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    Pin It If you have read our blog on choosing the correct grip you will know that grip size is an important factor in making sure you get the most out of your golf clubs and aid in hitting a straight ball. Ping, like the colour code they use for lie angles, also offer a unique way of measuring and establishing if you require a different size grip. If you follow through the chart you can quickly determine what colour would best suit you.

    To use the chart you need two measurements. The overall length of your hand along with your longest finger. Make sure when you measure your hand it is from the crease of your wrist to the tip of the longest finger.

    If you then interpret your data on the chart you will find the colour that matches your size. Ping also offer a variety of custom grips, however their standard option is the Ping Golf Pride Tour which made to the highest quality and offers great feel. Please also take the time to check your length and lie angle in Understanding the Ping Colour Chart. What is exciting about these grips is they are custom built with an embedded sensor to automatically record and analyse every shot taken during a round when paired with theis you can download an app Standard on every G iron is the Arccos Caddie Smart Grip, which is custom built with an embedded sensor to automatically record and analyse every shot taken during a round when paired with the Arccos Caddie app.

    A small charge applies but they offer you an opportunity to gain instant feedback on your game. If you want to discuss any aspects of the Ping grip colour chart or to run through your recommendation then please email or call our team of professionals who will be willing to offer advice.

    Our email address is sales thegolfshoponline.

    Grip fitting

    With a neutral standard grip size, the golfer can normally return the clubface square to the target at impact. If the grip is too large this can limit the players ability to release the wrists through impact causing a block of fade ball curving in flight , and If the grip is too small it can cause early release resulting in a pull or draw.

    A draw shot curves from the player's right to their left while in flight, a fade shot moves in the opposite direction from left to right for right handed golfers. Your golf grip size can be used to your advantage if your normal swing produces undesired draw or fade that you wish to correct, or simply assist in choosing a grip that will properly fit your hands. Choosing your Grip Size A smaller grip would benefit: A player with small er hands A player who consistently fades or slices or the ball A player who requires more clubhead 'feel' A player whose fingers do not fully encircle the grip E.

    First of all take your first measurement wrist crease to tip of finger and find the block in the chart under 'Measurement 1' your measurement falls into. Then reading left to right along the chart, find your second measurement finger web to tip. To the right of this block will read the grip size plus the total number of wraps of grip tape required to build up the shaft butt to achieve your recommended size grip Following this guide will help you choose a grip that will fit comfortably in your hands, allowing you to focus less on your grip and more on the rest of your swing.

    Now you know what size grip you need, check out the range of golf grips available! Is this your first time replacing the grips on your golf clubs? Take a look at our re-gripping guide! If you've followed this sizing guide correctly and are still experiencing any pain or discomfort when holding your clubs it's probably a good idea to speak to a physiotherapist.

    Click here for more information about golf injuries.

    What Golf Grip Size Do I Need? [2 Ways to Measure]

    The advantages of a bigger putter grip: The advantages of a bigger putter grip can often help golfers alleviate some common problems that they might have when it comes to there putting stroke. Some advantages fall into the following categories, but ultimately are down to personal preference.

    An oversize putter grip can help if your grip pressure is too tight. The bigger the putter grip size and the side profile of the putter grip can often help reduce movement and twisting in the hands, fingers and wrists.

    Ping Custom Fit: My game improvements are in the details

    This will give you the added benefit of increasing stroke consistency and reducing the potential of missed putts and strokes. A bigger putter grip can help correct a swing issue that you may have. For example, a bigger grip can help align the hips and the body allowing the torso to be more dominant during your putting stroke.

    A bigger putter grip can help with putting accuracy.

    Can the Wrong Size Golf Grips create Swing Flaws?

    A bigger putter grip can help lessen this wrist impact through the stroke and enable a better, more consistent roll on the ball. It can also encourage the bigger arm muscles to dominate, reducing the impact of twitchy wrists. The disadvantages of a bigger putter grip: The disadvantages of a bigger putter grip can often fall into the below categories, but ultimately are down to personal preference. Some bigger putter grips are often heavier than standard size putter grips. The heavier weight of a putter grip can sometimes make the head of the putter feel lighter.

    This might make your putter feel different and take a little time to get used to putting with it again.

    Should You Try a Big Putter Grip?

    Sometimes bigger putter grips can feel different in your hands due to the fact that they are larger in size. But the feel of a putter grip will be different with any putter grip you chose to try. As larger putter grips effectively limit the movement of the small muscles in your hands and wrists during putting this can often benefit higher handicap golfers.

    Imagine a situation where you have too small grips on your clubs. Your wrist is very free to move. Try doing a swing with a pencil. If you were on the course, this wrist action would lead to poor accuracy control and very inconsistent shots. Now for another experiment, try finding a very thick item to grip. Might be a small rolled up towel or something like that. Do the same swinging and feel how your wrist cannot move as much during the swing.

    On the course, this would negatively impact your overall swing speed and in turn your distance would not be as good as it could be. These are extreme cases, but they illustrate well the mechanics of the golf swing vs the right grip size.

    This leads us to how you should go about finding your correct grip size. Every fitter probably has their unique take on the process.

    You can experiment with this, and we are always open to questions. But remember you can always consult with your local PGA Professional about the subject and get some good advice there too.

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