Sahaba and their qualities

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  • sahaba and their qualities

    She was a part of the battle of Uhud — where she participated to give water to the thirsty and to take care of the injured. The archers disobeyed the Prophet saws by abandoning the position he commanded them to stay in and fled to collect the war booty instead, thinking that the Muslims have won. The tide then turned against the Muslims and many sahaabas got martyred.

    She also participated in the Battle of Yamama war against Musaylmah — a self proclaimed prophet where she received 11 wounds and lost her hand during the battle.

    One of her son was tortured by Musaylmah who cut his limbs piece by piece until he died. So Umm Ammarah kept looking for Musaylmah through rows of fighters during the battle and killed him with her spear after Wahshi pierced his javelin inside of him. Lessons learned from her story: I learnt that bravery is not only jumping into the face of danger yourself for the betterment of many, but also letting your children step ahead into danger for a good cause.

    As mothers, we may sacrifice ourselves but can never see our children getting hurt. The real strength is in her resolve — encouraging her son to go fight for the sake of Allah even though he was wounded, even though most of the companions were running away… What did you learn from this short story?

    She was a woman with strong opinions. She gave birth to Muhammad bin Abu Bakr. My 3 year old used to recite it to her crying baby sister and even used to put her doll to sleep reciting this too. Lessons learned from her story: I learnt that if you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you!

    I was also baffled at how the men in her life believed in her ability and instead of saying that she should rather stay and rest, they are telling her how she can complete what she passionately came for!

    What did you learn from this short story? She eventually brought her resistant husband to Islam too after many attempts, since he ran away when the Muslims gained victory and she went to find him in the middle of nowhere.

    But he was right about his speculation. As everyone was having a walima feast, Roman soldiers attacked them. Everyone left the food right there to fight back and eventually her 2nd husband got martyred as well. Upon seeing this, she tightened her clothes, pulled out the pole of the tent and slayed 7 armed soldiers with it.

    She also played a role of an archer in the battle of Uhud against Muslims. Later on, she was married to another skilled warrior — Umar bin Khattab RA. Lessons learned from her story: I learnt that serving others demand physical fitness as much as emotional strength from your own end first.

    Not all women went to wars. Only the skilled ones did. She was raised in a skilled family and the consistency helped her refine her skills. Do you know how heavy and big the pole of a tent is? And there she was, pulling it out in her wedding dress and fighting back with it.

    She converted to Islam before her whole family and her husband divorced her as a result. She was able to direct her son towards Islam though.

    She married another companion then. And as opposed to the popular belief of women converting for men, here we see an example of a rich skillful man converting to Islam for a seemingly poor divorced woman.

    Of course he converted for the sake of Allah, but it was her offer that he considered which led him to Islam. She used to write elegies for the dead and recite them for the tribe. She gained fame for her heart-melting compositions.

    She used to cry so much that her eyes carried deep dark circles. Her deep emotions would bring everyone else around her to cry with her as well. You embraced Islam and emigrated of your own free will…You must remember that the everlasting life of the Hereafter is far better than the transitory life of this world…When you get up tomorrow morning, be prepared to contribute your best in the battle.

    Go ahead into the enemy lines, seeking help from Allah. When you see the flames of war rising high, get right into the center and face the enemy chiefs. In shaa Allah you will get your abode in Paradise with honour and success. Glory to Allah Who has honoured me with their martyrdom. I hope that Allah will unite me with them under the shade of His Mercy. I learnt how Islam can bring peace in your life — even amidst the chaos — if you fully embrace it.

    Glorified be Allah for 33 times. This is better for you than what you have requested. Fatima and Ali were what people would nowadays tag as — a stay at home mum and a breadwinner of the family respectively. They were not able to afford a servant. But when the economic situation of Muslims became better, Fatimah gained some maids with whom she performed the house duties. Lessons learned from her story: I learnt that all of us have different duties during the day.

    And all of us have different time schedules. Being a stay at home mum who dedicated a large amount of her time in doing the house chores etc. So when you feel helpless due to lack of help and support that you are not able to dedicate your time for the things that you see others achieving in life as they look up to Khadija RA as an entrepreneur and a business woman — who got glad tidings of a palace in Paradise too , then look at Fatima RA as an inspiration because jannah is achievable in all forms.

    Whatever you do for the sake of Allah is rewardworthy, be it sadaqah through your services house chores or money. It seems like she took care for her hair a lot. Narrations also show that she used to take care of her facial beauty as well — by putting wars on her face for freckles. And juice of aloes in her eyes to give the face a glow. Yet she was someone who was concerned about the modesty of her dress as well. You can do it all in the boundary of Islam.

    He came back in the forenoon and found me sitting there. Sometimes barakah can bring you more — even in less. Little words. Little deeds. The only thing we really require is sincerity and consistency. However we can pull it off. But you can do little, yet get a lot. Never underestimate any little you do. Whatever she did — either good or bad — she did it with all the energy she had.

    She was a woman of powerful mindset. She was the wife of Abu Sufyan, a powerful man of Makkah and the mother of Muawiyah I, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty. When the battle came to an end, Hind and the women went to mutilate the corpses of the dead Muslims. They cut off noses and ears and made them into necklaces and anklets. By Allah, there was no family on the surface of the earth, I like to see in degradation more than I did your family, but today there is no family on the surface of the earth whom I like to see honored more than yours.

