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  • The Ramzi Theory

    By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Dr Ramzi conducted a study by locating the Chorionic Villi the location of the future placenta. The placenta forms close to 9 weeks. The Chorionic Villi was the marker for fetus gender determination. Ultrasound scans within weeks five to eight gestation can be done both transvaginal and abdominal. Known as an early gender scan. The scan MUST be in true transverse view to locate the placenta, and not sagital view.

    A common misconception regarding the Ramzi method is the baby location. This method is not about baby location inside the uterus, its the placenta bulk either to the right or left that matters. Types of Scans The Ramzi Theory For the Ramzi theory a Transverse view of your baby ultrasound is required to accurately predict your babies gender.

    This type of scan basically shows a birds eye view of your uterus. Transverse scans will show your baby and the potential area of the future Chorionic Villi which is what is required when following the guidelines of the Ramzi theory. Remember when looking at the screen that left is right and right is left, orientation is not what you think it is with ultrasound. Gender Determination with the Ramzi theory will only provide accurate results with this view.

    Sagittal view is more suited to the skull and nub theory. More can be found here. This is due to the lack of understanding on how to read the ultrasound scan. There is NO mirror image or flipping of the image.

    This is why many mistakes happen using the Ramzi theory. He or she MUST scan in a true tranverse view to locate the placenta. Looking at the placenta in a sagital view will not work in order to determine the gender of the baby. The Placenta forms close to 9 weeks gestation. Any gender scan dated weeks weeks gestation will need to have the Chorionic Villi located. The sonographer will be confirming pregnancy and so the Ramzi theory will not be on their agenda.

    Therefore ask them to follow the Chorionic Villi the future placenta. This must be done with colour flow, The colour flow will be directed to the right or the left in a true transverse section. Once the basics of the Ramzi method are met, the accuracy of the Ramzi study becomes much clearer.

    Dr Ramzi correctly predicts the fetus gender in Confirmed Female at birth. This was proven male at birth. If your scan is past 10 weeks then the Nub theory may be more suited for your gender prediction.

    What is Ramzi Theory?

    These methods have advanced due to science and technology. Some examples of the most popular methods today are: The Ericsson, Ramzi, Shettles, Whelan, the Chinese table and the Mayan table method. Putting a name or face to your future baby is a very special moment.

    What a thrill! The Ramzi method has become one of the most practiced methods due to the impatience that parents experience in order to find out the sex of their babies. This method takes into account the location of the placenta during the first ultrasound performed in the initial gestational period. After the seventh week of development, certain testicular differences can be observed.

    It is important to keep in mind, however, that the growth and development of the external genitals are identical in both sexes until the 11th week of gestation. After 11 weeks the distinction occurs. The variation between the penis and clitoris can only be observed after the 14th week of gestation. During the initial stage of development, genitals are almost impossible to differentiate.

    More than five thousand ultrasound scans went through the hands of gynecologist Saad Ramzi Ismail, the creator of this method. He worked with numerous images from early gestational periods. How did he do it? First of all, he started by analyzing the bright area around the gestational sac where the placenta begins to grow. Through observation the doctor found a curious coincidence. Ramzi followed strict guidelines throughout this study. He used a color flow Doppler to see the direction and to detect the location of chorionic villi.

    Ramzi then explained the amazing phenomenon he observed, which had to do with the polarity of the chromosomes. According to the doctor, XXs adhere to one side while XYs opt for another location.

    It accepts or rejects the sperm of the X or Y chromosome according to its energy cycle. When the chorionic villi are found on the left, the embryo has XX chromosomes.

    This means it will be a girl. The reliability of this method is If the placenta or chorionic villi appear on the right during the ultrasound, the embryo has XY chromosomes. This means it will be a boy. The reliability of this technique is During the early stages the baby stays very close to the placenta. The most important thing to do is look for the bright area. The type of study that was carried out should also be taken into consideration.

    The location of the chorionic villi varies depending on type of ultrasound performed. Ultrasounds can be vaginal or abdominal.

    Search for the images from your first ultrasound and take the following tips into consideration: In the case that you find your first vaginal ultrasound; if the fetus is implanted on your left, it is a girl. In the case the fetus is found on the right then it will be a boy. If you find an abdominal ultrasound, the results should be read as a mirror imagine. Therefore, if you see that the placenta is on the right it means it is actually on the left you should expect a little girl.

    Ramzi Theory: How to predict your baby’s gender at just 6 weeks gestation

    But is one week more accurate then the next? Let's see what the experts have to say. If you read our article on the Ramzi theory, you can find that the clinical study where the Ramzi theory was developed starting at just 6 weeks along.

    However, this is not to say that chorionic villi cannot be detected, say at 5 weeks and 4 days. If you have an ultrasound right before the 6 week mark, it is very possible that Ramzi theory accuracy will be the same as it is at 6 weeks.

    The Ramzi Method to Find Out Your Baby’s Sex

    This makes a 6 week ultrasound a great candidate for an accurate gender prediction. Please note that being able to see the full gestational sac is very important for an accurate gender prediction. However, if an early ultrasound has been done, Ramzi theory at 7 weeks of pregnancy is accurate, and a mother will likely be able to see a yolk sac as well as the growing baby.

    At this age, it should be easy to detect a heartbeat as well as possibly distinguish the head and rump of the baby.

    ramzi theory examples

    Ramzi theory accuracy is at its peak during the 8th week. At 8 weeks of pregnancy This week of pregnancy is the most common to have a first ultrasound.

    This is also the last week for optimal Ramzi prediction accuracy. At 8 weeks of pregnancy you will most likely see a developed baby, perhaps even a little bit of brain developing, a heartbeat and possibly a yolk sac. Because placenta formation is starting at this stage an 8 week Ramzi theory prediction can be highly accurate. At 10 weeks of pregnancy This marks the ending period for Ramzi theory to be accurate. As your uterus expands to make room for your growing baby, the placenta also moves and thus voids the hypothesis made by Dr.

    If you have a 10 week ultrasound, it is still possible to get an accurate Ramzi theory prediction but as the 10th week progresses it is advised to start relying on other gender prediction methods. At 12 weeks of pregnancy The second trimester approaches and many pregnant mothers get a 12 week ultrasound to check nuchal translucency as well as the proper development of the vital organs.

    Even though Ramzi theory is not the most accurate for this stage, a 12 week ultrasound or beyond is optimal for an accurate Nub theory prediction. A this stage the genital tubercle is formed and will remain low if your baby is a little girl or start to raise if your baby is a little boy.

    Ramzi Theory Week by Week

    Pleas note that using Ramzi theory 12 week ultrasound is not as reliable as in the earlier weeks. As your baby grows ultrasounds are able to tell you more and more details about your new baby.

    Interestingly enough the opposite can be said about Ramzi theory accuracythe earlier in your pregnancy the more accurate this theory can be.

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