in our development. Some people believe the Annunaki are demons, evil aliens that are controlling the masses, etc. Because of their part in the establishment of earth, specifically in ancient Sumer, they are often thought to be Sumerian gods. However, they are not.

    The Annunaki starseeds are a new realm of incarnating beings of whom we are just beginning to learn about. Did any of these starseed types resonate? Did you find which starseed type you are? Maybe you felt a few resonated, which makes perfect sense. Because most starseeds have incarnated on more than one planet and star system!

    Finally, I encourage you to read more about the starseed types that resonated, and also read about the stars and planets themselves.

    She looks at other realms or origins including: angels, elementals, wise ones and light children. More Information for Starseeds:.

    Starseeds and their characteristics

    What is a starseed? Starseeds are souls, beings, and spirits that choose to inhabit planet earth from far away parts of the Universe. There are many starseed races on Earth and they all come here with a specific purpose. Usually to pass on the lessons they have learned when establishing their worlds, and to help us transition through periods of change. Planet Earth has reached a pivotal stage of transition. To navigate this period successfully, humans must reconnect with their true nature, and blend their external worlds with the inner world of spirituality.

    The Arcturian race has its origins in a star system known as Bootes. It is thought that this constellation is over 35 million light-years from the solar system that encompasses planet Earth. Arcturus is known to be the brightest start within this constellation, and this is where Arcturians first came from.

    Due to Arcturians being naturally good at communicating and sharing ideas, they have chosen to do so on our planet.

    Arcturian starseeds are direct descendants of these amazing beings, and have personalities and positive traits that mirror those of the Arcturian race. Most Arcturians feels at home on planet Earth. Although they may not be conscious of their origins, they are aware of a deeper meaning to their existence and this is reflected in their work. Arcturian starseeds have an incredible ability to use their physical senses. This makes their experience on this planet rich with color, vibrancy, experience, and memories.

    For that reason, they generally have a pleasant life in human form. Although Arcturians are hard to tell apart from other humans, their difference becomes apparent when you analyze the way they carry themselves.

    Arcturian starseeds have all the necessary human faculties needed to bring about positive change, and this is often their main calling in life. These starseeds are blessed with vast foundational knowledge, gained from their time in their star system. You might find my how-to guide on successfully unblocking chakras to be helpful. You find yourself fantasizing over faraway galaxies. The vast nature of space intrigues you beyond words. Many Arcturian starseeds remember their origins. Subconsciously, they long for the freedom and peacefulness that the night sky symbolizes.

    You believe in astrology and its effect on us, and you often use it as a guidance tool. If you have not yet seen success with astrology, I highly recommend you find out where the moon was when you were born. You feel detached from social status You might feel that social hierarchy is simply a human construct that breeds inequality.

    At the core of your belief is the feeling that all beings are equal, and social status simply distorts this. You are interested in ancient civilizations Much like your interest in aliens and space, you find yourself wondering what ancient civilizations were like. You believe that a lot can be learned by studying the way these civilizations lived their lives and structured their societies. Just like Andromedan starseeds , Arcturian starseeds naturally romanticize ancient times.

    You might feel the connection between those times and the modern-day, and try to implement the lessons of history to create a better future.

    You enjoy scientific discussions Rather than talking about everyday trivialities, you prefer to discuss scientific topics.

    Your ability to understand these concepts comes naturally, and you can apply your spirituality to the facts of science. You believe that by implementing science and advancements in technology, the future of planet earth could be extremely positive.

    You have strong opinions Arcturian starseeds form their opinions based on experience and acquired knowledge. Due to the long process, they go through to form their opinions, they become firmly set and rarely change.

    This can sometimes result in heated debates if someone disagrees with one of your strong opinions. You are willing to dig your heels in and stick to your guns if you think you are in the right.

    Your memories are strong Arcturians are blessed with strong, vivid memories. You may find yourself slipping into daydreams of the past frequently. Your childhood memories are still accessible, and you can remember sights, smells, and people with great clarity. You feel empathy Just like Pleiadians incarnated on Earth, you frequently put yourself in the position of the underdog. You are likely to feel a strong urge to help another being that is in need.

