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  • Weihrauch HW100 S Sporter Walnut PCP Air Rifle
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  • Weihrauch HW100 and HW110 Quick Fill Probe
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  • Weihrauch HW100 PCP Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber
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  • Weihrauch HW100 S Sporter Walnut PCP Air Rifle

    Well, of course, it depends what you want to do and the type of shooting you enjoy! The HWs currently being sold at Airguns of Arizona feature an upgrade over earlier production in that they are fitted with a permanently-attached moderator. This moderator is very effective at reducing the report when fired. However, it does increase the overall length of the gun.

    Essentially, all HW air rifles feature the same core, magazine-fed sidelever action. Laminate, walnut and black or green soft-touch covered wood are the choices of stock material. In addition, the HW is available in carbine configuration. This utilizes a shorter barrel and HPA cylinder to achieve superlative handling, although at the cost of slightly lower shot count and Muzzle Velocity. All HW models are available in both.

    This has a lighter weight due to the receiver of high-grade synthetic material, together with some other small differences. HAM has reviewed this model too. We loved it for its fantastic balance and handling, great trigger and accuracy. It was another Gold Award for the German manufacturer. Yet the HW regularly features very high or at the top in the list of most popular HAM test reviews. Many knowledgeable shooters are enthusiastic about this Weihrauch and the resultant sales reflect that level of interest.

    So why is the Weihrauch HW the best airgun for me? Firstly, many experienced airgunners appreciate the timeless nature of the HW For this is an air rifle in the classic style, produced by a manufacturer operating in the classic manner.

    Metal finish and bluing is always top-notch. The Minelli stocks match this quality level, too. He has nothing but praise for the quality of design, manufacture and finish of the parts inside the gun.

    Doug rates the manufacturing quality as outstanding. This level of quality is reflected in the superb trigger and great accuracy displayed by the HW in the field. In fact, the greatest strengths of the Weihrauch HW are those that are only really appreciated with ownership over an extended period.

    This airgun always works in a predictable and consistent manner… Doug reports that his HW just about never requires re-sighting in, even if it has not been shot for many weeks, or if it has been transported from one place to another.

    Handling and feel are other key attributes of the HW This air rifle does not have the profusion of stock adjustments found on many other high end PCPs. This is a comfortable and easy air rifle to shoot well. The trigger has great feel, the gun feels right in the shoulder and the sidelever action is sublime. Not to mention owner satisfaction… Downsides Of course there are some downsides to the HW too. This is a definite minus in the US market. Also, the HW is not a powerhouse hunter. It provides a very satisfactory level of power and speed in each caliber.

    But those wanting a really heavy hitter will look elsewhere. Likewise, shot count is very acceptable. But the HW cannot be fitted with high capacity HPA tanks and this may be a limitation for those shooters wanting the maximum number of shots between re-fills of High Pressure Air. The Concept Lite has similar virtues to the Weihrauch. Likewise, it has relatively limited air capacity. HAM loved it too!

    However the Concept Lite is available in. The other obvious choice is the FX Dreamline Classic. However it offers the choice of both. If you are looking for a high quality PCP air rifle of classic looks and configuration, the HW fits the bill perfectly. Likewise, if you are satisfied with.

    The Weihrauch HW is the PCP to choose if you want to pass your favorite airgun down to your children or grandchildren in the distant future. And — remarkably — this is one of the lowest-priced, high quality PCP air rifles in the market!

    Top 10 airguns for use in the field

    Note that whilst the traditional and thumbhole stocks are ambidextrous, the traditional walnut carbine stock is designed for right-handers only with no left-handed option. Standard across all models are: an 11mm dovetail rail, shot rotary magazine regardless of calibre, two-stage adjustable trigger and sidelever cocking system. In terms of calibre, all are available in.

