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  • My School Essay in English For Students
  • Essay on My School in English [10 lines] [Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7] in 800+ W0rds PDF

    It is located on the main road near the Army Camp. It is in the most populated part of the city. Building The building at my school is well structured, looks beautiful.

    It has twenty rooms, electric fans are fitted in every room, all the electric wires are well insulated. There is a big-hall in the centre. Near the hall, there is a library. There is a separate block for junior boys. It is called as Dixon block. Teachers There are thirty teachers in our school. All of them are well qualified, experienced and hardworking. They take care of the students and give individual attention to every student.

    Shri R. Suri is our School principal, he polite. Students Our school complex is huge. There are one thousand students in our school. They are very sincere and painstaking. They obey their teachers. Very frequently, students willingly take parts in debate, scouting and games. Some of our school students secured top position in Board examination every year. General activities The principal is very fond of extra-curriculum activities, and he always motivates the student to participate in.

    Games are compulsory for all. The teachers and principal encourage students to take part in them. Discipline and result My school has a good reputation for discipline. It is, therefore, considered one of the best school in the district. I considered my school is idle one for everyone. You can use these lines to prepare your assignment by changing few sentences. My school classes start from nursery to 12th standard.

    It is co-education, boys and girls. My School has a huge library, equipped with all sort of books. Our school has a big playground in the district, lots of extracurricular activities happen very frequently. Our school is a multi-story building, the total strength of our school is hundred. My school is known for discipline and quality of education.

    School teachers are highly educated. Our school has a good reputation for being the top 3 schools in the district Teachers give individual attention to individual students. I learned a lot from school, I have the highest regard for my school. My School Essay for Students I have covered all the important points in this short essay on my school.

    With the help of this, you too can make your own essay quickly. My school name is Kendriya Vidyalaya, Noida. We have large school premises, it is located in the city centre, hardly 5 kilometres from my house. It is a three-storeyed building, well-maintained infrastructure. Our Principal Mr Tribhuwan Joshi is a gentleman, he is kind-hearted. He is very strict about discipline. We gathered at the playground in the morning and offer morning prayers and then goes to their respective classes.

    It has a large library, well equipped with books of all kinds. There is a science laboratory where senior class students do practicals.

    There is a computer lab on the second floor, and a good arrangement has been made, there is a separate study section for boys and girls. We have got a big playground for all sports activities, Students play during recess time or in the game period. Our school has all facilities that required, such as RO drinking water, school staff are very serious about sanitation, hygienic toilets are sanitized regularly.

    Our school maintained a perfect ration of Teachers to students so that they can take individual attention to students. Our teachers not only teach study books but also give practical knowledge about life.

    I love my school and the highest regard for all my teachers.

    My School Essay

    Welcome my dear students!. We have written here My School Essays for class 10 in descriptive and descriptive manner with simple headings and hints. This essay is written for 10th class high school students My School Essay for High School Students The students of 10th class are mature and well aware enough regarding to the role and importance of school. They have been in a school for around 10 complete years of education. They can understand, experience and share the vivid insights and wonderful memories regarding school.

    The following Essay have been written specifically in this manner. Those students are really fortunate who are having the kind look of energetic and efficient teachers. Those schools are the real wealth of a nation who prepares a nation for a good tomorrow. It is the moment of great pride for me that my school comes in the list of those a few excellent schools that are well taught and the wealth of a nation.

    My School Essay for grade 10th students I study in school write the name of your school. The school is located just near to my home. It has a large sturdy, excellent building that welcomes all of us every day.

    I feel a great sense of pride and enthusiasm when I enter into my school. It has a large airy building with wide open rooms. I study in class write your class All of my class fellows are kind, energetic, dedicated and motivated for study.

    The learning environment in our school is matchless. We study with close cooperation with each other. The teachers are kind and encouraging. Not only they do teach us from the books but also they help us understand from the real life experience. My school has a large central library with all the required books to study. In addition to that, my school has latest science lab and a computer lab to help us in studies. My school comes in the list of those schools whose students always win prize in the field of extra curriculum studies.

    My school prepares us to take part in extra curriculum activities like debates, speeches, quiz competitions, sports events and much more. Every year we celebrate all national events with great pride and honor. We do participate in annual sports events like cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, badminton etc. We are coached here under the command of best administration of our school. My school is more than just an educational institute. It is the national treasure. The teachers here are kind and cooperative.

    Our Principal is the man of honesty and dedication. In fact, our all school administration is beyond the success and fame of our school. The school like ours should surely be a factor of pride for the students. Because, it is a fact that a good school classroom shapes the destiny of a nation. Related Posts:.