    As arrows started raining down on Abu Sufyan, he tried to turn his horse away. Instead of wallowing in regrets, clarify your vision and mindset and use that energy to compensate the guilt into progression! She was forced to marry another slave whose name was Mugheeth, somebody she did not approve of. She then had a child with him. Do you order me to do so? But she was an individual with an immense amount of self awareness.

    After leaving her husband, She went on to become a scholar and taught Islam till her last breath. My favorite site for ahadith is sunnah. Check qtafsir. Here is a FREE pdf of that book from kalamullah website. Muslim Heroes podcast in alhudapk. I wrote a detailed post HERE. If you know of more credible resources, feel free to comment below.

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    If he had reached our age, then none of us would have attained a tenth of his knowledge. Then he recited Sooratun-Noor to them and began explaining it. So then I would ask him; and if I had wished I could have got him to come out to me.

    I declare Allaah free of all imperfections! When everybody in the graves is resurrected. He was a person who was pleasant-looking and handsome, tall in stature, imposing, complete intellect, quick in understanding, a man complete in his characteristics.

    He was stout and he was handsome, fair of face, and he had hair up to the ears. I say: He was the maternal cousin of Khaalid ibn al-Waleed al- Makhzoomee.

    So he started reciting Sooratul-Baqarah. So he would recite and then explain. So I began saying to myself: I have never seen or heard the speech of a man the like of it; if the Persians and the Romans were to hear it they would enter into Islaam. So when he camped at a place he would spend half of the night standing in Prayer.

    So whenever I heard that a man had a hadeeth I would go to him whilst he was taking the noon siesta. So I would place my cloak as a pillow at his door, and the wind would blow dust over me. Meaning: It will be a sign for the approach of your death, so praise your Lord and seek His forgiveness. So I went to them and entered upon them whilst they were resting at the time of the start of the afternoon heat.

    So I entered upon a people who were such that I have never seen a people who strove harder in worship than them. Their hands were like the knees of camels, and their faces were scarred with the traces of prostration.

    So if the enemy were Disbelievers, then their property was lawful for us; and if they were Believers, then it was forbidden for us to shed their blood. Do you abandon this argument? So do you abandon this criticism? If you find any copyright violations please inform the same. I ask you to fear Allah before you spread the rumours and false information].

    We learn about their etiquettes and manners, we read their stories and marvel at their exploits; we admire their religious zeal and their utter devotion to Allah and His Messenger. Sympathy and self sacrifice is one of them. His father, Ismail ibn Ibrahim, was a scholar of Hadith.

    Vision & Mission

    Some of the qualities are distinctly their mark. Definition Of Tajweed — It is that branch of knowledge which enables one to pronounce correctly the letters of the Arabic alphabet with all their qualities. He was born on the 13th of Shawwal approximately AH. He was a student of Hammad ibn … Hearing their criticisms, the Prophet ordered a sermon to be prepared to the effect that some people had criticized Usama's appointment and that they had criticized his father Zayd d.

    Their behaviour and sincerity were praised by Allah and His Messenger peace be upon him and that suffices as proof. These texts reach the level of mutawaatir in many cases, which clearly indicates that Allaah gave them special … Begin using the poster cards by first defining the term Sahaba plural of Sahabi.

    70 amazing facts about 70 Sahaba / Companion of Prophet Muhammmad

    They have been ascribed qualities that they never had or possessed and made sinless and more righteous than any other human being. Explain about his character, and how was he - the answers to estudyassistant.

    The second quality which the Sahaba possessed was the quality of Solah with concentration and devotion. Definition of Sahaba: Anybody who met the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon himbelieved in him and died a believer. The Sunni scholar ibn Hajar al-Asqalani d. It has also been mentioned in Hadith that the Holy Prophet intended to burn the houses of those who did not go to the mosque to perform the Prayer with congregation, but he abstained from doing so, because of children and women.

    Practice: Presents the majesty of prayer.

    Chapter Three – Status of Sahaba – Surah Fath

    Learn to solve problems with prayer. There are so many Saying of the Holy Prophet, which stress the utility and distinction of these two things. This world, and whatever is in it,is cursed by Allah, with the exception of Prayers, and Dhikr, and the religious scholar, and the religious student.

    Knowledge Only that knowledge is appreciated by Allah, which takes a man nearer to Him, and enables him to observe His Commandments. When a servant of Allah has entirely submitted himself to Allah, and has promised to observe His Commandments, it is indispensable for him to know all His Commandments, and the methods of worship. Yes, he should have a perfect knowledge of Prayer.

    Role models for Menkind

    Fasting, Zakat, Haj; of mutual dealings in everyday life, the true Islamic culture, and other important aspect of Islamic way of living. After me people will come to you from remote places to attain the knowledge of Islam. So, when they visit you, it is my will, that you should entertain them well.

    Humility — Umar RA was known for his humility. In a famous narration, when Umar RA was on his way to conquer Palestine with his servant, he shared the camel ride with him and ensured his servant was given his due right. Nowadays, we seem to associate the word modesty with women alone. Generosity — Abu Bakr RA was a companion who would never hesitate to part with his wealth for charity.

    Islamically, both men and women get the same reward for doing good.

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