    Power delivery is 12 ft. All models take a bar fill which is achieved by pulling a plastic stopper from the fill port at the top of the cylinder and inserting the probe. A manometer at the front of the cylinder shows fill pressure. Check out our video review of the Weihrauch HWT below. However, at 3.

    That said, both derivatives are beautifully balanced and feel much lighter in the shoulder. The barrel is mm long on the 12 ft. At 12 ft. Weihrauch claims a shot count of , and in. High-powered options are available in 20, 24 and 30 ft. The oiled walnut stock has chequering on the fore-end as well as the pistol grip which is finished with a black cap.

    The rubber butt pad is finished with a white spacer, as is the pistol grip. Once again,. High-power options are limited to. They are a little lighter than the standard guns at 3. All other features remain the same as the standard guns. Is the Weihrauch HW right for me? Best suited to The HW range has become hugely popular with hunters and competition users alike and for good reason. The heavier Sporter model is popular with competition shooters but will serve hunters equally well.

    Pros and Cons The HW is known for good quality engineering which is most apparent in the side lever cocking action but is present throughout. Weihrauch has developed a reputation for offering some of the best triggers available and the HW carries on the tradition. The magazine design is simplicity itself and as a result is hard to beat. Carbine models are more wieldy but offer fewer shots.

    Weihrauch HW100 and HW110 Quick Fill Probe

    It returns shots from a full bar fill in. The stock has a fully-adjustable butt pad, and comes in in walnut, black, camouflage and black pepper laminate options. Features include rear bolt action with pellet-friendly ten-shot magazine, cold hammer forged barrel, adjustable two-stage trigger and fully shrouded barrel with removable silencer.

    Made in Britain, the Compatto boasts compact semi-bullpup proportions and, if you go for the HR version, a quality Huma regulator which ensures very consistent performance and boosts shot count to around per fill. The Compatto is 85cm long and weighs 3. It runs a reliable ten-shot magazine, which is driven by a smooth side-bolt action.

    Other features include soft-touch and very robust synthetic stock options, crisp two-stage trigger and Lothar Walther barrel with full-length shroud.

    The S measures a compact 97cm and weighs a very manageable 3. This is stock, factory performance! As you can see, the gun gave 60 consistent shots at an average of Noise level is low mid-range, as you would expect from a shrouded air rifle of this power level.

    The HAM Team agree that the report is very acceptable for backyard shooting under most circumstances. It balances well, gives excellent sharpness and contrast and makes rangefinding clear and unambiguous.

    As you can see, Doug has added ranging marks on the big wheel and added a marker that makes it easier to identify the exact range.

    10 top airguns for pest control

    It shoulders well, is nicely balanced and just feels, well, natural. It goes without saying that the sublime trigger and cocking action obviously aid shootability of the HW, too. Another significant benefit of the HW is that it has a double feed prevention system. The HAM Team are not fans of probe filling systems. However, the probe filling system of the Weihrauch HW seems to be clearly better than many others. The one downside is that the probe port is protected by a plug that must be removed for filling.

    The plug is removed in the photo above. The shot rotary clip has an above-average capacity. The clip locates quickly into place before the securing slide is pushed forward. This engages the clip feed mechanism to enable the clip to be indexed for every shot by operating the cocking lever.

    Weihrauch HW100 PCP Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber

    The Weihrauch HW35 is the definitive, old-school airgun. Chinese made with Italian design and styling. Distributed by GMK. The Stoeger XM1 is new and at a competitive price. The 57 is lighter and cheaper with an unusual automatic rising breech.

    Weihrauch HW100S Review – PCP Air Rifle

    Contact Hull Cartridge. The Weihrauch HW77 is especially well regarded in airgun circles. The gun feels solid and handy and has the advantage of manoeuvrability as well as a multi-shot capability.

    The Phox comes in a special deal package that offers excellent value. Not only do you get a good, if modernistically styled, pre-charged-type repeating air rifle, you get a sound moderator, telescopic sight with mounts, pump and a gun bag in the same well-priced outfit.

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