    Paragraph on My First Day at School for class 6 to 10

    Library teachers tell us about new books and we can also bring them at home for reading. Many times I even bring books related to my course from library to home, which helps me in getting information on a particular topic. My school also has a large garden, which has many kinds of trees, which is very nice to see and gives natural beauty to the school, it also creates a feeling of protecting the environment inside the students. In my school, people of all religions study together, which creates a sense of equality and learns to live together.

    My school is a government recognized private school, in which children from class 1 to class 12 can study. Apart from this, my school administration is also very serious about cleanliness. Let me tell you that my school has also contributed to the Swachh Bharat Mission of Indian Government.

    Teachers are highly qualified, intelligent and experienced, who inform children about all subjects in a better and easier way so that they can get knowledge on every subject. My school also has an auditorium, in which many cultural programs are organized from time to time.

    For this, during our national festival Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti, children give speeches, debate competitions, essay writing competitions and various competitions are also organized. My school has all the facilities and the way of studying is also very progressive and creative, so my school is the best school. The school plays an important role in advancing any human being in the right direction and achieving success in his life.

    Realizing the importance of education and school, every parent motivates their children to go to school right from the beginning so that they can build their better future by earning knowledge. School not only brings mental development but also the feeling of togetherness and unity is manifested in children. Because school is a place where people of all religions and castes come for the attainment of knowledge and all have the same goal and there is a purpose.

    At the same time, all people are treated equally in the school, there is no discrimination of any kind and children are encouraged to move forward.

    The structure and design of the school: My school is situated in a quiet place in the city, surrounded by green trees and plants and it is far away from the pollution and noise of the city, allowing us to study in a quiet and pure environment.

    My school is about one and a half kilometres from my house. Our school has about 50 rooms, each class is divided into 3—3 sections.

    Essay on “My School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

    There are about 3 thousand children studying in my school. The school also has a playground, garden and canteen, where we spend our free time with our friends. Apart from this, swings have also been made for primary class children in my school so that they can entertain themselves along with their studies.

    Apart from this, there are commuter labs, chemistry labs and physics labs in which children are taught different types of experiments. Apart from this, there is also a large auditorium, in which many different types of programs are made from time to time. Discipline in my school: My school pays special attention to discipline. First of all, we go to school and take his blessing by touching his feet. After this, Saraswati is worshipped and sings the national anthem, then starts his studies.

    Essay on My School for Class 5

    Apart from this, a dress has been fixed in our school to keep all our children under discipline, besides there is a special emphasis on the school on the cleanliness of our dress. My school is very strict about discipline. Also read: 1. Discipline Essay 2. Essay on Myself 3. My Favorite Teacher 4. Essay on sports How to behave and teach teacher in my school: All the teachers of my school give information about every subject in a very creative and simple way.

    His method of teaching is very different so that even the most difficult questions are very easily understood. My school teachers treat children very politely and help them to solve every small and big problem. My school has very strict discipline which we need to follow on regular basis.

    I like my school dress very much. Our classrooms are very airy and lit. There are drawing room, music room, science laboratories, computer room and audio video rooms too. We have a big library full of books about different subjects. There are one thousand students in our school. Our principal Mr. Ram Charan is a very kind person. In our school, there are 90 teachers who teach us great care and attention. I am very proud of my school.

    I love and respect my school. My School Essay words A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for students under the direction of teachers. The name of my school is St. It is one of the best schools in Delhi.

    It is located in Dwarka, New Delhi. I love to go to school. It has a stone building. Our classrooms are very airy and beautifully decorated. It has all the facilities a good school should have. There are fifty classrooms. There is a big playground too for us to play. Our playground is covered with grass. There are two beautiful gardens with flowers. There are many different subjects I study at school. I study languages like Sanskrit, Hindi and English, and other subjects like mathematics, science, and social studies.

    Although there are sixty-five teachers who teach us all the subjects. The teachers teach us great care and attention. I learn so many new things at school every day. I enjoyed the class. Really the teachers were very friendly to us. All my fear disappeared after the class. At last, the final bell rang. My father was waiting for me at the school gate.

    We came back home.

    Our School

    I will never forget the sweet memories of the first day at school. Some of them are forgotten but some other are very important and remains fresh ever. The memory of my first day at school is still fresh in my heart. Then I was 6 years old. One night my father told me that I was going to start my primary school life the next day. I was feeling very excited and nervous.

    My School Essay in English For Students

    I could not sleep that night because I was thinking about new school, teachers, students all the night. The next morning my mother woke me up early. After taking bath, I put one a new dress for school. After breakfast, my father and I started walking to school. The school is very near to our house. It took about 10 minutes to reach the school. I saw a lot of students playing in the school.

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