    As an Arcturian, you want to help all other beings connect to their divine, universal nature. This quality makes you a naturally caring person. You understand that life is something to be shared with others, and therefore feel that if you make someone else happy, you in turn will feel happier. You are good at planning Arcturians tend to operate on a physical level, and therefore are very good at drawing up plans.

    You may feel drawn to architecture or design, and the act of bringing plans into physical reality. Due to Arcturians embodying the energies associated with the throat chakra, they are great communicators and can present their plans and ideas to other people clearly.

    You use your natural skills in science and mathematics to come up with ideas that can improve the lives of other humans. You are organized You are a person of your word, who sticks to a routine. You feel stressed when things are left to chance. Organization is a skill that comes easily to you, and you use it to enhance your productivity. Arcturian starseeds are well adept at taking their spiritual knowledge gained from previous incarnations and implementing it on planet Earth.

    This quality makes them great communicators of innovative ideas. You are often thinking of ways to make a situation better for yourself and those around you. People often come to you for advice about decisions that will impact their future. You are able to visualize the desired outcome, then take the necessary steps to manifest it in the physical realm. Ideas flow to you with ease You believe that technology is a positive thing for planet Earth, and if it is used responsibly it could solve many of the current problems.

    You truly believe that human potential is unlimited and there is no ceiling on the level of progression that can be made on this planet. If visualization is a process you enjoy or would like to explore, you can try my guided meditation here.

    Are there any physical traits of Arcturian starseeds? Arcturian starseeds are sometimes susceptible to having low blood pressure. They are also very sensitive to the cold and feel it more than others. This makes them more likely to settle in warmer climates. The reason for their sensitivity to cold is unknown, but it is commonly reported amongst Arcturians.

    Do Arcturians struggle to form relationships? One of the main issues faced by Arcturian starseeds is that they find it difficult to get close to other humans. They can come across as distant, due to their active minds and constant thoughts on improving their futures. However, when Arcturians do form a close bond with another, they are likely to value the friendship or relationship very dearly and will remain loyal to the other person for a long period of time.

    Arcturian starseeds came to the planet Earth to innovate and guide it into a new, better future. They are pioneers, constantly looking for ways to inspire positive change by applying their natural cognitive and practical skills. They came here to bring about a harmonious reality where technology and community are intrinsically linked.

    If you want to learn more about your specific mission, strengths and weaknesses and future, I recommend getting a free numerology reading. Arcturians are not simply idealists — they follow through with their plans.

    By using a mixture of their divine knowledge from the spiritual realm, and implementing it into the physical reality of planet Earth, they can achieve incredible things.

    How do I know for sure where my starseed origin is? For signs you are a starseed, you can also read this blog post on how to find your starseed markings. Conclusion Arcturian starseeds are generally happy on this planet, as long as they are utilizing their natural starseed abilities to their fullest potential. They are here to remind fellow beings on planet Earth that change is a good thing, and with proper consideration, we can create a better world for every life form.

    Let me know in the comments if the Arcturian starseed signs resonated and check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most.

    Which Light Being Are You? (Starseeds Quiz And Test)

    They have to learn that life is not only about working hard and find a healthy balance between the work, quality relaxation and relationships. Starseeds and relationships A typical Starseed struggles with relationships.

    Often there is no gender difference on their Home Planet. Each individual has balanced the masculine and feminine energies. Why should you be on the outlook for a partner if you perfectly contain both of the worlds — masculine and feminine — inside yourself? Starseeds find difficult to understand human emotions and feelings.

    Starseeds may not have families up there or it could be very different from our understanding of family. Sex, pregnancy and childbirth are absolutely unheard of. Their children are conceived when two individuals make a conscious decision to bring a child in the world and merge their energies together. The little one is grown and looked after in laboratory then.

    Arcturian Starseeds: Common Traits and Characteristics

    They are not relationship orientated. Also it may be the first time when they are assigned with the clear gender — male or female. They can feel like the actors only pretending to be a female or a male and fooling everyone around. Starseeds often stay on their own or form relationship later on in their life.

    They are not really interested in children, maybe have one if any. The child will be born via C-section. Of course if you are a Starseed and have visited Earth quite a few times, then things change. What is it all everyone is raving about — to find your true love and live happily ever after? So Madam Karma can be calling on you asking to resolve the issues from the previous life.

    If it is not possible to live next to the water, at least try to come regularly, revive and re-energise by the sea, river or lake. Install a water feature in your garden. Take the long and nice hot baths with salts. Use the power of Aromatherapy indulging your smell buds with the beautiful scents of the bath products. But every act of kindness counts, and every little helps. Spreading kindness on every given day can truly change the world!

    Understand and honour yourself! You are not a loner. Loneliness and aloneness are two different things. I particularly love this book about love, freedom and aloneness. Loneliness is a feeling of separation, a pain, a depression, a need, an incompleteness, a feeling that something is missing.

    But aloneness means fullness, being happy with yourself, perfect balance of masculine and feminine inside yourself, overflowing love, aliveness, joy of being. You are enough! You are complete! It will bring you peace and joy. Connect with the like-minded people, read the spiritual books. You are on your personal quest to explore the local traditions — relationships, money, leisure, fun and humour. I think I am a Star Person. But something is not quite right.

    At the same time I feel that I am Earth Angel too. You are a mix of a Star Person and Earth Angel. Your Light Body of the Starseed has been infused with the Angelic energy. Depends on the proportions you feel more the Starseed or the Earth Angel. Even if there is built a crystalline light body as an addition to the usual carbon based physical body. But Divine found a way around it! The plans for your energy body are made before your birth. But during your physical life your Light body can be corrected depends on your mission, what part of the spiritual path you are on, your vibration.

    You can get get an additional injection of your Higher Self or Angelic energy or any other energy you require.

    Starseed Quiz

    Your consciousness embrace the whole Universe. Someone who originated from other planets and realms and possesses knowledge dating back hundreds of thousands of years! However, when starseeds come to Earth, they often forget their true origins. You can tell if you are a starseed if you have any of the physical or mental signs.

    Am I a Starseed? Starseed Types and Characteristics Revealed

    You have a deep longing to explore outer space. Your intuition is stronger than most people you know and often feels more accurate. Your dreams of Earth are vivid and they may look completely unlike the life everyone lives and sees in your time. Your skin is more reactive than most people you know. You may be experiencing a lot of physical discomforts such as back pain or headaches since you got here on planet Earth where things are heavier.

    Starseed Symptoms Here are the symptoms you may experience if you are a starseed. You have an old soul presence but wish to remember who you really are. Donec quis est vitae risus fermentum consectetur ac nec est. In felis nisl, consectetur quis eros sit amet, efficitur placerat nunc. Maecenas malesuada sed nibh vitae pretium. Fusce eu rhoncus sapien. Nullam mauris ex, venenatis et enim quis, scelerisque faucibus velit. Suspendisse suscipit, quam in vehicula tincidunt, risus nisl dapibus odio, vitae hendrerit sem lectus non eros.

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    Duis turpis ante, vulputate ut tellus non, laoreet elementum enim. Aliquam imperdiet interdum sem nec viverra. Curabitur sapien est, consequat non arcu eu, mattis eleifend mi.

    19 Starseed Types: Which Star System is Your Soul Really From?

    Sed sollicitudin convallis erat id consectetur. Proin ac nisl non est dignissim sagittis. Nunc at tempus est, at consequat mauris. Phasellus ex risus, tempor id nisi non, varius pharetra ex. Phasellus aliquam neque nisi, quis iaculis nulla aliquet ac. Vestibulum mollis aliquet malesuada. Nunc eget egestas magna. Duis aliquam metus non nunc placerat, sit amet commodo erat lobortis.

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